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Kyta S. Indigo
Favorite honored.pngBuilder 1st.pngAnimalist 1st.png

Renegade 1st.pngFiend 2nd.pngHunter 2nd.pngInvincible 2nd.pngMartyr 2nd.pngRaider 2nd.pngSaint 2nd.pngShipwright 2nd.pngCareerist 3rd.pngChampion 3rd.pngCoach 3rd.pngDueler 3rd.png

Hero: Some idiot called Silver Syncamore...
Personality: Whatever it is — you're not gonna like it.
Gender: The owner of this account is actually a male.
Guild: Harvest Moon
Guild Position: Starting again from the bottom.
Miscellanous Facts
Favorite Feature: Delete Friend/Unfriend
Timezone: GMT +1, now that you know it don't bother me while I'm asleep.
Symbol: Kyta Signature.png

Important Friend Policy — Friending Kyta S. Indigo

Don’t friend me if you haven’t got good intentions. This includes but is not limited to;
Pestering me with messages;
Misleading links and images;
NSFW content;
Adding me just to throw hate/blame at me;
Spiting me;
Using my words against me;
Dragging me in an endless, meaningless, brain-melting debate;
Dragging me into some twisted RP of yours;
Trash-talking my guildmates and my friends;
Trash-talking my guild and other guilds I particularly care about;
Having a scary/creepy/pry behavior towards me;
Threatening me and/or my guildmates and friends.

... But you can add me if...

You need/want gameplay/godwiki advice;
You need/want to tell me something important, but forums and/or GC are not suitable places for that (depends on what you need to say, refer to the list above);
You’re in my same guild and you just want that little cute star next to my name and/or like to have guildmates added for some reason.
You need/want active dungeon partners;
Or happen to match me in one and want to collaborate;
You’re after the Coach Achievement;
Please, make sure I’m online before sending, don’t just send. I hate that.

Reminder: Adding me in your friends list doesn't automatically make me your friend.

Please, if you friend me, tell me the reason that made you do it; I've found accounts old less than a hour in my friend list, and even people from other guilds whom I used to trust, until their messages got creepy and pry and I've been asked real life questions I didn't feel confortable answering. At this point I stopped replying and deleted them. As one of the younger deities of this game, I care about my safety and I will not respond to you if I don't trust you.
I may be paranoid, but I want this game to be fun and with no consequences in real life.

I'm going to unfriend every random who adds me and doesn't speak, too.

Stuff from Harvest Moon

That Fanfic About Me

Some time ago, I got featured as the main character in a fanfic you can read here. I used to have them on this page, but the me described there isn't what I am anymore.
I have written some weird stories too; they can still be read until Pysrilexot decides to erase them from his talk page.

Quotes from the Moon

Sentences Kyta S Indigo loved and wanted to note down for posterity.

Don't throw me in a trap just because I'm ugly! ;_____;Pysrilexot, in a dungeon where Kyta S Indigo was driving, 2017.

The most badass thing in this dungeon party is a penguin.God Of Pills, in a dungeon where the driver's hero was called Lone Penguin, 2017

You don't need to assume, you are assume. :oNgma, 2017

You are as yellow as orange.Brihtnoth, when he gets drunk, 2017.

My girlfriend just lost her virginity to a fidget spinner!Okutsu, 2017.

Mery Christmas to all who correctly spell Pysrileiosis. Pysrilexiosis*Pysrilexot, as he can't even spell his disease right, 2017.

One long wall you can't get through, just like getting a PM from Derelict Yellow.Brihtnoth, when he doesn't get drunk, 2018.

Booty is whatever you want it to be.Empress Kerry, alluring at that booty, 2018.

We use the baguette as official unit.DiamondHard, explaining his country's official unit, 2018.

I had a cat named Cat and a lizard named Lizard. They really liked their names and that's what's important.Dombinator, 2018.

I just want to lick a snowman in the carrot.FrenchConnection, because of autocarrot, 2018.

My disease is the best disease you've ever had.Pysrilexot, to Kyta S Indigo, 2018.

I don't understand anything so it must be poetic.Okutsu, when the devs pulled that lame prank at April's Fools, 2018.

Your mom is the new butt stuff.Ngma, 2018.

Why do you say that like I'm an STD?Krohnos, replying to Brihtnoth's comment: "contracted Krohnos [in a dungeon]", 2018.

His lives***. Guy's lets teech proper English here.Enzuna, teeching English, 2018.

The Hero: Silver Syncamore

General Info

Oh wow, a character sheet. Ew.

Age: 22, but still a teenager at heart.

