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I really love what you are writing..

Lol, thank you God2000. Just saw this.

Your slideshow request

Hey, regarding the query you posted to Spode's talk page...

The Templates selection on Godwiki is theoretically huge, because most of the Template code on Wikipedia can be used here. It's just a matter of copying over the code for Templates that we find useful. Any user who's experienced with template coding can migrate and install templates, in fact. (Note, however, that I said most Wikipedia template code — some of their templates use features that aren't present on Godwiki.)

The wrinkle here, though, is this: Wikipedia doesn't have any slideshow templates. They determined it was too problematic for users of certain browsers, for printing out articles, etc. They just don't "do" slideshows.

Wikibooks does have a slideshow template, however (a) it requires additional code to be installed by a wiki administrator, and (b) even then, it's not an automatic slideshow (which I assume is what you want); there are manual Forward and Back buttons to move through the slides.

So, a Template isn't a great solution there. But I don't think you really need to bother with Templates at all. If what you're looking for is a way to display a series of images on your page, one after the other, the simplest way to do that is to create the slideshow as an animated GIF. There are tons of tools for generating animated GIFs out there, and you have total control over things like looping, how long each image is displayed, etc.

If you upload an animated GIF to Godwiki (using the "Upload file" link in Tools on the left bar), then embed it in your page with a [[File:_____]] link, the GIF will display however it's set up. if it's animated, it'll be animated. If it's a slideshow, that'll work fine too.

Here's an example, using a random slideshow GIF I found online: User:FeRDNYC/TestMonster

So that's what I'd suggest, as the simplest solution. Would that work for you? And if you need I can track down some info on software for creating animated GIF slideshows (though a google search would probably turn up plenty), just let me know what operating system / image-editing software you normally use. -- FeRDNYC (talk) 05:36, 8 November 2015 (UTC)

Hi FeRDNYC , this is from GodArthuri Victori , thanks for your reply on Spode's talk page on my request.

I do use gif files, but I use it to edit my chronicle. The purpose of needing a slideshow template, is simply because i want to put several gif images into one frame, to become like a short video clip. However, Wikia maximum upload for a file is only 2mb. Therefore I am thinking of merging several 2mb gif files together to make them work better.

This is my wiki for a look Victorique Vang

Because I want to add more high animated Gif files, therefore i would like to have a slideshow as I can't think of other alternative as the maximum upload is 2mb per file. However there is to cut down the size of the image, decreasing the quality, but I do not much prefer on that as some of the gif would be long and will be larger than 2mb.

If it is troublesome or not possible to work, please do let me know, I am fine with it. Just for info, I usually use to edit gif files. And I get gif files from the internet and movies.