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These are suggestions that I'm still thinking about, so I have yet to post them on the forums. Format is in forum code.

On boss fight rewards

+*Suggestion #1:*+

*Boss loot scaling factor:* (Dmg dealt + Dmg tanked) ÷ (Total dmg dealt + Total dmg tanked)

Aim: To encourage players to actively fight bosses and to reward players for using GP in boss fights, while not forgetting the contribution of inactive players.


* You fought a boss with 3 other allies. Boss had 2000 HP and 15000 gold.
* You dealt 800 damage to the boss. Your 3 other allies dealt 400 each. Total damage dealt is 2000.
* You tanked 250 damage from the boss. Your 3 other allies tanked 750 damage. The total damage tanked is 1000.
* The amount of gold you thus get is: [(800+200)÷(2000+1000)]×15000 = (1000÷3000)×15000 = *5000*.
* In the same fight, you had an inactive ally. He dealt 200 damage to the boss and tanked 250 damage.
The amount of gold he gets is: [(200+250)÷(2000+1000)]×15000 = (450÷3000)×15000 = *2250*.

Potential problem #1: Auriferous bosses - current protocol is to let auriferous bosses live as long as possible to maximize gold. With this formula in place, some players may try to actively attack these bosses to get a larger share of the gold. To stop this, the "dmg dealt" components can be excluded in the cases of auriferous bosses. (Although personally I don't think this exclusion is necessary. The GP required to kill the boss faster should serve as a sufficient deterrent.)

Potential problem #2: Some may argue that this confers an unfair advantage to players with evil alignments, because they will deal more damage by default, and good alignment players may be more hesitant to use "punish". Personally I think it's still fair because they are, after all, contributing more to killing the boss, and I say this as someone with a good alignment hero.

On dungeon rewards

+*Suggestion #2:*+

*Dungeon bonuses:*

*Bonus #1 - navigation bonus:* Set aside *20%* of the dungeon gold for rewarding players who used VCs to *correctly* navigate towards the treasure. Only VCs that actually brought the team closer to the treasure shall be counted.

*Bonus #2 - group heal bonus:* Set aside *20%* of the dungeon gold for rewarding players who use miracles to group-heal their allies. (Note: Does not apply to miracles that did not heal any ally, nor miracles used during the boss fight.) If no group heal was used, this 20% shall be split equally amongst everyone.

Aim: To reward players for using their GP for the benefit of the whole team, and to encourage more people to do so. Both of these actions are important but cost lots of GP.


* You entered a dungeon with 3 allies. 1 is helpful, 2 are inactive.
* For navigation, you contributed 15 VCs that led the team closer to treasure. The helpful ally contributed 5 VCs. So your navigation contribution is 75%, and your ally's contribution is 25%.
* A trap was set off, causing everyone some damage. You used a miracle to heal everyone.
* After a boss fight, everyone is low on HP. The helpful ally also used a miracle to heal everyone.
* At the end of the dungeon, there is 50000 gold available to be split.
* 20% gold (=10000) is set aside for the navigation bonus. You contributed 75%, so you get 7500, while your helpful ally gets 25% (=2500).
* 20% gold (=10000) is set aside for the group heal bonus. Because you and your helpful ally each used one miracle, the 10000 gold is split 1:1 between the two of you, and you each get 5000 from this bonus.
* The other 30000 are split equally among the team, so each person gets 7500.
* In total, you get (7500+5000+7500) = *20000*. Your helpful ally gets (7500+5000+2500) = *15000*. The 2 inactive allies get *7500* each.