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Nested subst?

My experience with using subst is close to zero, so this is a question for your experience and expertise.

The reasoning behind the draft hatnotes (which I haven't completely convinced myself about yet) for JanuWiki is to try to minimise edit collisions. Just like the use case with the normal {{construction}}, but also to bring forward onto the hatnote some information that is normally buried into the History page, hopefully minimising the chance of stepped-on toes or etiquette issues between folks who may both have wanted to create an article. It can also give the volunteer editors some helpful guidance — if a JanuWiki page is incomplete and hasn't been touched in a while, perhaps the author needs some pro-active support or advice, or would like to relinquish it to another creator. Et cetera.

So, to those ends, I had considered that an {{{author}}} parameter would be a good signal (with some links to contact points for ease, salient ref: because contacting people directly on MediaWiki is a CHORE 😊). To that end, I simply don't know if it's possible to nest a {{subst:REVISIONUSER}} into the template. The wording at MediaWiki:Help:Magic_words#Transclusion_modifiers says: "In the wikitext, the tag is substituted by the content (single-level evaluation only)" would seem to imply that what I am imagining is possible, but I don't understand subst: or safesubst: well enough... Is what I'm imagining possible? Or is it even necessary, am I barking up the wrong tree? -- Djonni (talk) 15:39, 21 December 2018 (UTC)