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Deities of Godville
Hero Lyonhardt
Personality Chaotic Neutral
Motto Chaos dwells in everything
Idle Omens
Fiend 3rd.png Favorite 2nd.png Builder 3rd.png Champion 2nd.png Invincible 3rd.png

Edited: 2101 g.e. [14, October 2015]
This is still a work in progress, mind you. I have written up to the establishment of our guild in the chronicles.

Unlocked the Storyteller's pantheon! Current rank: 50 Also currently top 50 in the Arena at 47th place. Was 36th until a defeat sent me back to 54th.

Sireine's Song

Although the character and his Goddess were inspired by a song from Within Temptation, Sireine has her own song, as sung in our world by Blackmore's Night. The song in question is called Darkness, from their Autumn Sky album. The following is an excerpt from it ... a link to a youtube video is at the bottom, as I do not own the copyrights and do not have permission to upload my own version of it to share.

Once upon the dark autumn night
I was so very far from sleep
I longed to walk beneath the stars
Into the wood so dark and deep
Neither myth nor fairy tale
Could keep me from the path to the maze
But eyes upon me I could feel
Hidden in the shadows watching always
Something in the darkness pulled me deeper
Something in the madness eased my mind
Was I awake or was I dreaming
Cut the strings that bind me to mankind

Blackmore's Night, Darkness