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I have been notified that you did not honor our agreement nor did you have any right to again remove anything on our wiki. For this offense, you can be considered lucky that I am not again adding your name -- but any further infractions will be taken to the admins in which I will have you and all of your alts banned. I understand that you may not understand respect as a 14 year old -- but when it states specifically that I do not want you edit our page, especially those pertinent to our RP in which you are not involved with anymore you have proven your lack of maturity.

I honored our agreement, now do your part and leave any and all members of Idle Omens alone, or pages, and anything relating to it. This is over between me and you. So kindly stop it.

You mean removing the link? Sireine? I kept our agreement. I did remove that link before we made the agreement, after that I did nothing... so where you accuse me for?