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Deities of Godville
Eyed Rorikon 
jester silhouette.png
Hero Eyed Jester
Personality Pure Evil
Gender Male
Motto What you can do well, I can help you do better.

The god Eyed Rorikon

The god Eyed Rorikon is a cruel God who refers to all the heroes he's ever had as, 'My little playthings.' Any hero who's ever been under his, pardon the expression, 'favor' has always ended up evil. This may be because the word 'encourage' is not in this god's personal dictionary. While this god may have no worshipers, it's become a habit among parents with misbehaving children to say, "If you don't improve your attitude, I'm going to hand you off to Eyed Rorikon to shape you up!"

Eyed Jester's parents were one of the few to actually follow through.


As has been talked about, Eyed Rorikon is truly evil. He thinks of nothing but shaping his heroes into minions that will follow his evil will. Well, to a certain point, that isn't accurate. He does do his very best to make his heroes evil, but he does not actively guide them into doing evil deeds. He merely believes that the more evil you are, the more you think of only yourself, the more likely you are to survive.

And, as the latter half of his name implies, he... likes young-looking anime girls? It's unknown why he believed this to be of such large importance that it be part of his name that will be known forever.


Eyed Rorikon was a young commoner in the year of 2016 when he realized it. He wanted to create a being that could rule, a being with the power to overcome any obstacles in their way. The problem? Well, the problem is obvious! It was 2016! And as we all know, 2016 was an incredibly boring year.

But then, along came 2018.

While he still found himself unable to create this being, he did find another way to make a being such as this. Writing. He could write a book in which the main character was everything he desired in a perfect being.

Somewhere along the way though, he ran into a problem. He had no points of reference. He knew nothing such as what he wanted, and he felt he lacked the imagination to create this imaginary being from scratch. Eventually, he died. His dream, however, did not. It continued on. In fact, this dream was so strong that it created an entirely new being.

To be specific, it created an all-powerful being capable of overcoming any obstacle. Capable of ruling.

Eyed Rorikon functions like a dictator, and any hero blessed by him does well to remember that.