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Deities of Godville
Hero Terence Tullius
Personality Kind
Gender Male
Motto ⚠Ведущий в будущее⚠
Favourite Town Vector Field
Ober Tour And Travel
Guild position Nobody Important
Rumor has it that Phexides[1] submits especially good ideas and votes for the submissions of others.
Godville Times, 1707 g.e.


Favorite 1st.pngBuilder 2nd.pngFiend 2nd.pngChampion 2nd.pngSaint 3rd.png Invincible 3rd.pngDueler 3rd.pngAnimalist 3rd.pngMartyr 3rd.pngHunter 3rd.png


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Gods worth mentioning


  1. Originally FromAnimus