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I like Godville, I like GodWiki, and therefore I shall contribute.

If you would like to request help for editing an article from a technical standpoint or a content standpoint, please post a request over on the Help:Requests page. Volunteers should be able to help you. :)

NOTE: I welcome constructive criticism of any kind, along with all kinds of feedback. Please contact me through my talk page for anything. If I'm online, I'm bound to see it pretty quickly.

If you need to contact me, please add a topic to my talk page. If I’m ever busy, there’s a chance I won’t see an important edit in Recent Changes. Posting a talk topic will display an alert for me on all pages of this wiki (meaning I’ll see it pretty darn quick, on average).

For helpful editing/game tips feel free to check the Help / Tips section. :)

Deities of Godville
Goddess Emptysora   the Something(?)
Heroine Sora Amasaki
Personality pure evil!*
Gender Female
Pronouns she/her/they/them
Motto There is no fork!
Harvest Moon
Guild rank Master (Chief Master — 9 days)
Long Term
Gratitude 831st (7 pts)
Templehood 32112th
Short Term
Mastery 7261st
Taming 7989th
Survival 9860th
Savings 7105th (0M, 285K)
Destruction Formerly 1st
Arkeology 7119th (5.9%)
Duelers, Jr 65th (614.7)
Unity 4th
Popularity 4th
Duelery 1st
Adventure 1st
🏆 Achievements
Honored Renegade
Builder, 1st rank
Favorite, 2nd rank (54%)
Fiend, 2nd rank (11%)
Animalist, 3rd rank (30%)
Careerist, 3rd rank (19%)
Champion, 3rd rank (38%)
Hunter, 3rd rank (82%)
Martyr, 3rd rank (86%)
Raider, 3rd rank (34%)
Shipwright, 3rd rank (19%)
⚔️ Stats
Age 4 years, 2 months
Level 51 (56%)
Duels (w/l) 19/5 (79.17% win-ratio)
Monsters killed 63518
Quest 509: Perform random acts of kindness with random kinds of axes
Death count 43
Name Chewy “Droller”
Type Solar Bear
Age 11 days
Level 6
⚔️ Social
Twitter @EmptySora_  
Discord Sora#3169
Steam Sora  
3DS FC 4339-2936-5103
SWITCH FC SW-5013-9609-6998
MAL EmptySora_  
Streaming & Videos
YouTube EmptySora_  
Twitch EmptySora_ EmptySora_  
Wikipedia EmptySora  
GitHub EmptySora  


Thanks to dungeoning I lost my ranking. Not going to try to get it back until I finish the Ark.

*Usually. Hard to maintain.

Last updated: 07:36, 18 December 2019 (UTC)

Link to Main page discussion because TOC doesn’t work on mobile.

Really, the message on my Wikipedia user page explains most of the things I would say here.

Edit count: around 2,805

Have every page on my watchlist (oof). [2,331 of 13,657] [17.07%]
Have enough IQ points to access the ER. [2/70; in review: 2]


Um... someday I'll remember to populate this section...




As a sidenote, chances are, I will note write chronicles for my Heroine because:

  • I already have a setting established (in the writing I’ve been doing in my spare time) and the setting of Godville doesn’t fit that (namely because my character does not drink, and lives in a world that doesn’t even have religion.)
  • The chronicle would likely not be rated G (in the YenPress rating system of LMSV (at least I think it was LMSV, it’s been a few months since I’ve touched one of their books, which is rare for me, give I read hundreds a year) my writing is usually LMV but regularly LMSV and would be considered to have the parental advisory warning. That’s just for my personal story I’ve been writing though. My private wiki details the setting of this story.)
    • This isn’t something I can really change for this site because of the nature of my character.
    • Not going to link to such material, or post such material, so don’t ask. My character’s cruelty has no bounds~.
      • This is why I try to stay “pure evil!”
  • I don’t usually like my writing. Rather, I find it usually only neutral. There are maybe five subplots in my character’s world I actually really enjoyed writing, and I’ve written the equivalent of 18 full volumes (180~ pages or 45,000-55,000 words). (I’m actually excited because at around 22, I’ll hit a million words~! Not many people can get engrossed in their own story like that~!)

