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GodThe real Wonko  is a god of the humble heroine, Walpurga.

God GodThe real Wonko 
Born Nov 2012
Birth Place Godville
Religion who knows?
Motto Holmgard and beyond!
Personality virtuous
Level 36
Gender Female
Wins / Losses 7 / 14 har har
Death count aprox 15
Completion 31,6%
Name VeGaS
Rank grand master
Name Snowy
Type lightsaber-toothed tiger
Personality Droller
Level 4
Tamed 04 May 2013
Healing Count aprox 0
Heel grip combat
Cobweb gulp combat
Intimate tickling combat
Sober view trade
Tooth sampling trade
Electro-broom transport
Bad breath combat
Lion belch combat


Lives for booze, dies too often. Lost 3 pets already and counting. It's just too depressing, luckily there is a tavern nearby.