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Deities of Godville
Hero LisaAlexandra
Personality Good but thinking about going evil
Gender Female
Favourite Town Tradeburg
Guild Name
Guild position Cardinal

The Goddess LisaAlexandra and her Heroine Daughter, LisaAlexandra

Note: If images do not display, toggle between stop and refresh on your browser a few times to load more of each image.

PhoenicianGoddess.jpg The Goddess LisaAlexandra

The Goddess LisaAlexandra fell in love with a mortal man and she brought him to her heavenly court. A fellow god cautioned her these actions were against the laws of the gods and the punishment could be the death of her beloved mortal man. Although it broke her heart, she banished the mortal from her court to keep him safe. This hurt him so he vowed to never return again.

Little did the mortal man know that now they shared a child, and the Goddess LisaAlexandra lovingly named her LisaAlexandra in her image. She selfishly hid her child with all her might from the other gods but when her daughter was in her adolescent years her existence was discovered by some of the other gods who became jealous and the Goddess was forced to send her daughter to live and hide among the mortals. Perhaps fate will bring together the young LisaAlexandra and her father. And when they unite, he will undoubtedly see his image in her face and find the true meaning in her name.

As young LisaAlexandra matured in the land of the mortals, she had a very troubled existence. Although at first glance one might mistake her for a human, a better look would reveal her quality that gave her away as a decedent of a Phoenician Goddess - her strikingly beautiful red wings. Since she is unlike any being she has yet met in these vast lands, the demigod has run into much prejudice and little acceptance or peace. She has sustained serious injuries from being attacked from behind when mortals have mistaken her for a monster or a large Phoenix bird that they undoubtedly wanted to capture as a pet. To avoid all of these hardships, she now attempts to conceal her wings in a cramped fashion under a cape and avoids spending time near humans who might appear to intend her harm. At times she has reached out to some humans who seem kind at first but often those friendships end in jealousy, fear of what she really is or those who might want to selfishly profit from her, which has only left her with a broken heart. Her mother has spoken so kindly of mortals so surely one day she should meet some of these good people she has heard about. She longs to know her father since of all mortals, he surely would be the most accepting of what she is and love her as most fathers love their children.

LisaAlexandra took the job as a heroine to give her the ability to travel far and wide in her search for her father. This was also an easy career choice since she already had a goddess which was part of the job description and it gave her more chances to please her mother and feel her mother's love. Every time her Mother sends her encouragements her heart is filled with warmth and she feels the strength to continue on her quests. Having that motherly connection is special to her since she misses her childhood, hiding and playing in the goddess' court and often finds this mortal land to be lonely and cruel.

And so The Heroine LisaAlexandra for a not so long time now has been conquering some monsters and hides from others since death and near death are two places she does not care to be. To learn new skills needed to survive she often fights other heroes as well. She feels the constant frustration of being a child of godly decent but beside her wings that provide limited flight, she possesses no other god-like skills. Perhaps as time goes on she might discover new skills that might help her in her never ending series of quests but for now her only semi-developed skill is Navel Clamp.

Heroine.jpg The Heroine LisaAlexandra

To learn more about this heroine and kindly rate her chronicles with 5 stars (she needs all of the kindness and friends she can get in this lonely world) - please click here: [| The Heroine LisaAlexandra] And if you would like a new friend, LisaAlexandra is very helpful and chatty so if you have a Godville Invite and you're not sure who to use it for... please consider LisaAlexandra. :)

The Heroine's Quest for the Perfect Guild

The Heroine LisaAlexandra does not exactly know what she wants out of a guild nor truly understands the benefits. She just knows she must be a part of one of the Guilds since it is part of a hero's job. At first, she closed her eyes and picked a guild on a list and began her quest to join it. But a nice hero sold her on the idea of joining the Lovers of the Doughboy guild and that sounded quite exciting to LisaAlexandra so she made her plan to join that guild instead.

