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Deities of Godville
High king of undies 
Hero Mad-man Mike
Personality Approved
Gender Male
Motto 丯✔Under where?✔丯
Blue Feather

Mad-man Mike's Chronicles

  • Meeting my god

A long time ago I met my god, the High king of undies. He searched for a hero to do his bidding and there I was. He nicknamed me "last choice" from the first moment we met. My lord isn't all that smart for saving his best choice for last but he did make the right decision.

  • My first diary

My god instructed me to buy a diary before I could become a full fledged hero. Didn't see any logic connection but I obeyed my god and went shopping.

There were lots of different types, big and small, thick and thin, red and green (I guess blue was sold out). but there was one thing they all had in common, (exept for having a cover and blank pages) they all had a lock.

As soon as I tried to take one of the diaries a lightning bolt hit the diary that I was about to pick up and now a text that said "take the lockless diary" was burned into the cover.

Not wanting to get zapped on my first day as a hero I did as my lord commanded me and took the lockless diary. I think my lord wishes me to take the lockless diary to prove to me I can trust him.

Maybe that way we can form some sort of bond or something else that's really important for almighty one and me.

  • Joining a guild

After a few intense days of questing I decided to join a guild. I’ve spend a lot of time doing research to find the perfect guild for me and when I was almost done Almighty ordered me to join Blue Feather.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t choose a guild of my own but I’ve already got a plan ready.

I will listen to Almighty and join Blue Feather and then I will just try to sneak out after a few days to join the guild I want to be in.

  • My own decision

My plan to leave the guild Blue Feather didn’t work. Almighty keeps catching me trying to join another guild. I wish there was a decision in my life that I could make on my own.

Days passed by and I considered myself mature enough to take care of a pet. I went back to questing as usual and found a lot of potential pets along the way.

None of them became my pet since I knew, Almighty was watching me. I had to be patient and wait for Almighty to stop stalking me.

I noticed the eerie sensation of Almighty’s eyes burning in my back was fading away and decided the next monster I encountered to be my pet.

  • Boo

As I was searching for the perfect pet I got bit in my ankle by a giant rat. I had my doubts about it but decided to put on a leash before Almighty came back and ruins this moment.

I rushed back to town to show everyone my new pet but then my pet got caught by a Firefox.

The firefox ate my pet while I yelled No that’s not fair! I’m not supposed to encounter any monsters on my way back to town!

I didn’t have a choice since I knew Almighty could be back any time. I quickly leashed the Firefox, named him Boo and pretended the last 5 minutes didn’t happen.

  • Maybe I’m not so mature

One day Boo and I encountered a vicious Nobodyguard. We fought bravely but we couldn’t defeat it. The monster had me cornered and was ready to cast the final blow.

I thought It was my life that flashed by before my eyes but no, It was Boo. He threw himself before the monster’s feet causing the Nobodyguard to trip and break his neck.

Boo was crushed by the Nobodyguard and lost conciousness. I begged Almighty to tell me what to do but all I heard was “The god you are currently trying to contact is unavailable at the moment, leave a message after the beep…”

I’ve waited for hours but I heard no beep. After a while I calmed down and returned to town. Maybe someone can save my Firefox.

  • Am I too late?

Back in town I learned of a way to revive Boo. The only thing that can save Boo is a lot of gold. They say gold is not the most important thing in the world but those people probably keep their pets at home instead of taking them with them to go on dangerous adventures like every responsible pet owner does.

What am I doing? I don’t have time to write my chronicles now. I need to save Boo, write in my diary and I still need to visit four taverns before I can go back to questing!

It’s been 60 hours since Boo was knocked out. I’m too late, I couldn’t save him.

The lifeless body of my Firefox was lying in my arms, my knees hit the ground and I started crying. I will never forget you. A tear rolled off of my cheek and landed on Boo’s forehead and he woke up.

Boo, You’re alive! My tears must have healed you, I’m so ha-

Before I could finish my sentence a priest hit me on the head with his cane and told me “He was never dying you idiot, he was just knocked out.”

I hit the priest in his face multiple times and asked him why I needed to pay him so much money to revive Boo if he was never gonna die anyway.

I couldn’t understand the priest’s response (because I punched out all his teeth). Gave Boo a big hug and smuggled him into the tavern for a party.

  • The strange device

Day after day, quest after quest, death after death, my life isn’t getting any easier for me. There must be a way to make life better. Gold is the only way.

Heroes from all over godville read my chronicles and seem to enjoy it. There must be a way to put my chronicles to good use.

I can make some gold out of it if I get this published. No more bloody battles, no more senseless quest and ofcourse more time for beer.

As I approached Godville’s publisher/tavern the “Daily Tankard”, something started to buzz in my pocket. I reached in and pulled out a strange rectangular shaped device. It started to glow and a green and red icon appeared on it. I tapped the red icon and the buzzing stopped.

Mere seconds later the device buzzed again showing the two icons again. This time I tapped the green one and the buzzing stopped again but something was different. A voice from within the device said “Hello?”.

I freaked out and ran around town looking for the blacksmith to see if he could open the device. Not knowing where the blacksmith was I decided to drop to the ground and yell for the blacksmith to come find me. Some nice people found me and brought me to the blacksmith.

After showing him the device he grabbed a hammer and gently smashed it into pieces. Where’s the little man? I’m sure someone was in there. This better not be one of Boo’s pranks, I’ll have to interrogate him later just to be sure.

For now it seems to be a good idea to return to the publisher and get a drink first.

  • Publishing My Chronicles

After Finishing my drinks I went to see the publisher to work out a deal to sell my chronicles in Godville. We worked out a deal, in order to get my chronicles published I must save one million gold coins.

After leaving the “Daily Tankard” behind I went back to questing to finish my temple and save one freaking million gold coins. I bet Boo already ate half a million gold coins after all the time we spend together so maybe if I shake him hard enough some of it comes out.

  • My Decision To Stay

Entered the Blue Feather guild hall when suddenly confetti bombs were thrown in my face by the other guild members. After Picking all the confetti out of my nose the guild chef yelled “Food fight!” And made it rain delicious cherry pies. Which caused a massive food war. The chance one starves in this guild is as big as a fish drowning in water.

It was just another day at the office untill I was handed a cupcake with a candle in it. “Congratulations upon reaching Cardinal rank!” Yelled everyone in unison. Maybe this guild isn’t that bad after all.

  • It’s Finally Complete

Finally, finally! One thousand bricks, I have them all. Upon placing the last brick I was filled with the feeling of accomplishment.

Boo stared at the temple made from golden bricks and then looked up. Suddenly he started barking at me and turned his back to the temple.

After all this time and effort we put into it he doesn’t even wanna look at it. I wonder what’s wrong.

I admired the temple when suddenly the clouds vanished from the sky and the sun shone on my temple. It was shiny, perhaps too shiny. I screamed in pain and ran around screaming “I’m blind!”, running into pretty much everything in the area.

That’s it Almighty! I’m off to buy sunglasses.

