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Deities of Godville
Hero Lyonhardt
Personality Chaotic Neutral
Motto Chaos dwells in everything
Idle Omens
Fiend 3rd.png Favorite 2nd.png Builder 3rd.png Champion 3rd.png Invincible 3rd.png

The Story of Lyonhardt

Edited: 1960 g.e.
If you were not directed here from my chronicles, it is recommended that you first read the story written there. This is a continuation of that same story.

Return to Godville

It has been little over a day since my life was forever changed, my life snuffed out by those I once called family. It is my own mother's blood that I am cleaning from my spear's blade. I cast a glance over to a bloody sack, its macabre contents beckon me to fashion a keepsake weapon from my mother's bones.
The sun has yet to rise on this bloody night, the night of my rebirthing. A single night is all it took for my vengeance to be sated, and for that single act it seems I offered my eternal soul to a wicked sorceress. She is watching me, as I cleanse the last of the crimson from the spear's edge, like a viper would its prey.

"Tis a thing of beauty, is it not?"
I turn my attention towards where She stands. I imagine this mask I wear was enchanted in some manner, allowing me to see from my eye yet the whole of my scarred half-face remained behind the white steel. I wonder if there is any regret within Her for not being able to restore what I was. I let myself take in the beautiful darkness that She is and know that I would be damned to make the same choice, for all of eternity. I have become little more than a ghoul dressed in fanciful armor, entranced by Her very essence and unable to break myself of it. I look to the crescent moon though the broken windows and know that, as surely as the sun will rise, I now belong to Her.
"You will come to your own, my White Lion. You will learn to find the passion in shedding and sharing blood."
Her tongue traces the edges of her lips as she speaks, turning from me and beginning to walk away.

"There is but one task I require of you. Do it, and I shall give you pleasures beyond your mortal mind."
She extends her hand towards mine and beckons me to stand with Her. She weaves a story of this world, of how the forces of good and evil are ever in conflict. Normally, as a being of chaos, She flourished as the world around her despaired. Something has changed, however, and the feud between the light and dark may finally be reaching its end.

"There is a prophecy, of sorts, that speaks of the coming of the end. Whoever wrote it, however, may have been the vaguest prophet of all."
As She speaks, I begin wrapping my spear's shaft and stand to place it behind my back. She approaches me and touches the spear, running Her delicate fingers up its length until she takes it from my hands and ties it for me. She then moves to my front, cupping the edge of my mask in one hand before turning, soft wisps of raven hair brushing against my armor.
"I care not for the recent changes in this world, but it seems that gold is required for status. And status is what I will need to regain my former glory."
She lets her hand fall against the steel plating until it clasps mine. "I think, however, the acquisition of this commodity will benefit us both."

Lyonhardt and beloved spear.

A Dance of Carnal Desire

The woman before me was on her knees, gasping for breath that would come with agony. I raise my spear in a triumphant manner, knowing that I had won this bloody dance. My prize was a golden brick and whatever coin the wounded woman had. I wonder if I should offer to any of the prize money, if for no reason than consolation. I see my Lady in the shadows of the spectator stands, looking upon me with satisfaction and something more ... dangerous. This was not my first acquisition of these bricks, but was definitely the most satisfactory way of obtaining them. Something had awakened in me, and I liked it. I offer her a brief acknowledgement before I make my way out of the Arena and into the city. Three other opponents would fall to my glaive before I realize the nature of my Lady's feral gaze. She was captivated by the violence and seemed to take a certain pleasure in cleaning my armor. It came to pass on the fifth battle that I suffered my first defeat at the hands of a warrior who possessed not only the direct presence of a God, but also the camaraderie of others. He caught my spear as I was sweeping downward and, imbued with his God's righteous fury, launched a physical beam of energy into my chest. Although we had both taken the best of the other, the pain that erupted from the resulting burn made me lose consciousness.
I wake in a familiar place, though with an unfamiliar circumstance and result. As I open my eye, I feel the pressure of someone's head on my plated chest. Confusion takes center in my mind as I see my Lady, though asleep, barely clothed in dark linens and loosely wrapped around my form. As if aware that I was awake, Her body stirs and soon I find Her lips a short distance from the steel I wear upon my own face.

"I did ... not expect ... I am glad that you're awake."
Barely brushing Her lips against the metal, She pulls herself from me and slowly slides from the makeshift bedding. What ... had happened? I do recall the man's final attack, but nothing after. I find myself standing before realizing I was even moving, catching a thin smile dancing on Her lips.
"Perhaps.. we should see to the restoration of my powers?"
Whatever She meant by that, I knew that it wasn't as innocent as Her eyes attempted to convey. I turn from Her for a moment and see that She had also brought my weapons.
"I think it is time that we seek out others like us, my Lion."
Others like us? I am an unholy half-dead creature that was brought back by your godly ability. I surprise myself at my sudden bitterness, and immediately cast away my thoughts. Perhaps She had also seen the benefit of having other beings on our side. But ... do we really need them? I am conflicted by these thoughts and find myself following her without even understanding were we are going. My spear is in hand, and I have already sheathed my blade - when did I..? My Lady is looking at me, as if She is waiting an answer to some question my mind drowned out. She sighs and grabs both sides of my mask and forces my head down to look directly at her.
"Do not let your thoughts trouble you. There is some one ... I would like you to meet. She is an angel, a heavenly being who serves a forgotten master."
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Sireine's Song

Although the character and his Goddess were inspired by a song from Within Temptation, Sireine has her own song, as sung in our world by Blackmore's Night. The song in question is called Darkness, from their Autumn Sky album. The following is an excerpt from it ... a link to a youtube video is at the bottom, as I do not own the copyrights and do not have permission to upload my own version of it to share.

Once upon the dark autumn night
I was so very far from sleep
I longed to walk beneath the stars
Into the wood so dark and deep
Neither myth nor fairy tale
Could keep me from the path to the maze
But eyes upon me I could feel
Hidden in the shadows watching always
Something in the darkness pulled me deeper
Something in the madness eased my mind
Was I awake or was I dreaming
Cut the strings that bind me to mankind

Blackmore's Night, Darkness