Meanwhile, LisaAlexandra's mother and goddess is protective of her and wants what is best for her so she has steered her toward the number one ranking guild in the hopes that her daughter will receive the utmost support and benefits to keep her healthy and safe. And so it was, the Heroine LisaAlexandra joined the #1 ranking guild, Knights who say Ni. The benefits were wonderful including better healthcare when in town, sometimes better deals with merchants and free hair cuts!

However, recently the Heroine has had her eye on the Kitty Cat Council guild and has started a quest to join it. Her goddess is very frustrated and unhappy with her and has shouted "Stop Quest!" and "Cancel Quest!" and "That quest is lame - stop it!" but being the stubborn adolescent that she is, the heroine LisaAlexandra has seemingly made up her mind and is ignoring her goddess. Of all creatures ever made, no other creature seems to be as good and loving as a kitty so how could this guild be the wrong guild to join?

The goddess looks on in despair not knowing why her daughter would run away from a guild that could offer her the most protection. If the heroine does not listen soon, she may have to finally resort to using punishments. This will be one of the most difficult things the goddess will have ever done since she has a pure good heart and punishing does not seem to be something you would do to someone you love. So she tried once more by saying, "Please!!!! Cancel Quest"

From the Heroine's Diary: 10:15 Suddenly realized that to become the 363rd member of the guild “Kitty Cat Council” doesn't sound heroic enough for my Chronicles. Thank you, Almighty, that could have been a real stain on my reputation!

The goddess breathed a sigh of relief and sent an encouragement to her daughter as a reward.

113px-Insert Guild Name Here small.png Guild Name Crest

Oct 7, 2011 - Weeks later, the heroine made an educated decision to join the Guild Name Guild (because they offer points!!) which is also a high ranking guild. The goddess rolled her eyes and decided to not continue this battle. At least that guild has good people in it to watch over her heroine. Since then, the heroine has made many good friends in Guild Name including GodEpoch , GodYour Ex Girlfriend , GodKaren Hickey , GodMTKnife , GodShe Who Meditates  (she's a cat god!) and many others. She is happy now that she feels like she finally has a place to belong.

Feb 27, 2012 - Reflecting back, the heroine is so happy about her choice to join Guild Name. The relationships built there have been priceless and the experiences have been irreplaceable. She is a Cardinal now in Guild Name as well as #11 on the Guild Name's Pantheon of Mediocrity. She has much respect for all of the guild leaders, especially GodEpoch  who always shows signs of integrity, thoughtful leadership and ensures that everyone is happy and fairly treated.

Speaking of Points...

The heroine is very excited because her chronicle received high ratings and for a very short while (end of September of 2011) she held the #1 spot in the Storytelling pantheon. This is something she will tell her grandchildren one day.

After a few months bouncing on average around #5 on the Storytelling pantheon, LisaAlexandra is back to the #1 spot on the Storytelling pantheon on Feb 27, 2012. She feels excited, thankful and amazed to be in this spot even though she feels GodMTKnife  is much funnier and more entertaining and probably deserves that spot a lot more than her.

Screenshot from iPad as of Feb 28, 2012

The Heroine's Accomplishments According to the God of iPad

See screenshot since I'm too lazy to type it out.


  • Autopilot, 2nd rank or higher (Yeah right. After 5 months, I've determined this one is impossible.)
  • Dark Knight (My poor baby, how could I ever zap you? I keep saying I'm going to go evil but can't bring myself to do it.)

The Heroine's Achievements According to the God of Internet Explorer

As of Feb 27, 2012

   Builder, 2nd rank
   Champion, 2nd rank
   Coach, 2nd rank
   Favorite, 2nd rank
   Saint, 2nd rank
   Animalist, 3rd rank
   Careerist, 3rd rank
   Invincible, 3rd rank
   Martyr, 3rd rank

The Heroine's Contributions to Godville (Approved Ideas)

This is the list of my ideas accepted into the game:

Earthly News

  • Dreaming up a late night snack...


