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| guild = Blue Feather
| guild = Blue Feather
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| heroinelink = no
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A newborn God formed from the concept of the unknown God of the Hakurei Shrine.  
A newborn God formed from the concept of the unknown God of the Hakurei Shrine.  

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Deities of Godville
Patron God of the Shrine Maiden of Paradise Hakurei Shrine God 
Heroine Reimu Hakurei -
Blue Feather
Storytelling 5th

A newborn God formed from the concept of the unknown God of the Hakurei Shrine.

The unknown nature of the preceding God resulted in prayers for the God be wasted and energy of the prayers be scattered along the universe. As miniscule the prayers for the preceding God, the energy of the prayers were suspiciously amplified.

Most of the scattered energy was absorbed by the preceding God's shrine maiden and some were scattered throughout Gensokyo, Paradise of Fantasy. But due to the machinations of some Gap Hag, some of the scattered energy escaped from the boundaries of Gensokyo into the Gap between Everything.

Due to the vast nothingness inside the gap, with only massive eyes staring into the abyss but holds no presence, energy within started to gravitate towards each other. The clump of energy started to turn into what the people think of the unknown God, turning into a concept. The forming energy was then gravitated towards the nearest world where Godlike energy was most abundant, Godville.

The thick abundance of Godpower in the air within Godville mixed with the concept of the Hakurei God, birthing a new God. The neutral nature of Godpower present in the air diluted the concept of the Hakurei God with its already unknown nature, turning it into a new God altogether.

With the already enhanced clump of energy turned concept combined with the rich Godpower in the air, the excess energy from the creation of the new God created the person closest to the unknown Hakurei God, his shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei.

In the miraculous event in which a new God is born, the essence of the God will find the perfect hero or heroine to do their will. The essence of the newborn Hakurei Shrine God immediately latched on to the newly created body of the heroine and was bestowed upon the concept and soul of Reimu Hakurei, Shrine Maiden of Paradise.

The true concept and soul of the newborn Reimu Hakurei was however ripped apart by the tumultuous stream of the raw essence of the world, Godpower. It ripped her soul, filling the tears with neutral Godpower and left her into a blank slate.