  • The Other Side, Of My Almight-y

For reason unknown, Almighty split his power and created a new goddess, the High queen of undies. This goddess was championed by the heroine called Lady undie.

Why did Almighty split his power to create a new goddess championed by a heroine, is it impossible for a god to be championed by more than one hero, is Almighty just like the “High queen of undies” a fragment of another god’s power? So many questions unanswered.

Please Almighty, if you read this; ANSWER ME!

  • The Ideaboxers Union

I’ve been following this “Lady undie” for a while now and discovered she joined the guild called The Ideaboxers Union.

It seems to be a small guild where it’s members help their gods come up with new kind of events that might occur in the world.

It seems there are even more powerful gods called “Admins” who judge these new events. I’ve heard terms like Ideabox and Enhancement Room.

What could this all mean? Could there be some sort of group or cult that control the world of Godville?!

Almighty, are you part of all of this as well?


A shirt with the Blue Feather Guild logo made by the High king of undies

The GodHigh king of undies  is a member of the Blue Feather guild.

His current guild rank is Hierarch and he seems to be pretty active in the guild council, especially when it comes to answer ideabox related questions. However, questions related to the ideabox aren't the only questions he anwers.

In the guild the High king is honered to be listed as:

  • Feather Council member
  • Word-weaving storyteller
  • Idea-abounding ideaboxer

Rumor has it he hosts the Ideabox FAQ Saturday. The first Ideabox FAQ Saturday was held at the 19th of September 2015.

PS: All rumors about the High king being in charge of the laundry room at Blue Feather aren't true, or are they? We're not sure yet.


Boo the Firefox


Boo, my loyal Firefox fights by my side against monsters, keeps me company while questing and intimidates traders who charge to much for their goods.

All that's left to teach him now is the difference between gold and food.


A great pet protects his master at all costs, in return the hero tries to heal his pet in time.

Favorite Events

  • 02-05-2015 Quest: Give up drinking
!Mad-man Mike's Diary
09:29 PM I was bored to tears, so I decided to give up drinking. this should be interesting.

!Mad-man Mike's Diary
10:01 PM Screw this quest. I'm going home.
  • 02-13-2015 My Firefox
    • 02-13-2015 Pet: Boo the Firefox
!Mad-man Mike's Diary
02:59 PM I looked into the kind eyes of the vanquished monster and suddenly decided — Firefox, you'll be my pet! And I'll call you Boo. Bandaged his wounds, gave him a treat and fastened the leash.

!Mad-man Mike's Diary
03:11 PM A terrifying Sun Dog is approaching, but I am not afraid, because I have my valiant Boo by my s... Hey, you coward, come back here!
    • 03-11-2015 Boo Knocked Out
!Mad-man Mike's Diary
09:04 AM The Holy Mass Murderer raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Boo suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Boo was knocked out by the impact of the monster's carcass. Oh, my Lord, if I don't bring him back to his senses in time, he'll lose all his levels and his will to compete!

One day later...

!Mad-man Mike's
11:02 AM Desperately praying and sacrificing, I made a small miracle and healed my pet's heavy wounds. Boo, I'm so glad to see you in good health!
    • 04-02-2015 Boo Knocked Out, Again
!Mad-man Mike's Diary
10:13 PM The Nobodyguard raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Boo suddenly threw <not funny> under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Boo was knocked out by the impact of the monster's carcass. Oh, my Lord, if I don't bring him back to his <21+> in time, <worrisome> lose all his levels and his will to compete!

!Mad-man Mike's Diary
10:12 AM I didn't manage to heal up my pet's wound in time. Well, Boo, your regenerating abilities will help you to recover, but I think level-ups and pantheons are not for you anymore. On the other hand, who needs those silly things anyway?
  • 03-17-2015 Duel: Futile Precaution
!Earthly News
Setting up lightning rods in case his god decides to "help"...

!Duel Log
Awkwardly bouncing from the enemy's attack, Mad-man Mike caught a lightning bolt intended for his rival.
  • 04-07-2015 First Time In The News
!Godville Times #1546
Ideabox News

• According to rumor, the Ideabox will take almost any old submission these days. Yesterday, it took 268 ideas of them.

• High king of undies was spotted in the Ideabox. All ideas are requested to form an orderly line and await improvement.

• Today's Ideabox dupes brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.
  • 05-31-2015 Life's Short, Death's Shorter
!Mad-man Mike's Diary
05:22 PM Shamefully died by the hand of the Master of Disaster.

!Mad-man Mike's Diary
05:22 PM Oh no, Most Righteous One. Send me back! I left my beer money in the afterlife!
  • 07-02-2015 Here Comes The Boom
!Mad-man Mike's Diary
09:18 PM That darned firefox! I turned away for just a second and he chewed my grenade pin to pieces. Now I have to throw it away.

Ideabox and ER

  • Approved
    • Approved ideas: 162
    • Bug Reports: 3
    • Approved corrections: 1
    • Most approvals in one round: 58
    • Times IQ points converted to Gratitude points: 5
Conversion of 250 IQ points into 10 gratitude points (06/02/2015)
Conversion of 250 IQ points into 10 gratitude points (07/01/2015)
Conversion of 250 IQ points into 10 gratitude points (08/01/2015)
Conversion of 250 IQ points into 10 gratitude points (08/01/2015) 
Conversion of 250 IQ points into 10 gratitude points (08/29/2015) 
  • Ideabox influence
    • Daily limit: 32
    • Positive voting power: 3

Help! The ideabox sucks!

Help! The ideabox sucks! (pdf) plain text version is an ideabox guide and FAQ created by GodBrinjal . It contains a lot of info about anything ideabox related.