  • Lern how to uze spel chek
  • Kill two monsters with one stone


  • Talisman: Bacon Scented Air Freshener


  • Snowglobe of Godville town
  • Ocean in a bottle

This is my list of my new ideas that have received more yes votes than no votes but have not yet been accepted or denied:


  • Hey! Why did you melt my coins into a brick, Great One?! I was looking forward to spending those at the bar tonight!
  • Saw a ray of healing light way off in the distance. Felt a pang of jealously.
  • I've decided that when nothing goes right... I'll go left.
  • A black cat just crossed my path. Good thing I'm not superstitious...I'm only a little-stitious.
  • Dig with what? I don't have a shovel. You don't expect me to use my hands, do you Great One?!
  • Oh great one, I think these battles do not determine who is right - only who is left.
  • Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t have thrown out my old diary. It feels like my history has been lost now.
  • I think I need some encouragement.
  • If winning isn't everything why do they keep score?
  • Either I'm right or you're wrong, but I really don't think I should do that right now.
  • There is a sign on one of my favorite bars that says “Closed due to short staff.” I wish they would hire taller staff because I really need a beer!
  • Ate some old snacks I found in my pocket. They tasted really good, despite the fact that they were pet treats meant for %pet name%.
  • They say “Triumph” is just “try” with a little “umph”. My %god/goddess%, can I please have some umph?
  • My %lord/lady%, I keep upgrading my armor but do you think that I should get new socks and underpants? I have not done that since you created me and I think that might be where the smell is coming from.
  • Just finished %quest%. I would rather poke a sharp stick in my eye twice before doing that again.
  • The town doctor said I have a disease called alcoholism. Well, what can't be cured must be endured. I'm off to the bar!
  • Ouch! Why did you punish me Great One? What happened to the saying “To err is human; to forgive divine”?
  • What happens in Godville, stays in Godville.
  • %Pet name% just ate my %artifact%. I'm wondering if he is worth his weight in gold...

Earthly News

  • Humming my theme song...

For the Newspaper

  • An energizer bunny was arrested and charged with battery. He is currently being held in a dura cell.


  • Steal some thunder during a lightning storm


  • “World's Best Hero” coffee mug

Proposed Adjustments

  • In-game content: After an idea has gone through the ER, can the score obtained in ER show under "My ingenious pieces" next to the number of yes/no/dupes so we can know how our ideas did in the ER?
  • In-game content: Pretended to have a life threatening disease to cut through the other guildmates on line to the guild doctor.
    • Explanation: I think it should be "in line" not "on line", correct?
  • In-game content: It would be funny if the related artifact was collected after this shows up in the diary: Found a figment of %friend name%'s imagination... Wow. Just wow.
    • Explanation: It would also be fun to see how much the friend's imagination might sell for. :)

Denied by the Devs

  • Having a dispute with someone about which guild the golden calf is a symbol of
  • Silk Road to Tradeburg (@) (Activate-able artifact to take your hero directly to Tradeburg for high dollar sales on your artifacts)
  • Metal Detector (@) - Digs out a bold artifact or coins

The Heroine's Personality

Thanks to her goddess, the heroine has a pure good and often (pure good!) personality.

Oct 4, 2011 - the heroine ranked #2 on the pantheon of Creation w/a pure good! personality.

Oct 12, 2011 - the heroine ranked #1 on the pantheon of Creation w/a pure good! personality.

The heroine really enjoys a good beer or three or ten and once in awhile it is up to her to keep peace on this planet by smoking a peace pipe with friends but her mother has drilled into her head (brainwashed perhaps) the importance of staying away from other drugs. And since activating auras are as personality altering as drugs and they cost her a lot of godpower and they do not offer her any substantial benefits - the heroine now has decided that auras should also be off limits so she tries not to activate any... whenever possible.

