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GodNonnal  is a god of a good-seeking 18th level hero, Sir Nonnaly.

Deities of Godville
Hero Sir Nonnaly
Personality Righteous
Gender Male
Favourite Town Los Demonos
Warped Quantum
Guild position Follower


The god Nonnal has existed longer than any human. Or at least any hero. And, at any rate, definitely longer than any heroes who can remember anything earlier than their last drinking session. But he appears to have been most recently recognized around 480 g.e.

He is most commonly seen as a tall, gray-bearded figure, but it able to transform himself at will into a wispy smoke that matches the color of his wiry hair. Many heroes have claimed knowledge of his existence, but only one living hero has ever been granted the privilege of seeing his corporeal form. This meeting was granted immediately after completion of the stone dais on the crest of Mount Pi.


The reason for Nonnal's rare earthly visits is shrouded in mystery. It also remains to be seen why he chose Sir Nonnaly as his hero -- other than the amazing similarity of their names, of course.

The phrase "The cake is a lie" appears to be inextricably entwined with the quests that Nonnal demands; the origin of this phrase and its hidden meaning have yet to be uncovered.