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Fred is. Fred made The Saucer Morons; he also gave up on them. Fred started the Navigator Dragons page. His hero is Diddy Kong. He is also the gods User:Der Moerder, an alt made to lose, and She The Watcher, a true zpg. Be sure to look at alternative accounts.

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Temple diary entries

Because I don't want to spam a large wall of text in my wiki, I made a pastebin:


The chronicles of Diddy Kong can of course be found at


producing the writing in lines portion required surrounding many, many non-breaking spaces with minuses for the strike-through notation. (-&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;...-). I make the lines closer together by making manual line breaks (<br>) instead of pressing enter twice which produces double spaces.

Elsewhere I make a horizontal line with alt + 22 (▬) which is not viewable universally.

~text~ creates subscript. Using it produces said text in sub html tags. It does not show up in sub everywhere though :(

I use bc. (block code) much. First it is used to closely group together a series of news from the fields. Then it is used to keep the ASCII art (generated by and my normal gravitar) in line. For some reason even in be., ====text==== still is formatted and creates h4.. I also use it to make a letter.


Here on is an annotation of Fred Flintstone's/Diddy Kong's chronicles.

_Reference to... "cutting his finger on twigs," a diary entry that went something like I decided to test the sharpness of my new weapon when it was a twig.

"wasting hundreds of gold getting wasted," general drunkenness

"being slapped by girls in town" general failure

"[Some text]" General randomness.

"After forcibly curing the deadly part of the alcohol addiction," resurrection

"Fred, frustrated with all the hopelessness, left Diddy alone to travel along with absolutely no godly presence." I took a brake from the game for a few months.

"He went back to Godville and sat in the arena audience all the time." Couch potato

"Only once the heroes came closer to their god’s friends did Fred forgive Diddy." Although I don't go on facebook often I came back around the time godville became a facebook game.

"In order to sever all bond with his mother and her guild, with a little push from Fred, Diddy decided to start the “The Saucer Morons” guild in Godville." After I returned from my break I made a guild based on a group from the show Invader Zim.

"he realized he now had no Unity Pantheonic" no one was in the guild

"sending Diddy to authorized fights" the arena

"Once he got someone to join (although said person was inattentive and left)," the people I have recruited have not stuck with this game

"Now much more experienced, Diddy ended the battle quickly and then was surprised when the Deformed Rabbit handed him a list of stupid ideas and drowned himself in the nearby volcano." 20:13 Deformed Rabbit handed me a list of stupid ideas and drowned himself in the nearby volcano.

"This gave Fred an idea that perhaps if he stuck Diddy with one lighting bolt, it may shock him back to normal. He did and it worked perfectly without consequence… except his personality suffered a little." electroshock therapy and the damage to personality by accidental punishes.

"Diddy was sent into a great frenzy after seeing her and then he was told to “step on every crack in the road between Godville and Deville.” At first this meant nothing to him at first until he he also heard “Step on a crack and break your mother’s back.”" a quest and a old rhyme

"after only two mile stones, Diddy became distracted by a banana throwing contest held by the local monkeys. As hard as he tried, Fred could not prevent Diddy from being “fruited up” beyond all recognition." 09:55: Participated in a banana-throwing contest with the local monkeys. Now I’m “fruited up” beyond all recognition.

"Fred is blinded often for up to 502 minutes by a force greater than his own." 502 errors

"Sometimes afterwords Fred has found Diddy trying enroll into dangerous cults requiring Fred to use all of his power to make Diddy stop with such thoughts." stop [join guild] quest not working at all

"This one time, Diddy was not too fruited up to think, and got a new hippopotamus as a pet. Its name was Unclekilla and he was a fruit." / and well just that thread

"All signs pointed to her being eaten by the biowolf." little red?

"He was quickly fleeing from a Business Monkey. Near by his friend (and guild mate before he stopped caring) UmbraServus was running from a Giant Midget." 04:49: Saw Diddy Kong running from a Business Monkey while I was fleeing from the Giant Midget. We joined forces and bravely fled together.

"with yellow and blue flowers" - "Yellow color in dreams is associated... cowardice and indecisiveness... happiness, harmony" "[Blue] can also denote the desire to get away from something"

"surrounded by willows." - "Willow tree meanings includes magic, healing, inner vision and dreams."