The Heroine's Pets

For as long as she can remember, LisaAlexandra has wanted each of the following pets:

  • Firefox
    Toto the Firefox running from the scene
  • Double Dragon
  • Kitty Cat (Note in heroine's diary next to this list item: "Might not make the best fighter...")

"I'm sorry my darling heroine," said her goddess "but a Kitty Cat is not an option as a pet for you." The heroine sulked.

Update! As of Oct 11, 2011, the heroine has a Firefox! 09:10 AM I looked into the kind eyes of the vanquished monster and suddenly decided — Firefox, you'll be my pet! And I'll call you Toto. Bandaged his wounds, gave him a treat and fastened the leash. What a wonderful day.

And then this happened... 12:49 Toto knocked over some candles in the temple. What a clumsy oaf! We hid behind a curtain and watched as a priest doused the flames with some holy water from a basin.

But he's also often helpful... 02:34 It seems that the Gold Farmer has never fought a beast as amazing as my firefox. Come on Toto! Show it what you're made of!

First personality: "Droller" > To some can seem like a buffoon while to others seems amusingly odd and hyper-energetic which overwhelms most monsters. This over-achiever insists on being center stage and often grabs encouragements before their master can benefit from them. (note: this personality did not yet exist on the wiki, so I had to make it up.)

Oct 17, 2011 - Good news!! 01:23 Paid 228 gold coins to the veterinarian for a routine pet checkup. The vet said that Toto will live a long and healthy life. Now I just have to make sure he doesn't get run over by a monster!

12:43 Toto suddenly got a very surprised look on his face and mumbled something that sounded like: 'Why are you not looking for your father?'. Hmm, I thought he was of the non-talking kind. Maybe I'll go look for my father in Las Vegas...

Pinky has a bit of a bad attitude

Nov 10, 2011 - I've been in mourning now for almost a week. I returned from Las Vegas after a few days and came back to find Toto gone. I don't know if he died or ran away. Either way, I'm crushed. If he had died then I feel horrible that I wasn't around to revive him. As I was feeling sorry for Toto and myself, a dust bunny came to battle me. I think because a part of me felt angry about losing Toto, my rage came out and I really let the dust bunny have it. He was so shocked that he practically laid there in fear. And then I felt bad for him. I looked into the kind eyes of the vanquished monster and suddenly decided — Dust Bunny, you'll be my pet! And I'll call you Pinky. Bandaged his wounds, gave him a treat and fastened the leash. This time, I'll never leave. I'll take extra good care of you. I gave Pinky a loving smooch on his head.

Pinky died at the end of November but luckily I was able to bring him back to life although it took quite a few days to scape together the coins to make it happen. He has not been the same though since he came back. He has a harsh personality now and he looks at me strangely. He scares me. I hope he doesn't eat me when I'm sleeping.

Dec 31, 2011 - Pinky ate a firecracker during a new year's eve celebration. I'm not sure why he thought it looked edible but the after effect was extremely sad.

Nessie (short for Nestor) is kind of cute!

Jan 2, 2012 - As I was morning Pinky's death, another dust bunny named Sven approached me to cheer me up. Or perhaps I looked to pathetic to do him any harm. Whatever the case, he and I have become instant friends and he is already doing much to cheer me up. As uneventful as he arrived, he also departed just as quietly in early February.


Feb 26, 2012 - A Dandy Lion proudly and gracefully entered my life, first as an adversary but after putting up a good fight with help from the goddess, the Dandy Lion allowed LisaAlexandra to call him a "pet" and partnered up with him. Dandy Lions have a big reputation so LisaAlexandra is looking forward to what the future brings with this new relationship. Immediately 'Nessie' had a strong presence and was much more active than the lower level pets by actively speaking for the goddess when commands were sent, finding artifacts and fighting monsters. Impressive! The heroine feels lucky to have such a wonderful partner for her continued adventures!

End of April, 2012 - Nessie is gone. I don't really want to talk about it. :(

May 10, 2012 - I now have a Bipolar Bear named Dogmeat.

