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[[File:Zeph.jpg|200px|frame|none|He was a man, but now he is a god! Deal with it.]]
[[File:Zeph.jpg|150px|frame|none|He's a god, deal with it.]]
== The God Zephurious and his unpredictable hero, Zephyrix ==
== The God Zephurious and his unpredictable hero, Zephyrix ==

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Deities of Godville
Hero Zephyrix
Personality Virtuous
Gender Male
Favourite Town Godville
Guild Name
Guild position Master

He's a god, deal with it.

The God Zephurious and his unpredictable hero, Zephyrix

Zephurious was born as a mortal with the name “Aaron” but shortly after was nicknamed Zeph(yr) due to his love for Greek mythology and tendency to break wind frequently during his younger days. He was 6”2’ and ~200lbs before the "Great Day of Rage", now he is limitless. He loves reading, watching anime, gaming, building Gundams and listening to music; from the retro of Chiptune all the way to the heaviest that Progressive Metal has to offer. After his "Great Day of Rage" and following ascent to godhood (which he does not recall AT ALL) his life became very boring. This brought him to think of finding a follower to help and direct as he saw fit, and after many a day (and some "accidents") he decided it would be best if he just made a human clone of himself. On that day, Zephyrix was born! Oddly enough, he was born pre-aged to almost 20 years... Many were baffled by this.

The Age of the Melding of "Great Minds" (A.K.A. "Guild Name Guild")

Zephurious felt that his lonely clone/follower needed a bit of company, so he looked down upon the world and searched far and wide for a group of people who would accept him. However, he didn't want Zephyrix to be instilled with a strong sense of independence; He had a rough time finding a fit. After a thorough search, it was decided that Zephyrix would join the Guild Name guild, as they are an uplifting group, but also quite underachieving and mediocre; How perfect for his situation! He was officially inducted into the guild on his gods date of September 17, 2011 (or ~494 g.e. if you can't do the conversion) and he started as a lowly fan. he has since then risen to master status, and will be a Master Chief soon. Or is that Chief Master? No matter, all he wants is good company, cheese, and to one day wear that Cardinal patch.

The Search for a Trusty Steed!... Or Firefox... Or Dust Bunny...