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Championed by the Hero: Mark Mumm
Personality: Unknown
Gender: male
Motto: Winter is coming!
Guild: Jurgenndoi
Guild Position: Grand Master
Favorite Town: Herolympus

Hello, you...

"We are a young guild who follows great ideals." ([[Jurgenndoi]]) 

Yes, and I am one of the master minds behind this guild. I did actually create this logo myself and the one for the guild, too. I'll use my user page to tell you what I want to do next:

  1. add members to the Guild's page
  2. update rank distribution and stats
  3. progress of guild members towards the most important goals
  4. add story telling elements (I want to post your stories and share them with the world.)

I do this in my free time and therefore updates come irregularly. If you have any ideas or suggestions talk to me and I will try to realize them.

Your Magistum

Important Announcements Well, I am the owner of a temple since today, the 6. September 17.