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A player from the online ZPG (Zero Player Game) browser based game “Godville”.

Name: Karot Dave

HERO Name: Ser Umpsalot (was “Ser Dumpsalot”, was changed for being inappropriate.)

HERO Motto: !!EEAT MEE™️!!

Personal Sigil: A Golden Carrot on a Red Background With “DAVE” Written in Gold Under it.

First Guild: Harvest Moon 🌙

Second Guild:

Personal HERO:

The Cronicles of Ser Umpsalot and His God, Karot Dave: Chapter 1, “The Expedition”

On a stormy day, A young woman, Lianna, was asked to go find the town mayors brother, though there was a storm, and the towns folk told her that it could be some other day, she set sail looking for the mayors brother anyway. She was never heard of again from towns folk...

Chapter 2, “The Finding”

Lianna did not down, though for some reason she was the only person left on her ship when it had passed the storm. How odd... Anyway she saw an island not too far off and planned a corse, but a pretty hard time making the ship go there. It was only because the waves and wind were on her side, that she made it to the island.

Chapter 3, “ The Village”