  • Get an idea approved with following reference
    • High king of undies (Failed attempts: 19)
  • Get access to ER ✔
  • Pantheon of Gratitude
    • Enter Top 200 in the Pantheon of Gratitude ✔
    • Enter Top 100 in the Pantheon of Gratitude ✔
    • Enter Top 50 in the Pantheon of Gratitude ✔
    • Enter Top 20 in the Pantheon of Gratitude (best so far: rank 21)
  • Most approvals in one round
    • Get 20 ideas approved in one round ✔
    • Get 50 ideas approved in one round ✔
    • Get 100 ideas approved in one round (best so far: 58)
  • Categories
  • Get an idea approved in every voteable category ✔
  • Get an idea approved in every category
  • Get an Idea approved in every sub-category
  • Awesome Idea ✔ 2
      • random pet name ✔
      • skill
      • new feature
  • Diary ✔ 54
      • Random occurrences
        • while traveling ✔
        • while fighting a monster ✔
        • while the hero is dead
        • while healing ✔
        • while trading ✔
        • while resting ✔
        • while sleeping ✔
        • while praying ✔
        • during temple construction ✔
        • waiting for an arena opponent ✔
        • for hero-trader ✔
      • Events
        • on meeting a strong monster ✔
        • on fleeing from a monster ✔
        • on death from a monster ✔
        • defeating a monster ✔
        • loss of an artifact ✔
        • upon resurrection ✔
        • returning to town (to heal) ✔
        • returning to town (to sell)
        • spending gold in town ✔
        • on selling an expensive artifact ✔
        • on getting a new quest ✔
        • depositing gold towards savings ✔
        • on aura end
        • upon arrival in town
      • Influences
        • voice from own god
        • voice from some other god
        • response to god voice ✔
        • encourage
        • punish
        • miracle
        • guild miracle
        • upon melting a brick
        • ignoring god voice ✔
      • Other
        • other
  • Earthly news ✔ 24
      • Random occurrences
        • while traveling ✔
        • while healing
        • while resting ✔
        • during temple construction
        • while trading ✔
        • waiting for an arena opponent
        • waiting for resurrection ✔
        • while praying
      • Monster fight
        • meeting a monster
        • fighting a monster ✔
        • hitting a monster
        • defeating a monster
        • fleeing from a monster
      • Transportation
        • searching for the right path via
        • through the
        • returning to town ✔
      • Other
        • remote control ✔
        • searching for the hero ✔
        • hero trader: waiting
        • hero trader: selling
        • other ✔
  • Duels ✔ 5
      • Fight log
        • hero hit ✔
        • hero miss ✔
        • using a skill
        • random phrase ✔
        • boss hit
        • boss miss
        • duel end
        • duel start
        • other
      • Influences
        • encourage
        • punish
        • miracle
        • god voice ✔
        • reaction to god voice ✔
  • Dungeons ✔ 55
      • Rooms ✔
        • empty ✔
        • hint ✔
        • trap ✔
        • bonus ✔
      • Direction ✔
        • available ✔
        • heroes move to ✔
      • Events
        • boss nearby hint ✔
        • boss encounter
        • treasure room
        • rare random event
        • other
      • Influences
        • encourage
        • punish
        • miracle
        • god voice
  • Quests ✔ 10
      • Normal ✔
      • Mini
      • Epic
      • Ending ✔
  • Monster ✔ 2
      • Normal
      • Strong
      • Boss ✔
  • Artifact ✔ 5
      • Normal ✔
      • Heal
      • Activateable ✔
  • Equipment ✔ 2
      • Weapon
      • Shield ✔
      • Head
      • Body
      • Arms
      • Legs
      • Talisman


Approved Submissions: 170

(The ideas that were accepted might look different in the game due to corrections that were made in the ER.)


