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Revision as of 23:46, 27 November 2012 by BlueStapler (talk | contribs) (oops, this is a god page so the god template should be used, corrected.)
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Apologies...thought I could edit my God name page. Deleted!

Nachish, editing your God page is fine and actually encouraged. What Spode is referring to (I think) is your edits of the Template:Hero/Documentation page (adding your name, story, etc). Really, it's not a big deal; you're new, you didn't intend to mess up the page, you undid the changes. I believe the phrase in Hawaii is "no worry beef curry." Please, do not let Spode's note discourage you from editing your User:Nachish page. His note sounds a bit mean, but he's really a nice guy. So please, put back the story. Add pictures. Make it awesome. Also, as a little suggestion, the Guideline: God Articles has good information on writing god name pages. --BlueStapler 22:29, 27 November 2012 (GMT)

Haha! Now worry beef curry!!! Oh...ok, I did try to use the Template but when I noticed I actually edited "the template," I panicked and tried to fix it! lol. Thank you so much guys. I love this game and everything including the GodWikis. I'll try to read up so I can edit and contribute correctly! Mahalo!

To use the god temple, copy and paste the text inside the quotes into your page: ""{{Usergod |240px | avatar = Example.jpg | hero = Palekekona | motto = Dragon Fire Burn!!! | gender = Male | personality = Kind | guild = Dragon Lords | rank = Master }}" " I added your information, but you'll need to upload a picture (or you can delete the "| avatar = Example.jpg" part if you don't have a picture). --BlueStapler 23:41, 27 November 2012 (GMT)