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Deities of Godville
Hero Paksy
Personality Heroic but slow
Gender Male
Favourite Town Godville
Dumbledores Army
Guild position Cardinal

The Creation


First, there was nothing, and then SMACN said to himself, "Bloody! There has been nothing here for the past 60,000,000 Years! Oh buger, I guess this means that I have to get up and create some hero I guess..." and thus the noble, brave, drunk Pasky was brought into existance. SMACN abandoned his hero for more than a year until finally, SMACN popped by the physical world, only to find Pasky dead. "Wow! I can't seem to leave you alone for only 365 days without you getting your self killed!" Said SMACN, as he hovered over the corps. Eventually, SMACN joined Godville's Regiment and stayed there for abot 3 months. Then SMACN felt like he needed to create somthing, so he created Dumbledores Army to have something of his own. Later that week, SMACN created the Dumbledores Army Forum page. Now the newest tghing is a PVP battle forum.

The god

GodSMACN  Wasn't alwaies a god. He started ouut human like Pasky. One day, he met some random guy on his travels to seek the 3D Interface. GodSMACN  thought that this was just another quest but was unawear of it's powers. After sevral months of searching, GodSMACN  came to a cave with a mysterious object that appeared to have 11 dimensions. As soon as he touched the object, it fell to the ground with a loud thud. Most heros never thought of touching it again after it fell, but GodSMACN  touched it once more. The Interface started to glow and humm and of course, GodSMACN  was intrigued by this and slowly, streatched out his hand, and touched it once more. A bolt of energy rushed through him and GodSMACN  started to scream. He looked around himself and saw that his body was being ripped away from him leaving his soul that appeared to be expanding and expanding before GodSMACN 's eyes. Soon he was evrywhere in the world at once and then saw a friendly face of someone else. He looked closer and saw it was a man, walking toward him. Frightend, GodSMACN  drew his soward, only to find he had none. The aproching man said, "You know me but have not seen me before. Now you are at the same sstate as I am and are now one like me," GodSMACN  stood there frozen. This could only mean one thing. "M-m-my Lord?" Stammered GodSMACN . Could this be his god? The one he had been praying for all those years? The man nodded and GodSMACN  fainted. When he came to. He was lying on a floor surrounded by figures looking at him. The man that was his god, pushed to the front and said, "Follow me," and walked into what seemed, a wavy part of space. GodSMACN  followed and suddenly found himself in a room exactly like the last one, just a little different. "You are now a god," GodSMACN  jumped, he forgot about his god! You must complete one more quest for me, and that is to find a hero. Thus, GodSMACN  started searching, and eventually came across a totalnoob, idiot, alcoholic, and (judging by his name,) a complete pansie name Pasky.

His Hero

Infamous 1st.png 

Paskyis an idiot, what else is there to say?


Founded: Dumbledores Army(Guild)

Dumbledore's Army(Forum)



Dumbledores Army(Forum)

PVP Battles (Forum)

Special thanks To:


GodMORE Fun Man 


GodGodess Phrea 


GodSMACN  Created and founded Dumbledores Army and has used it for about 3 months.

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