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|customheader11 = <span style="font-size:110%">⚔️ Stats </span>
|customheader11 = <span style="font-size:110%">⚔️ Stats </span>
|customlabel12 = Savings
|customlabel12 = Savings
|customdata12 = 8M, 719K (29.1%)
|customdata12 = 8M, 733K (29.1%)
|customlabel13 = Wood for Ark
|customlabel13 = Wood for Ark
|customdata13 = 161.5%
|customdata13 = 162.4%
|customlabel14 = Creatures
|customlabel14 = Creatures
|customdata14 = 535m, 534f (53.4%)
|customdata14 = 539m, 540f (53.9%)
|customlabel15 = Arena (W/L)
|customlabel15 = Arena (W/L)
|customdata15 = 146/376 (38.8%)
|customdata15 = 146/376 (38.8%)
|customlabel16 = Quests
|customlabel16 = Quests
|customdata16 = 1 536
|customdata16 = 1 540
|customlabel17 = Monsters Killed
|customlabel17 = Monsters Killed
|customdata17 = 207 616
|customdata17 = 208 599
|customlabel18= Deaths
|customlabel18= Deaths
|customdata18= 75
|customdata18= 75
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|customlabel23 = Lab
|customlabel23 = Lab
|customdatastyle23 = vertical-align: middle
|customdatastyle23 = vertical-align: middle
|customdata23 = {{diarybar|style=side|status=53.4|width=100}}
|customdata23 = {{diarybar|style=side|status=53.9|width=100}}
|customlabel24 = Boss-Monster
|customlabel24 = Boss-Monster
|customdatastyle24 = vertical-align: middle
|customdatastyle24 = vertical-align: middle

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Welcome to my User page when you'll find the very little information I gave about me. Feel free to leave a note at my talk page if you need to.

If you want to check out my contributions or my chronicles, just scroll down or use those shortcuts : Contributions / Chronicles

If you want to check my meta-game data check out the infobox or my in-game page: GodWardPhoenix 

Deities of Godville
WardPhoenix, The Observer
Personality Not found
Motto "Yare Yare..."
Lords of the Pit
Guild position Founder
Akane Phoenix
🦸🏻‍♀️ Data
Birthdate 24 January 2017 (2451 g.e.)
Level 90
Personality Too good for her sake.
Motto "Time to smile and shine!"
🐱 Pets
Current Pet
Pets in Ark
👾 Boss-Monsters
⚔️ Stats
Savings 8M, 733K (29.1%)
Wood for Ark 162.4%
Creatures 539m, 540f (53.9%)
Arena (W/L) 146/376 (38.8%)
Quests 1 540
Monsters Killed 208 599
Deaths 75
💯 Completion
Temple 08 August 2017 (2647 g.e.)
Animalist 10 October 2018 (3075 g.e.)
Ark 18 December 2018 (3144 g.e.)
Book of Creation
📮 Ideabox
IQ Points 156 pts
Approved 25 Submissions


Approved Submissions to the Ideabox

  • Diary
    • Argh. When I said “Give me a break.”, I was not talking about my bones, Almighty!
    •  %monster% shouted : “Join me, and together we can rule this world!”. But I proudly refuse and got cut in half. Maybe not my better idea of my ex-life.
    • The %monster% sighed in it's last breath : “I can't believe I would fall from one those pitiful member of the %guild_name%” What kind of reputation do we have?!
    • Hear me %pet_type%! By the will of %rg%, you shall be called %pet_name% from now on!
  • Earthly News
    • Rolling through the grass...
    • Dueling herself in a drinking contest...
    • “Bring me to life, Bring me to life...”
    • Listening to Death complaints about its poor work conditions...
    • Honking to other arks blocking the way...
  • Sail
    •  %attacker% turns over every rock on the island but finds nothing.
  • Monster
    • Gargantarentula (name may have changed in ER)
  • Quest
    • calculate how much we have to paid to tip the scales.
    • open fire to find what's inside.
    • start a strike against the quest system
    • clear the quest while sleepwalking
    • apply to a much safer job
    • recruit a mercenary team for the next quest
    • salt a lake and make a sea
    • definitively locate the fountain of doubt
  • Equipment
    • Mad scientist coat
  • Three corrections

GodWiki's Articles

Others GodWiki's Contributions

My GodWiki To-Do List

  • Writing chronicles for my heroine
    • Cross.png Not done and not likely to be done. No progress since months, unsure that i'll try to get back at it again.
  • Try to update Mini-quests, and then the {{quest}} template with mini-quest parameters : Future.png Later...
  • We are in December which mean next month could be... Question.png Not sure

Sparred Gods


Soon or late... More likely late... Maybe I'll manage to write this up one day...


NPC: Non-Playable Character.

In the world of Godville receiving a name is a blessing of Gods. Thus, nameless NPCs are legion.

Mostly ignored by the so-called heroes, those NPCs are yet the ones who produce the beer, build the taverns and the very roads heroes walks on, among many things. Without a name, those NPCs live a monotonous, eventless life. However, the whims of Gods and their champions sometimes disrupt that monotony, creating changes Gods themselves could not have expected.

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