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|customdata2 = 24 January 2017 ({{date ge|01|24|2017}})
|customdata2 = 24 January 2017 ({{date ge|01|24|2017}})
|customlabel3 = Level
|customlabel3 = Level
|customdata3 = 99
|customdata3 = 100
|customlabel4 = Personality
|customlabel4 = Personality
|customdata4 = Too [[Personality#Path_of_Good|good]] for her sake.
|customdata4 = Too [[Personality#Path_of_Good|good]] for her sake.

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Welcome to my User page when you'll find the very little information I gave about me. Feel free to leave a note at my talk page if you need to.

If you want to check out my contributions or my chronicles, just scroll down or use those shortcuts : Contributions / Chronicles

If you want to check my meta-game data check out the infobox or my in-game page: GodWardPhoenix 

Deities of Godville
WardPhoenix, The Observer
Personality Not found
Motto "Yare Yare..."
Lords of the Pit
Guild position Founder
Akane Phoenix
🦸🏻‍♀️ Data
Birthdate 24 January 2017 (2451 g.e.)
Level 100
Personality Too good for her sake.
Motto "Time to smile and shine!"
🐱 Pets
Current Pet
Pets in Ark
⚔️ Stats
Savings 11M, 080K (36.9%)
Wood for Ark 200.3%
Creatures 880m, 881f (88.0%)
Arena (W/L) 175/401 (43.6%)
Quests Cleared 1 881
Monsters Killed 255 628
Deaths 82
💯 Completion
Temple 08 August 2017 (2647 g.e.)
Animalist 10 October 2018 (3075 g.e.)
Ark 18 December 2018 (3144 g.e.)
Ark - Level 2 15 July 2020 (3719 g.e.)
Ark - Level 3
📮 Ideabox
IQ Points 425 pts
Approved 64 Submissions


Approved Submissions to the Ideabox

  • Diary
    • Argh. When I said “Give me a break.”, I was not talking about my bones, Almighty!
    • %monster% shouted : “Join me, and together we can rule this world!”. But I proudly refuse and got cut in half. Maybe not my better idea of my ex-life.
    • The %monster% sighed in it's last breath : “I can't believe I would fall from one those pitiful member of the %guild_name%” What kind of reputation do we have?!
    • Hear me %pet_type%! By the will of %rg%, you shall be called %pet_name% from now on!
  • Earthly News
    • Rolling through the grass...
    • Dueling herself in a drinking contest...
    • “Bring me to life, Bring me to life...”
    • Listening to Death complaints about its poor work conditions...
    • Honking to other arks blocking the way...
    • “So uncivilized!”
  • Duel
    • Noble divines are too lazy to intervene in this fight.
  • Dungeon
    • %boss% is looking for volunteer for his sparing training. The heroes were elected volunteer despite their protestations.
    • The team used the airduct to sneak through %dir%.
    • An unfinished game of poker lays on the only table of this room.
    • A roaming pack of duck forces the party to halt their progress for one turn.
    • A bed full of cute kittens distract the party for one full turn.
    • %random_hero% complains about a rock in its boots.
    • A broken hero's ark make the party wonder how it ended here.
    • The party decided to take any direction %random_attacker% didn't want to go and ended up %dir%.
    • A lot of people are crying in this low tempered room, probably a whine cellar.
    • The description of this room is being reviewed by higher forces.
    • The description of this room was postponed because of the %monster%.
    • The heroic members are asked to put their valuables artifact in a chest.
    • Why did the %monster% cross the road? To kill time and heroes, obviously.
    • This Enhancement Room is heated up by a fierce debate about how to polish the description of the room.
    • Stairs becomes slides and sliding heroes comes into concrete wall.
    • A black cat force the party to run under a ladder to %dir%ward.
    • %dir% is the only path that does not stink so %dir% goes the party.
    • The lying guard say that %dir% paths are not open.
  • Sail
    • %attacker% turns over every rock on the island but finds nothing.
    • Sirens from afar are singing: %v%
    • %attacker% is challenging %defender% to a sinking contest.
    • The feminal was not freed from the monster that she was already complaining about %attacker%'s poor ark's condition.
    • %monster% hopes to turn the tides.
    • The length of this description is inversely proportional to the interest of the island itself.
    • %beastie% feels like being the bigger fish.
    • The adventures can heard murmurs from the waves : %v%
    • %monster% last thoughts goes to its family.
    • %monster% sneezed violently, revealing its position.
    • %attacker% leave the edge of the map expecting a New World, only to find h{im|er} at the port.
    • What was noted as an island on %attacker%'s map was actually a horrific garbage patch.
    • %attacker% finds three things: a corpse, an island surviving guide and a need to get out of this island.
    • The seagulls cried as the sailor left the port : %v%
    • %attacker% won a beautiful view of the ocean's bottom.
    • %monster% wished for an encore but got an anchor.
  • Monster
    • Gargantarentula
    • Not A Big Dealer
  • Quest
    • calculate how much we have to paid to tip the scales.
    • open fire to find what's inside.
    • start a strike against the quest system
    • clear the quest while sleepwalking
    • apply to a much safer job
    • recruit a mercenary team for the next quest
    • salt a lake and make a sea
    • definitively locate the fountain of doubt
  • Equipment
    • Mad scientist coat
  • Five bugs/corrections report

GodWiki's Articles

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My GodWiki To-Do List

  • Writing chronicles for my heroine
    • Cross.png Not done and not likely to be done. No progress since months, unsure that i'll try to get back at it again.
  • Try to update Mini-quests, and then the {{quest}} template with mini-quest parameters : Cross.png Not done and not likely to be done, if I manage to find back motivation
  • Try to see if a Survey is possible. Cross.png Not done and not likely to be done

Sparred Gods

Famous Heroes of Godville Featuring

!Godville Times #3475 [1]
Akane Phoenix — 100th-level adventurer, member of the “Lords of the Pit” guild, with the motto “Time to smile and shine!”, stands at the 97th position in the pantheon of gratitude under the vigilant supervision of the god WardPhoenix. She is known for her disarming smile and ability to wake even the most exhausted comrades with her laughter.


Soon or late... More likely late... Maybe I'll manage to write this up one day...


NPC: Non-Playable Character.

In the world of Godville receiving a name is a blessing of Gods. Thus, nameless NPCs are legion.

Mostly ignored by the so-called heroes, those NPCs are yet the ones who produce the beer, build the taverns and the very roads heroes walks on, among many things. Without a name, those NPCs live a monotonous, eventless life. However, the whims of Gods and their champions sometimes disrupt that monotony, creating changes Gods themselves could not have expected.

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