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a child would not see anything dirty in 'lick 30 pussies'. you do, so your no better than me, so to speak. if you cant take innuendos, i think you need to grow up because your the only person who has complained about it, anybody who has said anything has complimented the chronicles. I suppose you don't watch anything past the watershed then? Dave is your very least favourite channel? The fact that you mention it being similar to 13 year old humor implies (from my point of view at least) that you are 13 yourself, or probably a little older than that age, think that your all mature? your either an ultra-conservative american, very old, or just boring. as for the your wiki complaints, i have dealt with those on the forum because that is where you brought them up. if you think anything in my chronicles is inappropriate, there is a report button, but i doubt that the admin are a boring as you or they wouldnt have made this game.

Nosferatu my first message to you is this. Learn to take a joke. The very purpose of this app is for those that use it to be able to have fun. You obviously have little or no sense of humour and I would suggest that this is the wrong game for you. I admit that that part of Spodes chronicles was a bit immature but who really cares? Do you think that young people who look at it are going to be suddenly corrupted for life? Also you then go on in a quite childish manner and say that Spode is punishable by law for calling you a fool. Are you planning on dragging him to court for that offense? This and the sentence in which you say that the admins will not like Spode calling you a fool ring of the behaviour of a snobbish and unpleasant child in primary school, telling "miss" because somebody poked him. I expect the admins will back spode here not you. My ultimate message is get a sense of proportion, stop trying to get perfectely decent people to "mend their ways" and stop disturbing people where your not wanted. To be honest it's nothing to do with me but I wanted to show support for Spode this is just my point of view