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TheWanderingGod and his hero Elias The Tyrant!


 EliasTheTyrant, Despite the name Elias is very friendly and loves to make friends. His god TheWanderingGod loves to make sure his hero gets though his fights by encouraging him though the tough times. When Elias is defeated in combat his god is quick to revive him so he can start slaying monsters once again. Currently Elias has killed two boss monsters by himself barely making it out alive!. Elias may be brave and a smart when it comes to fighting, the hero is no good at managing his money. He tends to spend it on lots of booze, But this helped develop the hero's skill "Seasickness". The hero had won battle after battle learned many skills to please his God. One day TheWanderingGod vanished. No one heard of him in months. The hero tired and believing his God has abandoned him just started to settle down and return to his quiet life. After about a year the God yelled in an thunderous voice and told Elias to get up and adventure again. The God did not abandon him. He was just lost wandering the void. Many more months the hero had completed the temple for his God, and now we wait for many more adventures to unfold.