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GodThe real Wonko  is the one and only god of the humble heroine, Walpurga.

God GodThe real Wonko 
Born Nov 2012
Birth Place Godville
Religion who knows?
Motto Holmgard and beyond!
Personality virtuous
Level 36
Gender Female
Wins / Losses 7 / 14 har har
Death count aprox 15
Completion 31,6%
Name VeGaS
Rank grand master
Name Snowy
Type lightsaber-toothed tiger
Personality Droller
Level 4
Tamed 04 May 2013
Healing Count aprox 0
Heel grip combat
Cobweb gulp combat
Intimate tickling combat
Sober view trade
Tooth sampling trade
Electro-broom transport
Bad breath combat
Lion belch combat


Lives for booze, dies too often. Lost 3 pets already and counting. It's just too depressing, luckily there is a tavern nearby.