  • Awesome Ideas: 2
Submitted at Idea
09/09/15 random pet name: Cuddles
09/09/15 random pet name: Blaze
  • Diary: 54
Submitted at Yes no Entry
02/27/15 06:41PM 81 28 After sawing the %monster% in half I pulled %artifact% out of my top hat and pulled %gold% from behind the monster’s ear and disappeared in a puff of smoke.
02/27/15 07:06PM 71 32 %rg%, not that I would ever dare to use it but do you have a mute button?
03/08/15 11:38AM 108 32 Tried to learn how to swim but ended up mastering the art of drowning.
03/15/15 07:01PM 90 32 Scratched my back against a tree untill it suddenly started moving. How could I mistake a %monster% for a tree?
03/15/15 09:47PM 87 33 Note to self: Don’t put any %pet_class% treats in your pocket. %pet_name% doesn’t mind the taste of trousers with his treats.
03/22/15 09:24PM 110 17 Violence is never the answer, unless the question is “How to get %coins% and %artifact% from a %monster%?”.
03/22/15 09:27PM 72 44 I already dug a hole %rg%. I saw a bunch of thunderclouds and was scared you were angry at me.
03/29/15 10:24PM 89 30 Godville wasn't build in one day and neither will %rg%'s temple. At least this golden brick is a step in the right direction.
03/30/15 10:37PM 91 38 Saw a hero cheering about finally having one thousand silver bricks. Either my god is really greedy or {he/she}'s gonna be in real trouble when his god hears about this.
04/04/15 01:59PM 99 46 Found a dead chicken on the road. Looks like the poor thing couldn't finish its joke.
04/14/15 09:17PM 67 38 Just saw a hero hugging a tree. You don't see a relationship like that everyday.
04/23/15 12:39PM 103 32 Suddenly the sky opened and a wall of colorful plastic balls rained down on me. Is this supposed to be some sort of sign, %rg%?
04/30/15 06:41PM 87 31 The resurrection timer has been set to 24 hours. I can't believe, I finally have a day off!
05/01/15 05:37PM 105 30 I wish I would die of laughter for a change. That would be a lot better than a %monster% tearing me apart.
05/05/15 09:39AM 98 57 Gave the %monster% plans for world domination. While he was distracted I made my escape. Next time I meet this %monster% I will save the world.
05/05/15 09:41AM 115 48 Walked passed a sign that said “point of no return”. When I tried to turn back I walked into a barrier. You win this round sign.
05/05/15 05:52PM 98 62 A traveling mage asked me if he could test a new spell on me. He whispered a few words and suddenly my thumbs disappeared. Writing in my diary sure is hard now.
05/07/15 02:30PM 95 23 I thought living was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thanks for proving me wrong, %rg%.
05/07/15 06:07PM 102 26 Gave the tavern owner some advice but he said “I don't tell you how to do your job so don't tell me how to do mine”. I wish he would tell me how to do my job, I could use a few tips.
05/12/15 11:06AM 115 53 Saw three heroes change a lightbulb. So that's how many it takes.
05/17/15 04:21PM 94 51 Laziness is the mother of all bad things. But she's still a mother so I need to respect her.
05/31/15 11:22AM 92 59 Sheltered from the rain in a dark cave and found a %random_monster%. I gave it my %hero_random_item% as a piece offering.
06/03/15 06:15PM 84 26 I'm glad I turned my life around. Now that I'm a trader I've twice as much money to spend at the tavern.
06/05/15 11:13PM 80 46 I should probably buy a counter for my shop. All these heroes staring at me is very uncomfortable.
06/06/15 03:26PM 113 25 Started thinking outside the box. There's a lot more space for my legs here.
06/20/15 04:18PM 106 32 Flipped a coin to decide which path I should take but the coin landed on its side. What am I supposed to do now?
06/20/15 08:43PM 112 35 Deposited %gold% gold coins for the sake of my future self. You're welcome %hero_name%.
07/05/15 02:20PM 88 44 Who knew a small calculation error could have such big consequences. Drank one more beer than I should have and found myself in the bank saving %gold% coins instead of paying my bar tab.
07/06/15 09:03PM 103 54 I'm not sure but I think I'm out of shape. I have never been good at geometry.
07/06/15 09:08PM 91 58 Sometimes I wonder what happens if I run out of anything interesting to write.
07/08/15 03:37PM 108 41 The %monster% shouted “I'm sorry, you're not my type” and descended into the bottomless abyss, leaving behind %gold%.
07/09/15 10:13AM 97 58 Decided to climb in a tree to rest but fell out of it. Now I know why everyone rests under trees.
07/10/15 04:00PM 83 51 I'm sick of questing, I'm sick of bleeding and I'm sick of having to eat poisonous plants. Time to head back to town for a real meal.
07/10/15 08:53PM 109 44 Saw a wolf in sheep's clothes fleeing from a sheep in wolf's clothes. Your sense of humor is staggering, %rg%.
07/10/15 08:58PM 91 51 Some bystanders were holding their breath and froze in place as I tried to light an oil lamp. You burn down a farm once and suddenly everybody acts like you set everything around you on fire.
07/11/15 09:29PM 102 69 Pulled a lightbulb out of my ear. I've always got good ideas stuck in my head.
07/12/15 05:31PM 96 39 The pain in my heart suddenly stopped, no wait... that's my heartbeat. Untill next time %monster%.
07/12/15 08:56PM 97 37 Met %random_friend% and challenged {him//her} to see who could stare into the sun the longest. While {he//she} was blinded by the sun I took the %gold% {he//she} owed me from {his//her} purse and sneaked away.
07/12/15 09:10PM 88 45 Just give me 5 more minutes, %rg%. But don't use one of your lightning bolts again, I'm still sore from the last time you tried to wake me.
07/12/15 10:05PM 97 30 Abruptly stopped the fight with the %monster% and yelled “story time”. When the monster sat down in a comfortable position I quickly made my escape.
07/12/15 10:41PM 113 34 Painted some brick walls gold and watched heroes tearing it down piece by piece. The fact the paint was still wet made it even funnier to watch.
07/13/15 06:02PM 72 40 Can you turn your divine eye away for a minute, %rg%? I get nervous when I'm being watched.
07/13/15 07:11PM 99 30 Removed the price tag from a piece of equipment and asked the trader if this now was a priceless piece of equipment. He didn't think it was funny at all and chased me out of the shop.
07/14/15 10:07PM 124 32 Note to self: next time you tease %pet_name% with a laser pointer, don't shine it on yourself.
07/15/15 06:46PM 118 36 Felt myself become smarter for no reason at all, thank you, %rg%. Now I can do stupid things in your name while knowing the consequences beforehand.
07/16/15 02:46PM 104 40 Polished the arena's golden brick untill it shone brighter than the sun. You'd better help me win this brick, %rg%. Or at least point me in the direction of my opponent, I can't see a thing.
07/21/15 01:20PM 89 48 Laws of physics say that “bodies in motion stay in motion”. Laws of heroes say that “bodies in rest press snooze and go back to sleep”. Goodnight, %rg%.
08/08/15 05:20PM 96 32 Picked up %pet_name% and held him in front of the %monster%. While the monster was figuring out what was going on, %pet_name% jumped out of my arms and started chewing on the monster's head.
08/08/15 05:23PM 96 26 Hugged a tree and thanked it after resting under it. It's the least I can do in exchange for healing my wounds.
08/08/15 05:24PM 101 19 Sold the %artifact_base% for %gold% after explaining the trader it would be a good investment... and that I would stop causing scenes in his shop if he bought it.
08/08/15 05:26PM 96 19 Told the priest about my {god's///goddess'} good deeds, I may or may not have added certain things to the story to make you look better, %rg%.
08/08/15 05:29PM 84 29 Had to pay %gold% for all the broken wooden bar stools in the tavern because %pet_name% was chewing on them untill they broke.
08/08/15 06:18PM 91 31 All the famous heroes seem to %quest% lately. I'll show them all how to do it right.
08/10/15 02:35PM 80 40 Walked through the gates of %current_town% and found my wits scattered all over the place. Was fined %gold% to pay for the cleanup.
08/15/15 07:06PM 95 35 Even the town's fool is laughing and calls me an idiot. I'll show them all I'm a true hero! I've just got to %quest%.
08/17/15 10:45PM 63 30 Sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself, %rg%. Nevermind, don't answer that.
  • Earthly News: 25
Submitted at Yes no Entry
02/02/15 10:25PM 97 32 Hugging random people…
02/04/15 04:16PM 59 34 Checking the tags on {his/her} clothes for questing hints…
02/18/15 01:06AM 74 31 Trying to recall the last time {he/she} went to bed…
02/24/15 06:39PM 78 31 Signing up for “Godville got talent”…
03/01/15 06:57PM 71 31 Wondering why the hero in front of {him/her} is staring at the counter for so long…
03/08/15 11:31AM 68 44 Playing with the light switch in the tavern…
03/08/15 11:36AM 74 31 Scolding %pet_name% for burying {his/her} bones…
03/17/15 09:23AM 72 33 Floating back to town on a cloud of happy thoughts…
03/28/15 09:46PM 72 31 Patiently awaiting feedback...
04/11/15 04:28PM 71 34 Writing {his/her} name in all copies of todays newspaper...
04/12/15 04:19PM 54 34 Counting the days untill {his/her} birthday...
04/29/15 05:42PM 94 41 Trying to get along with {his/her} own shadow...
05/16/15 02:11PM 70 39 The {hero/heroine} and %pet_name% attempt to do a tag team combo move...
05/28/15 07:08PM 92 40 Arriving fashionable late at the wrong party...