May 25, 2012 - My temple is finished and suddenly I have a lot of money. This probably means I'll be able to keep Dogmeat alive... longer than any other previous pet. I'm sorry to all my old pets that perished due to my poverty. I'll forever remember you and leave some of these extra coins on your graves.

The Heroine's Search for Her Father

The Heroine rolled a small, iridescent orb between her fingers and stared out into the distance, thinking about what the fallen knight had told her when he had given it to her. She held the orb close to her face, looking at it intently and for a short moment her father's image could be seen inside of the orb. She gasped and sprang to hear feet. Immediately she knew it must be him because she could see so much of herself in his face. She desperately tried to concentrate to get a repeat performance out of the orb. "Please, please show me my father. Where is he? How can I find him?!?" Then she immediately thought of the fallen knight and rushed off to renew her efforts to find him.

She suddenly knows where she can find answers and rushes off...

Hoping to find the knight saved, cured and at the evenings largest and most popular gathering but runs into someone else instead...

The heroine finally meets her father

Can this REALLY be her father? And she has a brother?

Oh no! What just happened to her father?

LisaAlexandra might have more family than she ever thought possible.

LisaAlexandra is drugged with a rage potion. Why is someone trying to harm her? And who is that someone?

Can Kozel's god same him?

LisaAlexandra is desperate for help and answers.

DivineError may have a secret that is valuable to LisaAlexandra. &

Starting to make sense of the mystery...

Thankful to know her father may have been a good man afterall.

The Heroine and Her Experience

The Heroine is dragging her aching feet and wishing she had more strength and experience. She remembered her goddess promising her that once she had more experience that all of her hero chores would be easier due to a larger health bar, the ability to carry a larger inventory and even the promise of being able to obtain pets that could carry her back to town when she is tired. "My goddess, how can I gain more experience... and faster?" she asked.

"My heroine," She replied, "Here are some things you can do to obtain more experience:

  • Complete quests
  • Fight monsters
  • Fight in arena duels
    • As of Oct 4, 2011 - wins/losses record is 17 / 4
    • As of Oct 14, 2011 - wins/losses record is 27 / 4
    • As of Feb 28, 2012 - wins/losses record is 65 / 14
  • If you ever receive one of the Activatable Artifacts like a Mystery Box, A Box with a ? on it or Deus Ex Machina, use it. You might get lucky and receive a free level up.
  • Complete a temple for me out of Gold Bricks and I will give you the ability to gain experience faster.
  • Diary Entry - 10:50 Suddenly felt an urge to open the Continuum Transfunctioner. There was nothing inside, but I managed to get 1475 experience points in the process.

The heroine is easily distracted by shiny things and her A.D.D. has kicked in and now thinking about Gold Bricks...

Gold Bricks and A Temple for the Goddess

The heroine has found new excitement in the idea of building a temple for her Goddess. So she often looks in many places for gold bricks including:

  • Digging ("Dig" does not work in towns but works well between monsters or on the way back to town)
  • Found one in a Mystery Box!
  • An Alchemical Transmuter (@) turned another bold item into a gold brick!
  • Winning in the arena
  • When she has more than 3,000 coins she can melt them into a brick (her goddess often has to remind her that she has enough by providing some encouragement)
    • How to acquire more coins:
      • Defeating monsters
      • Winning in the arena
      • By opening a Mystery Box, A Box with a ? on it or Deus Ex Machina
      • Digging between monsters and on the way back to town

Temple.gif Temple Under Construction

Oct 4, 2011 - 3.6% Only 964 Bricks to go! Current Market Value of 1 golden brick = 3161 gold coins -2.4%

It turned out that "market value" is only there for entertainment value. 3,000 coins always makes a brick.

Feb 27, 2012 - 46.9% Which means that on average I was able to get almost 3 bricks per day since the beginning of October.

