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Deities of Godville
Heroine Selune Amberhelm
Personality enthusiastic
Gender Female
Motto Looking cool!
Favourite Town Dogville
The Ideaboxers Union

Goddess of small celestial bodies. Prefers to be called Pam.

On Writing

Oh! I have a user page now? Whoopee!

Oh, I have to write something here, don't I? I'm not the best as writing. Other gods and goddesses tend to hire scribes and stuff, but with my hero wasting on his money on drinking (not that I'm objecting) and me being a young goddess without a high reputation, I have to write it myself. Sure, I could wait until I've got enough gold to hire a scribe, but where's the fun in that?

Not many will find this page-book thingy. I mean, who would like to take a look at me? I'm boring. But maybe not.

Holy Domain

According to what I've heard so far, I should have a holy domain so my hero has something to look up to. Or down. The god's handbook doesn't really specify. The god's handbook also had a list of pre-made domains I could choose from, but all the other deities took them already. Let's see...

The old fashioned earth domain sounds interesting, with the downside of being stagnant and never changing- or at least, not often. Maybe flowers? The homebrewed flower domain seems pretty unbalanced though. All you can do is make plants grow.

How about we look more up? The new sky domain sounds cool! Oh wait, it seems a bit... powerful. Let's look even higher!

The only place left is space. Space seems like an overpowered domain. You can basically control everything. I need something a bit safer, something that won't destroy everything when I move. How about stars and boons? And asteroids and comets... is there a word for that? Ah, here it is. "Small celestial bodies". Yeah! I'll make myself of the domain of small celestial bodies!