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Kindred intuition

My always clear discourse that others have obviously tempted trickery is transparent daily. My words have become my destruction through every correctional stance. Never will I be free with out actual proof of all conspiracies known to the heavenly goddess as my energy alone can't even cover or continue until I show the complete transparent truth or act as a trustworthy person to those I have been hearing and hurtful phisically and created such sadness body acting against her one resist for equal respected conversations. If you expect me to survive this in one piece with my 10intoymonster I must have your physical body request her honor in trading your man to pamper her as she deserves to be treated as fairly as she has never been afforded personal dignighty or denial of your family for betrayal months years and her personal hell you have all created by physically cheating her of her truth requested as a friendship would honor to any human being.