May 25, 2012 - Funny. I forgot I was keeping track of my brick count here. Well, my temple is finished. A bittersweet moment. Happy that I finished at spot #999 on the pantheon. Sad that the work is done. What will I do with myself now that the temple is finished?

May 29, 2012 - Almost depressed. 4 days have gone by and so often I have more than 3,000 coins. And no bricks to melt. Still not sure what to do now that I've finished. I don't think I want to leave Godville. So hopefully I'll find something to do.


Experience a plot-twist - Hmm... Like instead of the idea that I need my goddess, my goddess really needs me otherwise she no longer continues to be a goddess?

Learn to fly superhero style, fist-first - This one should be easy since I have wings! But how does everyone else do it?

Attend an Alcoholics Anonymous for Heroes meeting - I have a feeling that when this quest is done that I'll still drink a lot.

Current Quest: A cute little girl wearing a nekomimi asked me to buy a goose that lays golden eggs and mold the eggs into golden bricks. It's a bit weird, but why not embark upon this quest? - Score!!! Later: Ugh. Wouldn't you have thought I would have gotten a gold brick or two out of this one? Nope. Nothing happened. I think there is a glitch in the programming.

Navigating the Wilderness

"This map is not right!", said the heroine.

Map of Godville (by Spode)

"You mean the map is not CORRECT", replied her goddess.

"Hmph, whatever", continued the heroine, "This Godwiki map says that Los Adminos is at milestone 130. And we went past 130, stopped at 132, turned around and it was still not at 130. But I see it now at 128. Whoever made this map is not a very good cartographer."

"Show some patience my heroine. Perhaps you can make your own map while on your adventures."

And so the heroine has decided to list the true mile markers of each city here when she finds them on her journeys.

(Map says: 30-beerburgh, 50-trollbridge, 70-los demonos, 100-tradeburg, 130-los adminos)

Actual Locations:

Heroine's navigation tip: All of these towns were found by going 2 miles past (higher number) the city's mapped location and then given the voice command of "return to town" and the heroine found each of the cities approximately 2 miles past (lower number) their official wiki-mapped location. The confusion is that the EXIT for each town is as it is located on the map but you cannot enter at the exit. :)

Does This Make Me Famous?

From the Godville times on November 11, 2011:

LisaAlexandra in the News.png

People and Things that make me Smile

Original GV Friend and Game Exploration Buddy - GodMarthter 

Fun Name to Pronounce - GodXzzwxs  (commonly referred to as Kizzy, short for Kizzywicks)

Hot Drink - GodGuru Gnu 's Tea

Cold Beverage - GodSRLazria 's Liquid Gold Beer

Artifact - Deus Ex Machina

Chronicle & Caring GPS that looks like a Friendly Blue Robot - GodEpoch 

Chapeau - GodMadame Yeti Woman 

Sombrero - GodKaren Hickey 

Quiz Master - GodGruntfuttock 

Favorite Gathering at a Godville Bar - GodTheGourdGod  's Chronicles!

GV Fictional Writer - GodAurlord 

Story I have not read yet by GodThe ANT 

Bringer of Bacon News - GodThanatos1393 

Mini Pixels - GodDumbhed 's Chest Hair

Bartender - GodMardy Bum 

Long Eye Lashed Frequent Acronym User - GodYour Ex Girlfriend 

Inspirational Idea Generator - GodGrand Kourin 

Modest, 6 ft. gladiator with the most wins - GodHairplug4men 

Ship Captain - GodQueue 

Ham-Flavored Glob of Marshmallow Fluff with Whiskers - GodShmoozo 

Rocky Racoon - GodSupersneaky 's Scrat (Scrat and Toto are new friends!)

Godville Dog - GodSun God Apollo 's Avatar

Dumbledore's Beard - GodNonnal 

Candy Lover and Kitty Handler - GodMTKnife 

Wind Counter - GodZephurious 

Doughboy Lover - GodAtdoughboy 

Battle in the Arena was with GodNoxid  (Took 30 Charges! An epic battle between good and evil!)

