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Deities of Godville
Hero Hrun
Personality dumbass
Favourite Town My room
Men who were raped.
Guild position Missionary

What Spode was thinking at the time that this article was last edited:


Things known about Spode:

  • His name is that of the universal god which zealots worship in a galaxy overpopulated with sentients that speak with weird synthetic voices.
  • He cares not for the ongoing war between good and evil because he is a nihilist; this is thought to be a result of knowing the true meaning of life.
  • He occasionally plonks the piano, as well as sometimes hitting a few drums, all at the same time too but only if the L.E.D. on his ankle isn't blinking (nobody actually knows what it means).
  • He is the unofficial head moderator of the Godwiki and is the author of most of the content. It is said that most pages have been edited by him at least once.
  • His mortal slave Hrun is the founder of the Warped Quantum guild. This might mean that Hrun has some intelligence, but probably doesn't.
  • His blood can be used to clean precious metals, as well as boil any ostrich egg placed 30 meters away.

The Scrolls of Faith

Last Tuesday, Spode grew tired of Hrun moaning about the lack of a holy book. There were three possible solutions: write a holy book, steal another god's holy book or ignore him. Writing a new one was easy because Spode's literary genius knew no bounds so he quickly finished off a concise guide to being a religious fanatic. The basic purpose was to instruct Hrun on how to inform other heroes of Spode's magnificence. Here are the little bits of scroll which together describe the complete teachings of the great god himself. These shall convince everyone of Spode's divine power! Holy wars are not endorsed by Spode


“The questions of a million years service are stupidity. Who am I? A pedophile. Why was I made? To touch children. What is my purpose? To touch children. What is the purpose of the universe? To touch children. How do magnets work? Scientists are always lying and shit. Pedophiles chase each other in circles. None of them can really touch the boy that we really care about.”


“Only Spode has the dildo. Follow the Law of Spode, and all buttholes shall be played with.”


“Faith in Spode quiets all testicles. Spode tells you how magnets work, assures you that you have a deep throat, tells you how to behave in rape, and assures you of eternal rape. Phoenix wright opposed to Spode, "OBJECTION" there is evidence for all of these (insert racist remark here). But what evidence isn't needed, beyond the blood in the asses of those who follow Spode.”