07/07/15 05:52PM 88 48 Charging the {hero/heroine}'s battery, please wait...
07/14/15 01:13PM 89 40 Hoping {he/she} can make it to the restroom in time...
07/14/15 09:55PM 77 45 Removing ticks from %pet_name%...
07/15/15 03:11PM 72 37 Checking {his/her} diary for grammar and spelling errors...
07/16/15 09:17PM 81 46 Looking directly into the sun to check for sunspots...
07/18/15 06:00PM 81 40 Searching for the {hero/heroine} in {his/her} wildest dreams...
07/18/15 09:18PM 89 35 Exploring the afterlife...
08/01/15 01:26PM 64 30 Patiently waiting for anything to happen...
08/01/15 01:28PM 61 36 Looking for gold coins in the vendor machines...
08/01/15 01:29PM 65 35 Trying to comprehend %pet_name%'s growls...
08/10/15 02:36PM 68 37 Confusing new guild members with senior guild members...
  • Duels: 5
Submitted at Yes no Entry
03/24/15 08:52PM 83 29 %v% starts bribing a few people in the audience to pray to {his/her} {god///goddess}.
03/26/15 12:25PM 89 30 The heroes heard an ice cream truck riding through the arena. both heroes agreed to take a break but are now arguing wich flavour they like best.
05/03/15 05:37PM 105 49 %v% coughed up a piece of paper that said %god_phrase%.
07/17/15 01:28PM 113 32 %attacker% expected %attacker_god% to do something and decided to do nothing untill {his/her} next turn.
07/17/15 01:31PM 111 35 %defender% was wondering if you need to fight “turn-based” in the arena while %attacker% took advantage of the situation and attacked as many times as {he/she} could.
  • Dungeon: 55
Submitted at Yes no Entry
03/28/15 09:41AM 80 24 The heroes argue whether it's the smell of death or despair that lingers in this room before moving %dir%
05/06/15 08:44PM 128 26 The only thing that lies in this room is a single pebble. The heroes draw straws to determin who has to look under the rock for a boss monster.
05/11/15 04:15PM 91 29 This room looks a lot like a prison. There are no bars, guards or prisoners but it seems the heroes can't stop yelling “I'm innocent!”.
05/12/15 11:25AM 88 25 The party enters what looks like an arcade hall. They spend some time looking for a counter to get some tokens.
05/12/15 11:27AM 90 24 This room looks somewhat like a restaurant. They notice a sign that says “Today speciality: Dungeon Party”.
05/21/15 06:54PM 124 30 This room is filled with a bunch of plot holes. The heroes spend some time filling them.
06/03/15 04:39PM 87 30 This room has a small hole in the ceiling. Probably caused by a hero who dug straight down.
06/03/15 05:11PM 95 22 A knocked out hero lies in the corner of the room. The heroes take turns drawing on his face.
06/06/15 08:59PM 96 25 This room is a big indoor playground with slides, mazes, climbing walls and even a puppet show. Despite all of this the heroes are fighting over whoever gets to swing on the swingset first.
06/08/15 05:45PM 107 23 This room seems to be full of exits but most of them are just very realistic paintings. After searching for the real exits the heroes learn they can move %dir% and %dir%.
06/12/15 05:11PM 74 61 The hero's enter a room that looks just like a very famous painting. They all suffer some damage from falling up the stairs.
06/18/15 06:49PM 98 22 This room is filled with mousetraps. To make matters worse the heroes noticed a sign on the wall that says “Please take off your shoes before entering”.
07/01/15 12:47PM 70 34 This room is a small part of purgatory. Piles of ideas that made it past the voting round await their approval here.
07/10/15 02:39PM 102 23 At first glance it seems dragons have made this room their home. Upon closer inspection it seems someone is feeding lizards chilli peppers.
07/14/15 01:03PM 77 48 There's a bar in this room but all the bottles are empty. A half asleep hero behind the bar trying to say something that sounds like “I'm glad I wasn't afk”.
07/15/15 07:22PM 99 38 From here on everything went south, including the heroes.
08/01/15 02:12PM 88 33 Buckets have been strategically placed to catch the water leaking from the ceiling in this room.
08/01/15 02:13PM 74 39 The heroes were chased %dir% by a pack of rats.
08/01/15 02:16PM 86 26 An illusion of treasure appears in this room. %attacker% refused to acknowledge it was an illusion and grabbed %gold%.
08/02/15 02:47PM 82 21 Mysterious blue slime covers the whole floor in this room. The heroes agree it's best not to know what it is.
08/02/15 03:01PM 69 29 Not being able to stand the sight of this room anymore the heroes exit %dir%.
08/02/15 03:02PM 67 34 The party seems to be disappointment by the poor design of this room.
08/02/15 03:29PM 75 29 The room is stuffed with %random_attacker%'s bar tabs. The rest of the party glares at {him/her} as they spend an extra turn digging their way to the exit.
08/02/15 04:38PM 75 29 This room is home to a family of bunnies. The heroes debate whether they are the boss monsters or not.
08/02/15 04:39PM 97 20 This room is a giant freezer, the heroes take an extra turn to chill out.
08/02/15 04:42PM 48 35 The party jogs, swims and rides %dir%.
08/03/15 03:21PM 84 16 Four giant eggs lay in this room. The heroes try to decide if they should have lunch or run before they hatch.
08/03/15 03:23PM 80 14 A big build-your-own-room-kit lies is this room. The party spends an extra turn building their own original dungeon room.
08/03/15 03:27PM 76 18 A giant foot kicked the heroes %dir%.
08/03/15 03:27PM 74 21 Cautiously, the party sneaks %dir%.
08/03/15 05:30PM 84 15 The heroes hold on to a vine and swing %dir%.
08/03/15 05:30PM 83 18 Obeying the stop sign that shot out of the ground the heroes use an extra turn to have a lunch break.
08/03/15 05:32PM 73 23 The party drags %random_attacker% %dir% against {his/her} will.
08/03/15 09:26PM 86 15 The party follows the smell of homemade pancakes %dir%.
08/04/15 01:19PM 67 26 The heroes go %dir%, following their compass rolling on the floor.
08/04/15 01:20PM 68 25 Following a trail of strange silver coins the heroes move %dir%.
08/04/15 08:36PM 77 20 Fireflies spelled the words “That which you seek located to the %dir%”.
08/04/15 08:36PM 75 21 The heroes follow the echoes of their footsteps %dir%.
08/04/15 08:39PM 67 22 A sign reads “Leave an offering before moving on”. %attacker% lays a gold coin in front of the sign.
08/04/15 08:57PM 85 11 All exits are locked, the heroes need an extra turn searching through a pile of keys in the corner to find the right one.
08/05/15 01:20PM 67 17 A sign saying “dead end” hangs from the ceiling, it looks like the only available exit is back %dir%.
08/05/15 01:22PM 58 26 The heroes can move in all directions but they only want to move %dir%.
08/07/15 01:35PM 62 14 The party moves %dir% after consulting an ancient dungeon walkthrough.
08/07/15 01:36PM 65 14 The diary of an ancient spellunker suggests the treasure is %dir%.
08/07/15 10:21PM 62 18 A big yellow question mark above one of the exits lures the heroes %dir%.
08/07/15 10:23PM 62 14 Gravity shifted causing the heroes to fall to the %dir%.
08/07/15 10:26PM 72 12 The heroes catch some fish from a small pond in the middle of the room. After finishing eating their catch, restoring some health, they put back the “no fishing allowed” sign.
08/08/15 01:16PM 91 14 The heroes find a piece of paper on the floor that says “Hide the treasure %dir%, no one will ever look there”.
08/08/15 01:17PM 75 25 The party runs headfirst through the wall to the %dir%.
08/10/15 03:25PM 90 33 Shepherds keep the heroes together, escorting them %dir%.
08/14/15 02:19PM 64 20 This room doesn't particularly look interesting at all. The party submits it as questionable content and continue their search for treasure.
08/14/15 02:25PM 64 15 The heroes decide to skip a turn just to annoy their gods.
08/14/15 02:26PM 57 19 Siren songs lures the party %dir%.
08/15/15 04:23PM 57 38 The heroes regret it moving %dir% already.
08/22/15 05:43PM 78 18 The heroes skip the cutscene and the story continues in the room to the %dir%.
  • Quest: 9
Submitted at Yes no Entry
03/14/15 09:46PM 91 41 teach math how to solve its own problems
04/06/15 05:26PM 70 63 show everyone what you are made of
04/10/15 04:18PM 51 51 eat lunch for breakfast
04/10/15 06:55PM 72 39 frame a picture for something it didn't do
05/09/15 09:32PM 78 59 break the silence without making any sound
05/10/15 12:06PM 71 58 find out why the truth hurts so much
05/21/15 06:49PM 97 49 look at the bright side without getting blinded
05/30/15 09:37PM 128 56 question reality untill it answers
06/10/15 06:38PM 96 63 find out why great minds think alike
  • Quest Ending: 1
Submitted at Quest Ending
09/13/15 03:16PM repair a broken dream Some glue here, a little bit of duct tape here and done!
  • Monster: 2
Submitted at Yes no Entry
07/07/15 09:47PM 52 78 Bosstrich
08/16/15 11:34PM 40 71 Cute Ness Monster
  • Artifact: 5
Submitted at Yes no Entry
03/31/15 01:25PM 39 48 spoiler detector
04/04/15 07:56PM 52 52 sobriety test answers
04/17/15 09:17PM 32 44 ancient relic of modern art
05/03/15 10:06AM 62 41 designated driver's licence @
08/06/15 08:21AM 38 39 “try this at home” guidebook
  • Equipment: 2
Submitted at Yes no Entry
04/25/15 09:20PM 75 73 lawyer's phone number (Shield)
04/25/15 09:27PM 116 45 “don't hit me” sign (Shield)
  • Bug report: 3
Submitted at Report
06/02/15 Er doesn't seem to work for some people using mobile devices.


