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Deities of Godville
Hawaiian God Nachish
Hawaiian God Nachish
Hero Palekekona
Personality Kind
Gender Male
Motto Dragon Fire Burn!!!
Dragon Lords
Guild rank Master

In the Beginning

Nachish, God of Palekekona, was once a normal human. He was named Preston and lived in the beautiful islands of Hawai'i and was a researcher of the Paranormal realm. As the Founder, President, and Lead Investigator of the Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society (dba Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters), he had been witness to many strange and unexplained things in his attempt to help the people of Hawaii who were in dire need of assistance with experiences they were having with ghosts and haunting activity.

Investigating and researching the paranormal led Preston to discover spirituality. He began a quest to explore his spirituality by meditating, researching claims of enhanced human abilities, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, and found much happiness in his pursuit. It changed his life and he felt that he was somehow being prepared for something greater. Though he rarely spoke about it because of the credibility he had in the research and investigations field, he discovered that he too had abilities and began utilizing them.

Artifact in the Cave

One day, Preston was contacted by a client who was in dire need of help. They claimed they were experiencing paranormal activity at their home which was located near a cave said to contain ancient Hawaiian artifacts. So Preston gathered his team and they set out to help the clients. During the investigation, all of the member experienced heightened levels of activity seeing apparitions, having objects moving and being flown about, and feeling a very strong, heavy unknown force. While tracing the force with his equipment, Preston was led to the cave. Unable to contact any of the other members, Preston entered the cave alone, thinking it would be just another dark cave. He had spent many hours in the darkness alone and was not scared one bit. As he walked through the darkness with only the view through his Night Vision camera to guide him through, he began hearing a very unusual pulsating hum. He followed the noise and eventually noticed an object glowing in the darkness. He cautiously approached the object with was buried half-way into the ground. After taking some readings and documenting the finding on his camcorder, Preston reached down and lifted the object out of the ground. Astonished, he started analyzing the object which was shaped like a mini pyramid. He noticed some lettering that was covered by the dirt so he started cleaning it off so he could read what it said. After removing all the dirt, he saw just two letters...GV. Suddenly, Preston felt the object start to pull towards the cave wall. Startled, Preston dropped the object and it turned with its point facing the wall and appeared to be trying to inch its way towards it. Curious, he picked up the object and started walking towards the wall with the object in font of him pointing in the direction. As he got close to the wall, a beam of light shot out of the object creating a glowing portal that started to pull Preston towards it. He started yelling as loud as he could for his team to no avail. He fought and fought until he suddenly blacked out.

Artifact found in Cave

Approved Submissions

11/25/12 11:10PM Almighty, every time I witness your power and glory ONE word comes to mind...keep it up and i may be able to put a whole sentence together someday and give you some feedback!

12/16/12 02:18AM Just when I THOUGHT all was doomed, %random friend% came running from the hills shouting, “Don't worry, I'm here for you!” It was then that I KNEW all was doomed!

12/19/12 10:09AM Eggs, milk, beer, chicken, toilet paper...sorry %rg%, I had no where else to write down my shopping list.

12/19/12 10:09AM Eggs, milk, beer, chicken, toilet paper...sorry %rg%, I had no where else to write down my shopping list.