Though, I know I just wrote that, but, I might write some just to challenge myself.

Help / Tips

Using MinervaNueue theme (“the mobile Wikipedia theme”)

To use Minerva Nueue—otherwise known as the default mobile browser theme for Wikipedia—you have to...

  1. go to Special:Preferences, and in the Appearance Tab, select “Minerva Nueue” as your theme.
  2. click the save button at the bottom
  3. scroll all the way to the bottom of any wiki page and click “desktop” (which might be slightly cut off by the bottom bar of the in-app browser)

Why would you do this?

Mainly because Minerva Nueue has a lower footprint than WPTouch (meaning older devices handle it better in most cases), and the editor for Minerva Nueue actually properly respects the editor font style preference option (In other words, if you set it to monospace, the editor will actually be in monospace.) In addition, the editing process is much easier in Minerva Nueue (no overflowing textboxes, no zooming in when you tap text boxes, edit ==> preview + summary)

Milestones & Achievements

All dates and times are in the format YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM, where HH:MM is the 24-hour time. All times are UTC (Z). Diary timestamps are in Eastern Time (EDT is -04:00, EST is -05:00)


Game Achievements
Name Progress Date Description
Honored Renegade Don’t check your on hero for 300 days.
Builder 1st rank Have a personal temple completed.
Favorite 2nd rank 1st 54% Check up on your hero for 25 days.
Fiend 2nd rank 1st 11% Punish the hero 1000 times
Animalist 3rd rank 2nd 30% Raise a pet to level 10
Careerist 3rd rank 2nd 19% Reach Cardinal guild rank
Champion 3rd rank 2nd 38% Win in 5 duels
Hunter 3rd rank 2nd 82% Kill 5 boss-monsters
Martyr 3rd rank 2nd 86% Die 10 times
Raider 3rd rank 2nd 34% Loot 5 treasures from dungeons
Shipwright 3rd rank 2nd 19% Collect 50 logs of gopher wood
Unobtained, but have progress
Saint 2nd 49% Encourage the hero 1000 times
Moneybag 3rd 9% Save 3 million gold coins
Saint 3rd 4% Bring your hero to absolute goodness

Data fresh as of 23:00, 17 December 2019 (UTC)

Pantheon of Gratitude + Ideabox
Name Date
Broke 5 gratitude points 2019.12.10
Broke 1000th in Gratitude Patheon 2019.12.10
5 submissions approved (see below) 2019.12.05

