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Holy Spirit of Hell
God Info
God Holy Spirit of Hell
Born August 2015
Personality Null
Level 106
Name The Ideaboxers Union
Rank ideaboxer

Yes it is I, GodHoly Spirit of Hell , submitter of ideas and (former) changer of the featured article. Divine entity currently on eternal vacation in a nice, warm place. Here is my wiki page, which has yet to reach completion or any semblance thereof and perhaps never will.


Things of note:

  • Perfectly downvoted: 0 - 30 Splamma
  • Most upvoted: 115 - 12 The %monster% stepped on a deep part of the snowbank and plunged into the freezing depths below. Found %gold% scattered around the hole. (Broke tie with downvote count.)
  • Most ER votes: 8 This island is shaped like a butt. Not the kind of booty %attacker% is looking for. 8 (The extant version of this joke is not my entry and did not exist when I submitted mine. Only from since ER votes appeared in the ingenious pieces)
  • Most ideas accepted from a single day's submissions: 5 22/06/2016

More to come when I feel like it
Approved ideas:

  • Diary
Submitted Entry
08/22/15 Followed my gut... It lead right to the tavern
08/26/15 While I was drunk someone stole the clothes off my back. Good thing they didn't steal the ones on the front or that could have been embarrassing
08/29/15 If dead men tell no tales what am I doing?
08/29/15 What a lovely day, the flowers, the birds, the... %random monster% running towards me!
09/22/15 Heard the crack of thunder and then a few seconds later was hit by lightning. Wasn’t that supposed to be the other way around?
09/27/15 Technically that last %monster% didn't kill me. I tripped up and broke my neck running away
10/06/15 Another day, another slightly scuffed golden brick from completing %quest%. I need to change my temple plans to incorporate more back corners.
10/23/15 The %monster% spontaneously combusted, leaving me with %artifact%, %gold% and no eyebrows.
10/26/15 Another %monster% slain! Another %artifact_base gained!
11/04/15 The %monster% thanked me for the warm-up with %gold% before heading off to chase some higher level heroes.
11/16/15 Publicly embarrassed myself for you, %rg.
11/21/15 The doctor showed me a glass of water and asked me whether it was half full or half empty. I told him that I'd ordered a beer.
12/16/15 Wait for it, wait for it... There! Another golden brick. Predictable aren't you %rg%?
12/20/15 Ran around the town, screaming %god_voice% for a reason I haven't decided on yet
12/21/15 Seems that %pet_name% splashing through the waters really hasn't brought out the fish. Might as well pack up and try again later.
01/09/16 Bored of my weak hits and my general clumsiness, the %monster% handed me %gold% and %artifact% so I could improve my skills.
01/10/16 No one seems to want to sail with me today. Do you think the pirate hat, the fake peg leg and the loud “Arrs!” every two minutes was overdoing it a bit, %rg%?
01/14/16 Wrote down a long loving and thoughtful prayer to you, %rg%. I then burned it as an offering.
02/06/16 Finally made it to %current_town%. At least that's where I think I am, I can't see a thing in this blizzard.
02/15/16 It's not my fault that I had to kill the %monster% and loot it's %gold%; I'm a victim of peer pressure.
02/26/16 Thought about doing something useful kind and generous for once. Nah, I'll just %quest% instead.
06/04/16 A giant mouth suddenly opened in the ground and ate the monster alive! It then burped out %artifact%. Well that saved me a lot of work.
06/22/16 It's hard enough to get a date by myself, having a constant conversation with invisible voices doesn't help, %rg%.
07/17/16 Research shows that almost 100% of gods will waste a few seconds of life reading this.
08/21/16 Bottled up my emotions and sold them to a trader for %gold%.
08/29/16 Some people are born winners. The rest are heroes.
08/29/16 Made a joke about my life. Cried at how right it was.
09/19/16 Life is too short to spend fighting monsters all the time. Going to the bar to shorten it even more.
10/10/16 As I was about to run away, the %monster% suddenly collapsed and the words “shutting down to install updates” floated above it's head. Took this chance to steal it's %gold%
12/05/16 A sudden lightning bolt from above changed my %hero_random_item% into a charred lump.
01/14/17 Somehow managed to snag the intangible on my hook and pulled up an %aura%.
01/22/17 The bartender accidentally gave me juice instead of beer, so I'm sitting here waiting for it to ferment.
02/07/17 Tripped on %artifact% and my sword went flying, skewering the %monster%. Who needs skills when you can do more by mistake!
06/07/17 Gaze the %monster% a murderous look. Then added a murderous stab. Attained a bloody %artifact_base%
06/17/17 Asked the %monster% if it would let me go if I showed it a cool magic trick. Performed my disappearance trick anyways when it said no and ran away in a cloud of smoke.
08/10/17 Pretended to be a tree to avoid the %monster%. Apparently %monster%'s eat trees.
08/14/17 Gazed deeply into the %monster%'a soul. Saw %artifact% which I stole.
12/20/17 Saw %pet_name% building up static electricity in order to punish his fleas.
12/22/17 Left some snow on the altar for my god{|||&dess}. Watched in fascination as the %rg% transformed it into water.
01/21/18 The %monster% stepped on a deep part of the snowbank and plunged into the freezing depths below. Found %gold% scattered around the hole.
08/26/18 The ground crumbled beneath me revealing a set of long hidden stairs. Into the depths, %rg%?
01/04/19 One side of my brain agreed to a truce with the %monster%. The side controlling my %weapon% however did not and is now enjoying the new %artifact_base%
01/13/19 Bribed the %monster% with all my loot, if it would spare me. Well I kept up my side of the deal...
04/13/19 Off to find what outrageous use my new found wealth can be put towards.
04/13/19 Through experimentation, I have found that %artifact% doesn't function as a substitute to toilet paper, and have one less item in my inventory.
04/14/19 Knocked myself out while attempting to use %skill%. Woke up several milestones further along.
09/18/20 Thought to myself: what am I thinking?
  • Earthly News
Submitted Entry
09/02/15 Telling tales while dead...
11/02/15 Building mini temples out of gold coins...
11/04/15 mashing together junk to create merchandise...
11/07/15 through peaceful pastures and grazing %pet_type%s
11/10/15 heroine}...
11/14/15 “Hook, line and sinker!”
11/16/15 Staggering around sober and under intoxicated...
11/16/15 Lazily fishing the day away...
11/18/15 her} fishing rod in the air, hoping to catch flying fish...
11/24/15 Being one with the rod...
12/21/15 practicing her pirate impressions...
01/13/16 Loading the loading screen...
01/28/16 Through the endless smiting and relentless healing...
02/06/16 Through the misleading diary entries and totally unrelated earthly news...
02/07/16 Doing the unthinkable and thinking the undoable...
02/13/16 Using long and complicated words while describing artifacts to sell them for more...
02/14/16 er} eyes and spinning in a circle to chose equipment...
06/12/16 Putting you through to the next available hero...
06/22/16 Ordering temple blueprints in red...
05/21/20 Up and around and down and about...