Temple - GodXzzwxs  (Why is your temple so shiny?!)

Egomaniac - GodGorgeous George 

Doc - GodThe Octagon 

Zeebo the Penguin, pet of GodBarakah 

Thing to Do - Throw 3,000 coins down a well to wish for more coins

Another thing to do - "Sneezed fiercely and broke the alchemical transmuter." - courtesy of GodMorrigan Dahlia 

Favorite forum post that made me laugh the longest - GodGutesjahr :"Unfortunately, they’re made by IKEA… One requires a doctorate in Rocket Surgery to comprehend the instructions….. the pictures have been scrawled by a buffoon with a crayon and the words have yet to be translated from Dolphin." See:

Reader's Favorites

Share your favorites here! It could be something that you liked from this wiki page or something else that you like about Godville. Remember to keep it G rated for the kiddies! Start by selecting the "Edit" button to right of the title "Reader's Favorites" and then at the bottom of the list add your god name and then your favorite item! Check the box that says "This is a minor edit" before selecting the "Save Page" button.


GodMirtd  - Favorite monster: Grayscale Dragon

GodTheGourdGod  - Favorite item: Alchemical Transmuter (Least Favorite - deus ex machina - I hate those!)

GodTheGourdGod  - Favorite wiki page - GodLisaAlexandra  of course!

GodMarthter  - Favorite "Random shout" (voice from other god): "You ungrateful wrench, I should throw you where I found you!" My interpretation: that god or his heroine is kind of a tool, apparently.

GodPadmeLupin  - Least Favorite Thing: Missing out on being first to edit the Favorites section on LisaAlexandra's wiki!

GodPadmeLupin  - Favorite Guild: Guild Name!

GodShe Who Meditates  - Favorite god : The Octagon. His various posts on the forums really make me LOL & so do his idea box suggestions!

GodAurlord  - Favorite motto: (God Kero) "Date me or die!"

GodKaren Hickey  - Favorite Show of Heroism Combined With Cleanliness: I wasn't retreating from the battle, my Lady. Just realized that it's laundry day and I need some clean underwear.

GodKaren Hickey  - Favorite Celebrity Siting: A fat old man was screaming “Rudoooolph!” in the forest. I felt pity and gave him a piece of fresh reindeer meat that I had just bought from some wandering goblins.

GodKaren Hickey  - Favorite Quest: <CENSORED>

GodAurlord  - Favorite Devs-rejected diary phrase: "Found the meaning of Life, but traded it for a couple of beers."

GodRaul Marq  - Favorite item: Chrono Trigger (Best. JRPG. Ever.)

GodMTKnife  - Favorite diary entry: "Severed a piece of the monster to check out what was inside it. Unfortunately, there was no candy."

GodKaren Hickey  Most disturbing diary entry: Nudge nudge, wink wink. Know what I mean? This is disturbing on SO many levels.

GodEdgallagher999  Favourite equipment: Body: Emperors new clothes

GodMarthter  - Favorite random friend entry: "Saw LisaAlexandra running from a Bee Holder while I was fleeing from a Technical Fowl. We joined forces and bravely fled together."

GodNonnal  - Favorite diary entry: "Stumbled upon a sign that read: “You prayed for a sign. Well, here you go.”"

GodNonnal  - Favorite part of the game: getting, the, the, wait, the, the Guild Council...

GodMasterOfShadows  - Favourite things? Browsing the Godwiki and 'playing' Godville! I also love the game Battle for Wesnoth!

GodMasterOfShadows  - Least favourite thing: seeing an awasome idea being rejected in the ideabox, even if it has way more votes up than downs and dupes :(

GodNightdragon  - favorite quest completion message: Looted treasure - check! Slain princess - check! Rescued dragon - check... Whoops! There might have been some small confusion. I'd better get rid of the evidence...

GodCuteDorie  - Favorite quest: Seize the day and hold it for ransom (Appeals to the silly side of taking things too literally.)