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A cute and harmless beast indeed.

The Great God GodHerm  (holy horns \m/) is an ordinary, unassuming god of Godville. Most ordinary!

Herm rejects all suggestions that It is a serial deicidal maniac or that It covets and collects the skulls of Its rival gods, keeping them in a gem-studded sacristy guarded by anything metallic-blue, scaled or fire-breathing. These stories are without exception lies!

It is true, however, that It has a special place in Its metaphysical affections for animals, critters, vile travesties of creation and the like. Herm, as only a god of creation can (or would ever think was in any way a good idea), frequently experiments with creating new monster species and crossbreeding existing ones. Many of Its currently inactive projects (whether abandoned due to petitions delivered with waving torches and flaming pitchforks, awaiting the creation of a viable mate, or simply maturing on ice) can be found in Its fabled Menagerie à Froid, accessible via arcane and well-guarded paths from the ND guildhall.

Herm's Hero is Fulgentle Ailurid. The Temple of the Great God Herm is located at the junction of Crepuscle Avenue and Beastwalk in uptown Godville. The deity's pet medal is on proud display, along with the dead taxidermied bodies of Its hero's former pets. At least, one assumes they're taxidermied. And dead. And... did that Biowolf just... no. Of course not.

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Navigator Dragons guild emblem
Turmeric Spice Worm
Titanium Gingerbread Man
Fanned Fingers
Lego Golem
Beardless Dwarf
Young Spice Worms
Generic Enemy
Purple Hero Eater, dorsal view
Purple Hero Eater, side view
Biowolf pack materialising
Biowolf historic engraving
Biowolf phasing its victim
Biowolf taming
Biowolf materialising by moonlight
Sock Monkey in fez form


Herm lives at and Its manifestations can also be found around Twitter and Echo Bazaar.