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Shokro is a patron god of blacksmiths, artisans, miners, and metallurgy. He is known for his temper and causes earthquakes when angry. Being a master craftsman, he can make many things with great skill and in a short time. His primary mode of punishments or blessings deals with the earth. If a city doesn't properly worship him once every year, they may suffer from frequent earthquakes, rockslides, dry mines, and on rare occasions, volcanic eruptions. If they do properly worship him, they will receive mines chock full of valuable gems and precious metals. He is very supportive of his hero and values all who worship him as devotedly as they do. His symbol is an anvil and hammer. His animal is strangely a panda. He is a kind god as long as he isnt neglected.


He is usually depicted in paintings as a middle aged bearded man in a forge with ash colored skin and eyes like burning coals. His presence is often followed by smoke and a strong smell of brimstone. This depiction is consistent with most artists, so it is assumed that this is his actual form. He is usually wearing a blacksmith's apron and burlap pants with black boots. He also often carries a hammer.