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Usergod template

Hi there Gurthann!

I can see you're having a little trouble with getting the Usergod template the way you want it, so I thought I'd help out a bit. If you copy-paste and replace the contents of your page with the following, you'll probably find out looks the way you wanted it:

| title = The Glorious One
| avatar = <!-- The name of an image to represent you. E.g.: Example-simple.png -->
| hero = Gundarr
| personality = Pure Good, Loves Alcohol
| gender = Male
| motto = I Drink, Therefore I Am
| guild = Gurthann's Middle Finger

The code above will produce the following table on your page:

Deities of Godville
The Glorious One Gurthann 
Hero Gundarr
Personality Pure Good, Loves Alcohol
Gender Male
Motto I Drink, Therefore I Am
Gurthann's Middle Finger

When you're ready to put a picture in, replace the entire comment including the <!-- and --> on the |avatar= line with any valid image filename, and it'll give you a link that will let you upload an image to go into the template. 😊

If you have any trouble, just reply here, and I or someone else who's experienced with the wiki will gladly help you out! Have fun! -- Djonni (talk) 06:55, 29 July 2020 (UTC)

Your avatar image has moved 😊

Hello again Gurthan!

Just one more note for you — you followed the helpful instructions on Guideline: God Articles so faithfully that you uploaded your avatar to an example filename. 😊 There's not really anything wrong with that, except that there's a danger that, the next time someone does the same thing they'll delete your avatar and replace it with their own, and you'll end up with some random user's avatar picture on your profile without any idea why!

To try to prevent that happening, I've moved your avatar picture to a new filename. I suggest you replace the line in your user page that currently says:

|avatar=MyCoolName's beautiful avatar.jpg

with this:

|avatar=Gurthan's beautiful avatar.jpg

You won't see any visible change, but your page will now be getting the same image from a more unique name, so if somebody replaces the image at File:MyCoolName's beautiful avatar.jpg some day in future, your page won't change suddenly and unexpectedly. 😊

Just as before, if you have any trouble at all you're welcome to ask for help, either here on your User talk page, or if you prefer the forums, you can use the Wiki Questions Thread to ask about anything you need as well. -- Djonni (talk) 13:39, 29 July 2020 (UTC)