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Deities of Godville
Jaguar of Awesome 
Hero Snowy Leopard
Personality Pure good
Gender Male
Motto What's a motto with you?
Favourite Town Dogville
Guild position Miscellaneous

There are a lot of articles about the major goals a hero(ine) undertakes over (h)is/er lifetime, but I have never seen all of the information compiled in one place. But I don't want to ruin the fun of discovering what happens in the game after the completion of the temple too much. I recognize that it's impossible to do that completely due to the pupose with which I write this. With that in mind, I will not go into a lot of detail on any of the subjects covered. I will provide the bare minimum so that you (the reader) can gain a basic understanding of how things work, but not get everything spoiled for you. I completely understand those of you who want to know everything about anything, I was the same way when I first started playing this game. For you, go read the other articles associated with these items. Please consider this mess of a paragraph your spoiler warning.

There are two types of major goals: those that must be achieved in sequence, and those that can be worked on at the same time as some, most or all of the others.


The temple is the first major goal that a hero works towards. They are built using golden bricks. A hero(ine) must collect 1000 golden bricks to build a temple (for more information on collecting golden bricks, check out the golden bricks article). Completing a temple gives allows the hero to start working on two other goals (detailed below), and grants access to two new buttons in the remote control.


Hero(ine)s start building an Ark immediately following the completion of the temple. To build an ark, a hero(ine) must collect and assemble 1000 planks of gopher wood. After the 1000th plank, the vessel is complete and can be used for its intended purpose. Unlike other goals, arks continue to be added on to and improved after their completion.


After completing the ark, a hero(ine) begins collecting creatures to put in it. These come in two varieties: manimals, and feminals. Once the hero(ine) has collected at least 100 manimals and 100 feminals, (s)he gains access to another goal to work on. Once the hero(ine) has collected 1000 of each kind, (s)he will stop collecting creatures.

Boss Creation

Once a hero(ine) has collected 1000 of both manimals and feminals, (s)he will have to collect just 100 more pairs before (s)he can start collecting parts to build his own pet monster using his/her new Lab. (S)he needs 1 of each type of part to awaken the monster.


After a monster has been created, a hero will start writing a book. Hero(ine)s will use glyphs to write their book. 4 glyphs makes a word, and 1000 words makes a book.


Heroe(ine)s don't necessarily work towards this goal, but deities like it when they complete it because it gives them a shiny new thing next to their name. A hero will get a pet eventually that has its own set of levels. This goal is complete when the hero(ine) raises a pet to level 30.


After completing a temple, a hero(ine) will start saving for retirement. This entails saving thirty million (30,000,000) gold coins. Your hero will retire after finishing this monster of a goal, but don't worry. There will still be things for your hero to do.