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This is not a God's Page. Please refer to The Arseless for the God's Chronicle and Arse H for the champion.

This is my page as a Godwiki Contributor.


I recently found enjoyment in filling the equipment articles. As we know, most of them didn't have their own special articles. Therefore I found myself creating several articles for mine and others' fun. I tried to make my articles as short and simple as possible because most people don't want to read long ass articles just for a single equipment.

I tried to make all of my articles to be formatted all the same, as seen below:

[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|left|Captions of Photo.]]

'''Type: Equipment Type'''
'''Durability: Durability of item '''


Paragraphs about the equipments


Paragraph about maintenance of equipment.

''Traders apply no refund policy. Any malfunction of equipment is not covered by warranty. Additional funny disclaimer related to specific item''

[[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:Specific Equipment Name, Please Add]]


If you think my formatting is good enough and you want to contribute to Godwiki, especially equipment articles, please feel free to copy the format to the articles. Also feel free to re-check the articles I submitted and edited below if you have funnier ideas or if you found grammatical errors. It will be appreciated.


This is just my own pleasure to make logs just to keep tracks of the articles which I created or edited. You can check them out if you want.


  1. Mud coating
  2. Personal-space bubble
  3. Plastic plate


  1. Sawed-off sword adding formatting, images, benefits and disclaimer

Helpful Links

Below are helpful links from Godwiki for you to get started (or if you just forgot some things)

Creators Manual If you need help about basic formatting, how to add pictures, etc. You can also view the page source to copy the format of the page.

List of Equipment If you want to check which particular equipment doesn't have article.