Gender: male, at least I think. Sometimes I see him wearing a coconut bra (from back when he first started getting equipment) and pretending to be a female.

Personality: supposedly evil, even though the evillest thing I've seen him do was to tell other heroes to spell "live evil" backwards and laughing as they their faces assumed a confused look. And he didn't even do the evil laugh properly.

Height: 1.72m. I wish I could be as tall.

Weight: haven't calculated it personally, but he's quite thin.

Other Appearance Facts: He does have blond hair, just not as fabulous as your average super hot guy, more like a dusty blond that fades to white. Also gray eyes, not blue.

Favorite Piece of Clothing: that coconut bra from earlier.

Moral of this sheet? He's lame.

His Diary

His entries can be hilarious. Sometimes.

22:38 “Silver Syncamore's goddess loved all the...” Oh, who am I kidding? My Lady hates you all.

16:45 The Tower Defender said it was feeling down and needed a hug. So I gave it one. Around the neck. With a rope.

18:07 I would like to thank my parents, my agent, my guildmates, fellow heroes and most of all my Goddess. Without their love, support and constant vigilance, I just wouldn't be where I am today. Dead.

15:06 Dreamt that I was hugging and kissing the trader's daughter. Woke up with my arms around a very angry Cupil.

18:00 The Monty Python lived happily ever after. Then I killed it.

20:03 Had an epiphany. Every sentence is an innuendo, if I think long and hard about it.

10:31 Saw a sign outside Los Adminos's gates: “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” Like I had any hope to begin with.

23:36 I found my name in a heart with an arrow through it carved into a tree. I think someone is planning to kill me.

14:58 Saw a tree that had a heart etched into it with 'Silver Syncamore + Khloe Quill' inside of it. Hmm... I think Khloe Quill might be confused about the depth of our relationship.

15:05 Oh, you think darkness is your ally, Imaginary Threat, but you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it... oh wait, I just had my eyes closed.

06:47 Who wants a hug? Somebody? Anybody? Nobody? Guess I'll just hug myself then.

09:04 As I continue my efforts to become a better person, my resolutions are: 1. Stop making lists. B. Be more consistent. 7. Learn to count.

17:09 I just saw my Chronicles in a book shop... When I asked, the shop owner said he had to pay people to buy it.

15:25 My ink has run out, so I'm writing with my blood. Which, by the way, has also nearly run out...

15:38 Tried to imagine the WANTED Were-Panther naked to alleviate my fear, but the image I envisioned scared me even more.

18:58 Flirted with the idea of worshipping another goddess. It ended up going the way my flirting usually does.

05:11 I think the doctor might have diagnosed me with ADHD, but I quickly lost interest in what he was saying and began running around while shouting and throwing my case notes in the air.

14:16 When I stare at the sky, I see you. When I look out into the ocean, I see you. When I'm gazing at the moon, I see you. My Lady, would you move aside please?

22:29 You were with me when I was bruised and wounded. You were with me when I was alone and miserable. You were with me when I was overwhelmed by hunger and thirst. I see one common factor in all of this, Great One.

19:03 The therapist cured me of my senseless rage. I'm still angry, but now I've got a reason.

07:58 Silver Syncamore tickles Smelly Poopy Face mercilessly. Several members of the audience faint at the cruelty of the scene.

23:07 Smelly Poopy Face shouted a terrifyingly witty insult at the opponent. Silver Syncamore's sensitive feelings were hurt and he fell on his knees in tears.

08:18 Farkwar junior tried to poke his opponent in the eye but broke his finger on Silver Syncamore's hard stare.

22:34 Silver Syncamore looks so gorgeous today that the ladies in the stands are showering him with flowers.

22:32 Silver Syncamore blinded Kenfuji with science and took advantage of the situation.


22:40 Unsure of what to do next, Silver Syncamore took a moment to ask himself, “What would my goddess do?”, before deciding to wander off and play a multiplayer game parody for a bit.

Silver Syncamore relied too much on spellcheck and 'fainted' when he meant to 'feint', taking some damage as his head hit the ground.

20:16 Silver Syncamore attempts to sing and watches with pride as Dungeon Raider's ears begin to bleed.

08:26 Silver Syncamore climbed up on a stool and loudly recited some of his own verses. Hypnogriff felt as if he was slowly losing his mind.

From Snotolf's diary: 19:18 Offered Silver Syncamore a ride on Sackwhiff so we could use the high-occupancy battlesheep lane. Ew.

From Heybaybay's diary: 03:08 PM Caught my double dragon snuggled up with Silver Syncamore. That traitor! You're supposed to keep me warm, Follicles!