Ideabox Submissions

Approved Submissions
Grammar Fix: When you try to craft items using the menus in the iOS version, the message displayed when you lack enough God power has an extra percentage sign at the end: "(5%%)" At least this is true when you have 0% godpower. Device specifics: Device: iPhone 6S iOS: 10.0.??? (Current) Game Version: Unknown (but most current) Recreation: When you have a bold item, tap it on the Bag/inventory screen and tap "Craft with..." tap any applicable item. The issue is on the dialog that pops up at the bottom when you don't have enough godpower. I'd attach a screenshot if I could, but I can't. Great game/web app, by the way.
/Other/ 12/16/2016
Convincing herself of her own superiority...
/Correction/ 10/30/2019
On GodWiki, there are a few pages that have invalid titles, as a result, there is no way for us to modify or delete these pages at all without intervention from a database operator. The pages in question (along with the context) can be found at this link: While researching this, the only way I was able to fix such an issue is by manually on my own private wiki was by going into the database and renaming the value of the "page_title" column for the affected rows in the "page" table. Most likely, the page_title column will show the hexadecimal urlencoded form of the page title (which I've listed in the linked table) It doesn't matter what the resulting names are, so long as they aren't invalid. Eg: instead of "Godville_(Town)%A0" it is "Godville_(Town)_(old)" or something (or following that pattern). There is one page I didn't list in my original discussion post: Talk:Pet_Personalities%C2%A0 (which likely appears as "506574 5f506572736f6e616c6974696573c2a0") for clarity, the pages in the original table should also have the "page_namespace" set to "0" while the talk page listed above should say "1" for this column. Thanks in advance, and thank you again for making such an awesome game. ;)
/Bug/ 11/13/2019
Three bugs~! 1) When you click the “Send to the Arena” button during the ZPG period, but cancel on the confirmation, the “Send to the Arena” button is stuck highlighted. 2) Similarly, if you start to pull down from the top to refresh, and then use a second finger to open the Notification Center, where ever you pulled it down to gets stuck there (Ie: stuck with the partially completed refresh indicator at the top.) 3) Finally, there's a weird bug where some scrolling screens (the Remote, Hero, Equipment screens I've seen this happen) stop responding to all touch and slide inputs. The only thing you can do is change tabs, open the menu, or open the friends list. You can't scroll up or down, click links, or press buttons. I can't figure out how this occurs, but it seems to occur after I either switch apps, use the in-app web browser or both (affecting the screen I had open prior to switching/using the browser). The only way to fix it is by closing the game from the App Switcher, and then reopening it. DETAILS: All of this is on the mobile iOS app (current version of the app and iOS. Running on iPhone XR)
/Bug/ 11/21/2019
I'm not sure if this is intended, but, on larger screens (like iOS on iPhone XR) the background images that display behind pages wrap vertically. This causes a slight discolored overhang at the bottom of the screen when elements pass over that spot. It's more of an annoyance factor/UI polish thing. This never happened on my iPad (mini gen 2(?)) or old iPhone (6S). You might want to enlarge the background images so that the image doesn't wrap and cause that discoloration at the bottom. It looks... off as it is now. You can probably see what I'm talking about if you look at the youtube video I linked in one of my last few feedback submissions, assuming you can see those still.
/Other/ 12/05/2019
Sorry to submit a second one right after the last. (And a long one at that.) Currently, in terms of themes, at least on iOS, we have Night, Sunrise, Day, and Sunset (or whatever they're actually called), plus an Auto theme as well that checks the local time to select between the previous themes. iOS13 introduced a feature called “Dark Mode” which allows applications to use alternate stylings for when a system setting called “Dark Mode” is enabled. Apps like the built in ones, Twitter, etc. have all implemented this feature, optionally through a setting. It would be nice if the app could check to see if “Dark Mode” is active, and use the “Night” theme. Perhaps by creating a new setting like “Use device settings” (like how Twitter has it) with an explanation about if dark mode is enabled “Night” theme is used. My main argument for this is that Dark Mode can be enabled on demand, not just on a timer that roughly coincides with the timer Auto uses. In other words, if it's the middle of the day, and I have Dark Mode enabled, “Night” is preferred but isn't used. In the case when Dark Mode is not enabled, you could just default to whatever your settings already do (eg: for Auto, depends on time, and for the others, the theme itself) It's just a hassle to have to switch from Auto to Night and back. It would be absolutely lovely if this could be done automatically (potentially toggled by a setting option)
/Idea/ 12/10/2019
11:38 Panicked a little when I saw the Grim Reaper approaching. Luckily, he only wanted directions to the Necrocomic-con
/Correction/ 12/10/2019
One of the random notifications for when the inventory reaches a certain threshold is:

“Loot bag is heavy” This is missing the definite article, “the”, and should instead read: “The loot bag is heavy”

There isn’t a way to submit a correction normally for this... so “other”?
/Other/ 12/17/2019

Ignore my pandering to the devs. I’m allowed to compliment them on making a ZPG game so nicely, aren’t I? I just like the devs, Meh. They listen, for one. Two, they’re awesome. ‘Nuff said.

