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Insanity Hurricane: Glystas
Championed by the Hero:


Personality: Moody, confused
Alignment: Wicked
Gender: We're still sorting that out...
Motto: Define Normality... 🌙半
Guild: Harvest Moon
Guild Position: Fan
Favorite Town: Last Resort
Favorite Song: From First To Last - Note To Self
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Birthday: 8th of February
Signature: Glystas

Who is this Weirdo?

Nobody. Ever.

My Drawings

A lovely ugly drawing done by me. It should be my character.
What was I thinking when I drew that?
Maynev, my hero.
Splatter Madness, alternate heroine.

My Alts

In Progress...

Harbinger Of Neutrality: Ash Valente
Championed by the Heroine:

Dare Rose

Personality: Calm
Gender: Male
Motto: Tentacles up! 🐙
Guild: Nautilus
Guild Position: Chief Master
Favorite Town: Los Adminos

About Ash: In Progress...

Have a cat for the moment: Random cat gif.gif

Twisted Shadow: Dark Glow
Dark Glow.jpg
Championed by the Heroine:

Scytha Belixia

Personality: Dark
Gender: Female
Motto: The End is Nigh.
Guild: Obsidian Library
Guild Position: Chief Master
Favorite Town: Lostway
Cold Fire: Flame Cobalto
Championed by the Hero:

Blue Firefly

Personality: Lonely
Gender: Male
Motto: Hold on, little flame.
Guild: Harvest Moon
Guild Position: Master
The Worthless Child: Ashrilexot
Championed by the Heroine:

Smelly Rose Face

Personality: Double Personality
Gender: Unknown
Guild: Split Personalities Anonymous
Guild Position: Chief Master
Terrible Writer: The Fourth Wall
Championed by the Heroine:

Annoying Narrator

Personality: Broken
Gender: Neutral (it's a freaking wall!)
Motto: Broken English appreciated.
Guild: Goon Squad
Guild Position: Fan
Noisy Goddess: Essence Of Noise
Championed by the Hero:

Loud Drummer

Personality: Noisy
Gender: Female(?)
Guild: Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve
Guild Position: Follower
Pie Incarnate: Glyspie
Championed by the Hero:

Chocolate Pie

Personality: Incredibly Sweet
Gender: Does a separate gender for pies exist?
Motto: I'm Glystas in a pie!
Guild: Hug Central
Guild Position Recruit
Bloody Revenge: Glyscho
Championed by the Heroine:

Splatter Madness

Personality: Psychopath
Gender: If Glystas's gender was unknown let alone this...
Motto: The Side you flee from.
Guild: hidden shadows
Guild Position: Fan
Ardent Crystal: Ice Rubino
Red Ecl.png
Championed by the Heroine:

Red Eclipse

Personality: Merciless
Gender: Male
Motto: I am destruction. ~
Guild: On his way to The Forsakens Lament.
Favorite Town: San Satanos