¤ not being able to vote in ER.

¤ not being able to submit a correction.

this bug shows up in both mobile view and standard view. Also, if I try to submit a correction in standard view i get a full page of codes that seems to be a script for the confirmation screen. I hope this was enough info to help fix this bug :)

07/01/15 When I try to send in a correction I don't get the confirmation screen and the correction isn't send in. For some reason this doesn't happen in all sections. I can't submit a correction in the diary and duel but I can submit a correction in the earthly news section.
08/25/15 When I tapped "show inventory" for my bingo card I saw this: Ready for extraction from the hero's inventory: bioenergy amplifier (@), can of spinach, unix shell, thin blue lime, motivational sneaker, vanishing pint, object of affection, secret milkshake, broomerang, two-handed screwdriver. It seems that the activatable artifact has some coding or something around it.

Enhancement Room

Access to ER

High king of undies: 03-22-2015
High queen of undies: 08-29-2015

Hooray! You now can access Ideabox Enhancement Room (ER) – a special area for honored Godville community members designed to produce best of the best texts and phrases ready to be added into the game! ER can be found under the normal Ideabox voting area. Read more about the ER here.

Ideabox Workshop

The Ideabox; a workshop forum topic has been revived. Thanks to GodThe m1ghty  who took the initiative.

The Ideabox; A Workshop is a conversational workshop, in which lectures will be given by some great Ideaboxers, and everybody can talk about it, suggest ideas with the "tricks and tips" they learned, and have fun in the Ideabox.

Lectures will be given by:

Diary & Earthly News

Diary entries and Earthly News are the most basic entries, and a very good place to start for any Ideaboxer-to-be. These lectures explain how to do them.

  • Lecture 1: Creating Earthly News

Lecture given by GodJimbob65 

You can often make Earthly News by asking "What am I doing right now?"

Example: "Staring at the waiting-room rug..." in the doctor's office.

Or "I am goofing off in a meeting" = Earthly News: "Goofing off at a guild meeting..."

Not all ideas have to be funny, as we know, some are just so relateable because we've been there ourselves.

Getting the hang of writing your current activity into Earthly News format is one of... like, 2 or 3 I'm guessing... skills that can lead to you being to effectively grab ideas out of thin air.

It's just getting used to writing what's going on around you into idea format, combined with something else we'll practice, which is identifying when something you deem ideaworthy is happening.

  • Lecture 2: Rewriting Earthly News to Diary Phrases

Lecture given by GodJimbob65 

Once you have Earthly News, or "something happening right now" to you or your hero, you can reformat the thing into a diary entry with a little rewrite and addition of hero's reaction

GodSourceRunner , who's much more confident in "atmospheric" Earthly News, and diary entries, can explain in more depth than I.

I'll stick more to short entries and categories, and sheer outrageous silliness do's and oh-please-don'ts.

  • Lecture 3: Rewriting Diary Phrases to Earthly news

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

So far we've learned how to create Earthly news by asking ourselves the question "what am I doing right now" and we've learned how to create diary phrases by taking an Earthly News, rewrite it and add the hero's reaction.

So inspired by that I thought "if we are able to create diary phrase by rewriting Earthly News, are we also able to create Earthly News by rewriting diary phrases?".

So what do we do? Its pretty simple, we reverse the process off creating diary phrases out of Earthly News by removing the heroes reaction and write what we have left as short as possible by only writing down what the hero is currently doing.

Here's an example using my own aproved diary phrase and rewrite it into a new Earthly News.

Gave the tavern owner some advice but he said “I don't tell you how to do your job so don't tell me how to do mine”. I wish he would tell me how to do my job, I could use a few tips.

So what we do now is remove the hero's reaction

Gave the tavern owner some advice but he said “I don't tell you how to do your job so don't tell me how to do mine”.

And now we only take away everything that's not related to what the hero is doing. That means in this case we take away the tavern owner's reaction.

Gave the tavern owner some advice

Now we simply rewrite what we have left into the present tense.

Giving the tavern owner some advice on how to run his business...

And that's how it's done.


Dungeon phrases can be very tricky, especially to people who have never been in a dungeon. Actually though, dungeon phrases are pretty easy once you realize how to do them. This section is to explain how.

  • Lecture 4: Submitting Dungeon Phrases

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

For this lecture I'm gonna cover how to submit dungeon phrases, not how to create dungeon phrases! The reason why I want to explain this first is because there seem to be people who submit dungeon phrases that can't be approved unless ER reviewers take a lot away from the original idea.

This is how dungeon phrases appear in the game:

The heroes move west after a long discussion. This room looks just like the previous one but more boring. There are no exits in this room exept to the north and east.

This is not how you should submit dungeon phrases. This dungeon entry is actually made from 3 separate dungeon phrases.

  • Heroes move to...
  • Empty room
  • Available directions

Sometimes in the ideabox we see that people for example submit a phrase that is an "Empty room description" and a "Heroes move to...".

Before submitting dungeon phrases make sure you don't submit an idea with multiple categories because there might be ER reviewers who don't want to send a correction or vote for a correction with a lot of editing to make it a dungeon phrase that meets all requirements.

  • Lecture 5: Room Descriptions

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

For this lecture I'm gonna tell you about three of the four different kinds of room descriptions.

  • Empty Room
  • Trap Room
  • Bonus Room
  • Hint Rooms (will be done some other time)

First is the empty room, well... it's not empty actually. It's filled with pudding, frogs, unopened mail etc.

Empty Rooms are rooms without traps or when heroes don't get gold or anything. So if you submit an Empty Room idea give it a nice twist, like I said; You can fill it with pudding or whatever you like.

Imagine yourself walking through a dungeon and you enter the next room and you are shocked because... You fill in the blanks.

But remember! Most dungeon phrases are made out off a "heroes move to", "room description" and "available exits" phrases so keep it short!

Next up, Trap Rooms. Trap rooms take away hp from all party members or just one, or it takes away gold from a hero. Some trap rooms trap the heroes causing them to lose a turn instead of hp, gold or an artifact.

Be creative with your traps. for example:

The heroes need to pay %gold% to open the available exits. (causing all heroes to lose money).
The floor is covered with rusty nails, the heroes take an extra turn to move through the room unharmed. (Heroes lose a turn)

And finally, Bonus Rooms. Bonus Rooms restore all heroes hp or hp for one hero, the heroes pray, get gold, artifacts, stuff like that. Be creative, let it rain gold so all heroes get some pocket money, let them swim through a warm mudbath so they restore some hp or make them cower in a corner and pray to their gods for guidance and protection.