I am keeping track of everything I submit, because the game currently doesn’t do that for non-voting ideas that haven’t been approved. To prevent the remote possibility of gaming the system, if it hasn’t been approved, it won’t be listed here. (At least for voting submissions)

Side note: Sorry to the devs... I’ve sent like 6-7 feedback submissions in the last 3-4 days... I feel guilty. BUT, if it makes the app better... I’ll suffer through my guilt. (06:57, 18 December 2019 (UTC))

Submission Notes

Dark Mode

Waku waku shimasu

The devs approved my dark mode idea submission~~! Yaaaay! We might finally get an iOS dark mode toggle! Yaaaay! I’m so excited~! So excited that my exclamation deserves FIVE tildes even though that won’t work at all and I’m too lazy to nowiki them10:56, 11 December 2019 (UTC)!

UI Freezes
Oh, right, regarding the UI freeze (“Three bugs~!”, #3) this is caused by a background refresh without reloading the app (the “Checking up on the hero/ine” message up top where HP/GP/INV/GOLD goes) while you have either the settings or friends side menus open. WORKAROUND: reopen the friends/settings menu completely, then close it, it should fix the state that was messed up by the background refresh. One of them WILL fix it.

Cause? Probably the background refresh resets the state of the screen such that the side menu is closed, but the main screen is not reenabled. I did tell the devs this (as they asked). I just thought I’d put the workaround I found here in case anyone else got infuriated by this.

As a side note, there are a lot of state mismanagement bugs in the game. All three in that submission, are state mismanagement bugs. Meh, better than game breaking bugs or crashes. I’ll gladly take the former, thank you.

Necrocomic-con correction
The necrocomic-con correction was tricky. If the entry was hard-coded as “Necrocomic-con”, then, the “the” shouldn’t be there. If it uses the monster variables, it should include “the” (or “this”).

Ie: “directions to the Grim Creeper” vs “directions to Grim Creeper” (“this” if the variable is the monster currently being fought, or “the” if it’s the random monster variable. There’s no way for me to tell after the battle is over...)

I was 90% sure I saw that message with a different monster though. It was an awkwardly well formatted accidental one liner, however.

“System” Theme
iOS GV 9.2.1 introduces a new “System” theme. Seems to be a modified Auto theme that supports Dark mode integration.

All I have to say is... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

9.2.1 fixes the theme wrapping as well~. It looks so much better and now doesn’t drive me nuts when I look at the bottom of the screen. Heh.


Newspaper rankings
Date Crossword Bingo
2019.12.17 27th

Temple Completed

!Heroine’s Diary
19:09 Dearest diary, today was the day! I carefully laid the last brick, swept all the rooms, opened all windows to let your glorious light shine in. I can't believe it, your temple is finally finished, my Lady! I feel delirious with happiness.

——2019.11.25 00:09

First Dungeon

!Heroine’s Diary
21:45 Notes from the dungeon: The heroes plunder the treasure trove and divide the loot. Sora Amasaki gets 9737 coins, a log for the ark, some space-time fabric conditioner, a problem solvent, a portable stairway to heaven, a heart of gold and a pearl of wisdom. Xkiarofl left unconscious. Those who missed the plunder are given 3366 gold coins in total as a consolation prize.

——2019.11.25 02:45

I also got a Hungry tribble from that dungeon...

Thank you Autodesk Maya for being the “driver”. You helped show this N00B the ropes. It’s not much, but your name has been eternalized on my user page as thanks.

Said Goodbye To First Pet

!Heroine’s Diary
07:19 I tied a friendship bracelet around my wrist, and fastened another around Tigger's leg. Though we may never meet again, now we can be friends until the end of time. Bye bye, Tigger!

My heart... it aches...

In Memoriam: Tigger the SUN DOG.
— —September, 2016 - November 30, 2019

Second Pet

!Heroine’s Diary
12:16 I looked into the kind eyes of the monster and suddenly decided — Solar Bear, you’ll be my pet! And I’ll call you Chewy. Bandaged his wounds, gave him a treat, and fastened the leash.

