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Deities of Godville
Omnipotent Squash 
Heroine Felione
Personality Evil
Gender Male
Motto ☠ Fear my claws! ☠
Silver Raven Piracy Guild

Omnipotent Squash was created following a series of events at the Harvest Moon guild hall. After the evil half of Brinjal's soul escaped, it searched for a body that it could inhabit. It could not choose just any body, it was restricted to ones that closely matched it's previous one. Eventually it came upon a butternut squash and flew into it, causing it to swell and grow to the height of a man, the resulting evil creature had godly powers and was now able to do whatever it chose, starting with killing every vegetarian it saw.

Luckily, he was quickly captured by GodAzzageddi  and made to sign a contract both magically and legally binding. In these esrly days, Omnipotent Squash was known as Almighty Squash however he changed his name, since many gods already used "almighty" before their names. That and at this point he had the nickname "Almighty Squishy Squash" giving him the initials A.S.S.

Despite this, Omnipotent Squash' is still dangerous. He is able to turn to flames and appear and disappear at will, and is incredibly powerful, do not underestimate how dangerous he is.


A sketch of Felione

Omnipotent squash is championed by the heroine Felione. A cat girl with feline ears, paw like hands, retractable claws and very good night vision. She is a proficient fighter, very agile, short tempered and is often able to land on her feet if she falls from a height. While inherently evil and fond of kicking puppies in half, Felione has a soft spot for cats and when near one often seems to forget she is evil and stop to pet it. An ongoing effort to find out more about Felione is underway, and the results can be found her chronicles.