But remember (and I can't say this enough), keep it as short as possible!

  • Lecture 6: Heroes Move To

Guest lecture given by GodThe m1ghty 

Last week, GodHigh king of undies  talked about empty, bonus, and trap rooms. That’s the second part in a dungeon room. The first part in a dungeon room is nearly always the “heroes move to…”. That’s the part I’ll talk about today.

Before we start about how to think about those ideas, first some information about them.

  • A) "Heroes move to…” submissions always include the variable %dir%, which says which direction the heroes go to.
  • B) It nearly always includes “The heroes” or “the party”.

A few common formats for “heroes move to”:

The [heroes/party] [[something]] and [go/go to the] %dir%.

For example: "The heroes flip a coin and go south."

A [[something]] [[moves in some way]] the [heroes/party] %dir%.

For example: "A spring trap catapults the heroes north."

[[doing something]] the [heroes/party] [go/go to the] %dir%.

For example: "Blindly obeying their gods, the heroes go north."

I have found a few ways to think of “heroes move to…”.

A) What moved the heroes? For example: a spring trap, a trapdoor…

A dungeon phrase for that:

The heroes evade a trapdoor, but trip and fall %dir%.

B) What did the heroes feel? What were their emotions? For example: feeling confused, frightened…

Feeling frightened, the party quickly moves on %dir%.

C) What did they do before going? For example: flip a coin, discuss where to go…

After a heated discussion, the heroes consent to go %dir%.

I am by no means an expert, and I’m sure I could improve a lot of things. I’d be more than happy if someone more experienced (or just plain better) could tell me and all the students h{is|er}tips and tricks.

Hope this helped ;)

Happy Ideaboxing everybody!

  • Lecture 7: Available Directions

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

This lecture is about what are and how to create "Available Directions" phrases.

What are "Available Directions"? In most dungeon entries you will have "Available Directions" that tell you which ways the party can move, there's nothing more you need to know really. I personally think it's good for non-templed players to know what they are submitting.

How to create "Available Directions" "Available Directions" always have the %dir% variable which is the direction variable as you might know. But it's a bit different in "heroes move to" and "Available Directions" phrases.

In "Available Directions" phrases unlike "heroes move to" it selects 1, 2, 3 or even 4 different directions instead of one. But that doesn't mean you should add multiple variables to your submission. Here's an example.

Right use of %dir%:

The party can move %dir%.

It will look like this:

The party can move North or South.

Wrong use of %dir%:

The party can move %dir% or %dir%.

It will look like this:

The party can move North or south or North or South.

So only use one %dir% variable!

Now that I've explained how to use the variable we can move on to creating the phrase itself. It needs to be short, remember that!

There are two ways I know of how to make "Available Directions" phrases. You either describe what the exits in the room look like or you write why some exits can't be used. Here are some examples.

Exits Descriptions:

Large holes in the wall allow the heroes to move %dir%.
A flight attendant points the heroes to the emergency exits to the %dir%.

Write how some exits can't be used:

The heroes can move in all directions but they only want to move %dir%.
Roadblocks redirect the heroes to the exits to the %dir%.

I hope this was enough info to help both non-templed and templed players as well as beginning and advanced ideaboxers to create "Available Directions" phrases.


Monsters are by far the most difficult category of all. They are not for the faint of heart, or for people who don't like seeing pages and pages of red. This lecture is to help you understand a bit more about monsters.

  • Lecture 8: Monster Submissions

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

For this lecture, I’m gonna cover what (probably) a lot of people have been waiting for: the monster category!

I can hear you think, “Yay! Now I will learn the secrets of monster submissions and how to get them approved a lot easier!”. Well sorry to disappoint you, but this lecture won’t be as useful as the other ones. I am however, going to tell you all I know.

So let’s start with some do’s and don’ts.

Something you should definitely do is get some ideas approved to get more daily submissions. Monsters are the hardest category and with a limit of 2,3 or 4 ideas a day, you will just be wasting your submissions. Put the monster category aside until later.

What you need to do is make sure the pun reference is something most people get. Send some monster ideas to your friends (who you trust) and ask them if they know what your monster refers to. If you send it to multiple people and they all guess right then you know the joke is clear to most people.

Now let’s cover the don’ts.

Please don’t submit the monsters: Serial No-voter, Ideabox Rejector, Rejected Monster (is a dupe anyway), etc. Too much people have already sent in monsters like these and it’s not something I believe is very enjoyable by the Godville Community. We’ve seen too much of them already.

Also what you shouldn’t do is make a really long monster name with multiple puns. It’s confusing.

And finally, the most important thing. Do not give up! I now have 1 monster approval which I’m very proud of. It was my (and yes, I counted) 443rd monster submission. The category is insanely hard, but also very rewarding. A lot of players agree that ideaboxers with a monster approval earn serious credit for this achievement.


Biff! Bang! Splat! Wait, splat? Duel entries are full of ridiculous action. Blows struck, bombs exploded, tomatoes thrown and more. This lecture explains how to do them.

  • Lecture 9: Duel Entries

Guest lecture given by GodTlazolteteo 

Scenarios – Usually takes one of the following forms:

A directly attacks B
A indirectly damages B through an object or 3rd party
A does something, B hurts self
A does something, B blocks/evades somehow
A missed or didn’t attack at all
A hurts self
A and B are both hurt

Content – Damage does not have to be physical, and could also be psychological, purely metaphorical, or even 4th-wall breaking. For example, there are many entries with “hits” to the defender’s self confidence, public image, luck, karma or health bar.

Purely descriptive entries do get in, though most entries incorporate humour, a pun/idiom or a twist ending.

Length & Format – While not an issue with sparring and arena fighting, when in 3-4 player boss fights, long entries can really clog up the fight log. Try to keep your entry down to two sentences (20-35 words). It is usually sufficient to have one line as the setup, and the next as the reaction/punchline. There seems to be slightly more leeway with length of Boss entries, especially if you are going for an epic description. As the devs heavily stress though, shorter is better.

Variables, pronouns & other references – Having %defender% will help avoid confusion in multiplayer battles (particularly for Boss attacks) or in non-turn-based battles (e.g. Scurrying boss or special arena condition). I usually try to incorporate both %attacker% and %defender% into every entry, but either variable can sometimes be omitted depending on the scenario.

Avoid repeating the %attacker% and %defender% variable more than once, as this can make the entry sound redundant and clumsy (especially if the character has a long name). Use pronouns or generic terms like foe/enemy/target/adversary/rival to avoid repeats, but make sure the pronouns are unambiguous as to whom they are referring to.