——2019.12.06 17:16

That Oxford comma wasn’t there, but I added it because the lack of such a comma annoys me, lol. I’m not petty enough to fight over such a comma though, and I never submit corrections for BrE and AmE differences. I would prefer consistency though. I will say, though, that it’s especially confusing for words like “cheque” (AmE: check), a while back I saw the Alternate reality cheque, and was like “The heck is a ‘cheque’?!”


!Heroine’s Diary
09:18 I've been dying to meet the Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger. Now I'm dead.

——2019.12.10 14:18

This isn’t really a milestone... but I was about to go to sleep... hooray for messed up sleep schedules.



User Talk

Useful Pages

Todo List

Hold.png On hold:All stuff on hold for a little bit. Busy with IRL things. I SHOULD be able to get back to this by New Years, assuming nothing crazy happens...


| image       = <!-- Image -->
| caption     = <!-- Caption -->
| type        = <!-- Type -->
| number      = <!-- Number -->
| status      = <!-- Status -->
| description = <!-- Description -->

Started.png Started Rewrite all the pages with Template:Quest, Template:Equipment, Template:Aura, Template:Tavern, Template:Geography, Template:Monster, Template:Town, Template:Skill, and Template:Artifact templates such that: (finished everything in Category:Stubs)

           The template uses all the necessary parameters (eg: adding caption or latin)  

Tick.png Done          Perhaps edit said templates' examples such that the columns be laid out accordingly. It would encourage keeping the templates readable and easily editable. (DONE, modified the guideline and doc pages accordingly)

           The template parameter values are all aligned in the same column such that its easier to see what the value of each parameter is, as shown above this list in the collapsed table.

Cross.png Not done Go through the pages linking to Disambiguation pages (such as Godville (Disambiguation)) and see if any pages can be linked directly to the article in question (so that a disambiguation page isn't what is linked to).  

Cross.png Not done Go through the Category:Stubs pages and see which ones should be removed from said category.  

Cross.png Not done Maybe rewrite Category:Artifacts pages somehow such that the crafting recipes are more systematic and orderly. (thinking maybe a table? or is that too heavy-handed?)

           Yeah, going to have to. See Psychotic episode.  

Cross.png Not done Make a pantheon infobox...?

Cross.png Not done Change the link targets for links to redirects that redirect to the same page with different spelling or punctuation such that the links don't point to redirects.

Tick.png Done Go through the Category:Stubs category and add the unnamed first parameter to all pages needing it. (DONE)

Tick.png Done Add Template:For and Template:About similar to how they exist on Wikipedia. (Done)

Tick.png Done          Template:For (done, full support like on Wikipedia)

Tick.png Done          Template:About (done, only supports up to two other pages rn though)

Tick.png Done Rewrite the “Guideline:” articles to reflect the template style choices, new templates, etc.. (Done, forgot to mark this one)

Tick.png Done On the Godville pages, use the About template to link back to Disamb. (Or Djonni could beat me to the punch)

Tick.png Done Go through and categorize categories that should be in categories (Wasn't on the list, but I did it anyway...)

Tick.png Done Repurpose the Maintenance, rewrite, and restructure categories for hatnote templates. (Done, was pretty annoying though...)

Tick.png Done          Maintenance (made it the parent of the following two)

Tick.png Done          Rewrite (such a hatnote already exists)

Tick.png Done          Restructure (such a hatnote already exists)

Wontfux.png Abandoned Modify the navboxes such that the current page be bold and not linked. Current idea is to swap out [[Link|Display]] with something like {{lnk|Link|Display}} where Template:Lnk is {{#ifeq:{{lc:{{PAGETITLE}}}}|{{lc:{{{1|}}}}}|'''{{{1|}}}'''|[[{{{1|}}}{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{!}}}{{{2|}}}]]}}. Is this too heavy...? (This should work, exactly like linking normally does, except it’s a template call. It would make navboxes easier to use. Eg: I have a Sun Dog and i was trying to see if it had an ability listed in the navbox. It took me a bit to find Sun Dog because of the sheer number of links. Doing this would make it clear which one is the current page.) (LIVE DEMO (ABANDONING)

