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i am actually the goddess {{god|gumdorp}}, not gumdrop.
i am
| title = supreme overlord
| avatar = Gum.png
| hero = The Great Revilo
| personality = i do what i want
| gender = ???
| motto = do u liek gumdorpz?
on a fine spring day, disease ravaged the land.
<br> a young goddess by the name of gumdorp was, to no one’s shock, procrastinating. suddenly, a loud, shrill voice was heard, screeching, “Hey! <br> your name must start with a capital letter!” begrudgingly, she changed her name, albeit only for technical purposes, to “Gumdrop”. she stumbled into a bar and met many buffoonish self-proclaimed “heroes”. one, in particular, caught her attention.
<br> “what’s yer name, mortal?” she shrieked.
<br> “My name’s Oliver, my La—” he began to reply, but he was stopped by a rainbow beaming into his eyes.
<br> “not on my watch!” the goddess cackled, “under my guidance, you will be a great hero, the great… um… revilo!”
<br> and thus began a journey.
==my name is gumdorp ):==
it was realized a year after the shoddy revilo started his journey that gumdorp had misspelled her name as "gumdrop", a common confectionery. this made a furious, so she appealed to change it. however, it was too late to change the name of this page.
dogmeat the [[Sun Dog]] is our first pet. his personality changes from time to time, but it's obvious that he is very bastard no matter what.

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i am gumdorp