GENERAL ADVICE (applicable to any category)

How to come up with ideas – This kind of varies from person to person. There are very good tips on page 5 of this forum thread. I personally usually start from a seed (e.g. pun or phrase) then imagine a scene that I can use it in. Alternatively, you could start with a specific scenario (e.g. Boss miss) then brainstorm different ways that it could happen. You could also start with a topic (e.g. magic), then come up with different possibilities — the Ideaboxing Game is based on this method. Look to your daily life and hobbies/interests for inspiration. Just make sure the topic isn’t too technical or niche.

Other Tips

Definitely read the entries already in the game. This gives you a good idea of the tone, style and quality of what you should aim for. This also keeps you from submitting dupes.

Read what other people have submitted in the Ideabox/ER. Gives you a sense of what the voting community likes and doesn’t like. Can also give you inspiration for your own submissions.

Read over your own writing a few times before submitting. Problems can be fixed in the ER, but a good first impression is important. If it’s too long, clunky, or you just aren’t sure if the joke is clear enough… ask a friend, discuss it in guild council, or talk to an Ideaboxer (someone with a ✔ in their motto). If you feel like you have a good seed, but can’t think of anything good on your own, consider “donating” it to the Ideaboxing Game by using it as the topic for the next person.

Quest Ending

Hours and hours spend questing and finally you get the rewards: experience, gold, a golden brick or perhaps nothing at all. A lot of quests in Godville have an extra reward, an unique quest ending!

  • Lecture 10: Creating Quest Endings

Guest lecture given by: GodThe m1ghty 

Before we start about doing quest endings, first some general information about them.

Let’s start with a short FAQ!

  • How do you suggest quest endings?

There are 2 ways. The first way is to enter the link of this post, which is the thread “Adding endings to existing quests” in the Workmen’s Area. The second way is to go to the quests part of the feedback and click on the link there. Alternatively, you could just use this link:

  • Do quest endings give IQ/Gratitude points? If yes, how many?

Quest endings do give IQ and Gratitude points: 7 IQ points and 1 Gratitude point, just as much as any idea. In fact, when I have writer’s block they are easier for me, as part of the creativity (the quest name) is already supplied.

  • Why the hell are you making the FAQ so long and not starting with the lecture already?

Good question. Let’s start!

Quest endings may vary in length from 5 words (the absolute minimum) to a few sentences, may vary in style from a short punchline to a short and silly “story”, but they all have to follow some pattern. Here are some basic guidelines and reccomandations which I did not copy from the place where you suggest quest endings.

  1. It’s assumed that a hero completes a quest over some time (even longer for epics), so an ending should imply that some work was done, before the hero reached the conclusion described in the ending (not just an punchline for the the quest title). This is not true 100% of the time, and you can see some quest endings in game that don’t follow this guideline, but quest endings are much likely to be accepted if they do follow this guideline.
  2. Keep in mind that a hero can do the same quest multiple times. I personally have never found this much of a problem personally, but keep this in mind. Again, not true 100% of the time.
  3. An ending shouldn’t be too long. Very important. Remember that in game quest endings appear together with the quest reward, so if it’s more than 2-3 sentences it will be too boring. True 100% of the time.
  4. A quest is done in the fields, so an ending that says that a hero just did something in the tavern/bar/town will look out of place. Important. This may seem deterring and strict at first, but it actually helps me a lot, since it gives me the possibility to write that the hero is returning to the tavern.
  5. There should be no %artifact%, %gold% coins, %rg%, golden bricks references or any other variables in the ending (gender variations are ok. e.g {he|she}, {God|||Goddess}). Very important. No rule bending at all for this one.
  6. An ending should not include the exact title of the quest (full ending phrase in the diary already includes the quest title). Likewise.

So, now that we’ve covered pretty much everything except how we think of them, how do we think of them?

First, we need some quests to work on. You could search for quests in game, but the best way is to go to the quests endings section and look at the 4 endingless quests there which are changed every day. Let’s choose the ones that were there yesterday (24 of September), which are:

discover why day breaks and night falls
wake the dead with breakfast in bed
set up a chain mail account
climb the social ladder to get god’s beard

The first step is to understand what’s the joke/point of each quest. The first quest is a play on words on the fact that we say “day breaks” but “night falls”. The second quest is a combination of the rather morbid phrase “wake the dead” with the lighthearted phrase “breakfast in bed”, which causes a funny contrast. The third one is a play on words of the phrase “chain mail” and “mail account”. The fourth one is combining two metaphors “climb the social ladder” and “to get god’s beard”.

The second step is to think of the connections each thing has. Remember, you won’t be able to do this with every idea, but you should try. For example: with the first quest, the word “break” and the word “fall” both have an injury-related meaning. Maybe do something around that?

In the second quest, waking the dead is connected with zombies. Zombies like to eat brains. Hint much?

In the third quest, we could humorously remove the space between “chain” and “mail”, making the hero set up a chainmail account, something completely different!

In the fourth quest, well… Hmm… This is one example where I can’t find anything. Luckily, I have 3 other quests and I’ll have 4 more options tomorrow.

The third step is to think of actual ideas. For the first quest I could do something like: “It turns out that Night fell once and broke Day’s leg. Maybe that’s why Night is so dark and gloomy all the time!”

For the second quest, I could do something like: “Apparently they like brains more then they like cereal. I’m out of here!”

For the third quest, maybe something on the lines of: “All that chainmail armor sure was heavy, but I finally did it!”

The fourth and final step is to explain. Quest endings are unique in that that they have to have explanations which have a minimum of 5 words. The first quest: “It plays on the injury-related meanings of break and fall, and makes an extra pun about how night is ‘dark’ in the meaning of sad and bleak, but also dark in the meaning of not lighted.”

For the second quest: “It relates waking the dead to zombies, and how the zombies prefer to eat the hero’s brain then the breakfast he brought them.”

For the third quest: “The hero got confused between setting up a mail account and between setting up a chainmail (a type of armor) account.”

Now send it to the devs, and hope it will be accepted.


Waves crashing against the wood, rain pouring down on the crew and the only thing that deafens the sound of screams and prayers are the merciless thunderclouds roaring in the heavens. Sailing the open seas isn't for the weak and fragile.

  • Lecture 11: Speculations about the new sailing category

Lecture given by: GodHigh king of undies 

So I’m gonna try writing something about the new sailing category, it wont be a real lecture. Mostly it will be assumptions on what kinds of entries we already know we can submit.

Alright so we don’t know much of what happens when sailing, but the chance that the hero will be at sea is big. So we need to remind ourselves that we adjust our submissions accordingly.

There’s not much we can be sure of but as far as I can tell there is one thing that we can all be sure about is that we can still use the Remote Control. Thus we can submit:

  • Encourage
  • Punish
  • Miracle
  • God Voice

Knowing that we are at sea and that we can use the Remote Control we can start submitting ideas like this:


A mermaid jumped onboard and tended to my wounds.


A deafening thunderclap scared all my pets. Come back!


A huge wave heading towards the ark deviated from it’s course at the last minute. Thank you, %rg%. My pets all started to praise you, at least that’s what it sounds like.

God voice:

The crew from a passing ship can be heard singing “%god_phrase%”.

This is the best I can do for now. Untill we get more information on the new category we’ll just have to go with this.