Wontfux.png Abandoned          Slight sidenote, current implementation fails with namespacing. We need to compare PAGENAME with #titleparts (all), and NAMESPACE with the specified namespace or NAMESPACE if not specified (not sure how to do the last part.) (ABANDONING)

Wontfux.png Abandoned          Go through Template:Navbox items and move most of the duplicate html to Navbox item such that maintenance is much easier. (Move everything that is duplicate) (Abandoned, not really necessary, per se, this was considered due to the hard limit of 99 list items. But with my modification to the documentation, that’s been resolved.)

Wontfux.png Abandoned          Try to fix the link/bold code such that linking works regardless of capitalization. (ABANDONING)

Hold.png On hold Add FULL CAPS redirect pages for all pets (See my talk page)

           On the HERO screen, the link to the pet is in all caps. I’m not sure if the game converts it beforehand, but, it sends you to the FULL CAPS name.  

Cross.png Not done Modify the message template so that background colors properly envelop the images.  

           Probably a mixture of css vertical-align, adding display:inline-block;, and padding:Xpx;.  

Cross.png Not done Create redirects to Achievements for every known achievement.  

Cross.png Not done Send a bug report to the devs, asking them to remove "Webp" from the list of allowed extensions. The server's ImageMagick doesn't seem to be installed properly (it's a pain in the @$$ to set it up right), so the conversion from "webp" to "png"/"jpg" isn't working.  

Cross.png Not done Create help pages for in-game topics that don’t already have their corresponding wiki page  

           Thought of this because themes are not documented on the wiki (I think)  

           Perhaps include a quote at the top that quotes the in-game hints. This would look nice and be a really good preface.

Cross.png Not done Rewrite {{Top}}  

Cross.png Not done Create a comprehensive template guide that acts as an index of templates for the site. Provides only a summary of the template and a link to it so that people can easily find what they’re looking for.  

Notey.png Feedback required Salvage the GodWiki project pages that are linked from built in pages. I think it would be nice to keep these pages and use them to actually describe things so users have more information. I’ll gladly write the pages so it actually contains useful information. I’d like comments on this on my talk page :)

Question.png Not sure [I know there's more that's supposed to be on here, but I remember them off and on as I've been knocking these off, completely forgetting to add them]

Project Cleanup 2019

Yellowtick.png Partly done Go through BlueStapler’s (among others) edits that blanked a page and redirected it to the Main Page. (Finished everything that was redirected to Main Page)

           Ie: the redirects to the main page should be in marked for deletion.  

Cross.png Not done          Go through all redirects.  

Cross.png Not done Go through all of the pages that are in Category:Marked for deletion and see if they have talk pages that should be deleted as well. (Talk pages that display a conversation about WHY the page in question is to be deleted should be kept, obviously.)  

Wontfux.png Abandoned Go through all the unused files and mark unnecessary/irrelevant files for deletion. Perhaps add them to /dummy surrounded by a span with display:none, to remove them from the special category. (Whittled it down from 1200~ to 317, I think that counts as a win)

           ”GodWiki is not an image-hosting platform, and images should never be uploaded "in case they're useful" or "to be used at some point" but only for immediate use in an article. Images which are not used in articles may be deleted without notice.” (From rules)  

           Changing approach to “save first, ask people to go through their uploads later”  

           The only things being auto marked are copyright content, content against TOS, and duplicate files (see below)  

Yellowtick.png Partly done Go through all files and mark copyright and inappropriate images for deletion.  

Yellowtick.png Partly done          Also mark duplicates for deletion, redirecting to the kept duplicate. Keep a list of these duplicates as them being deleted likely removes the redirect.  

Started.png Started Go through the remaining files in uncategorized files and categorize them. (attempted to categorize 316 of 4786 images. Goal pace is 500/day, eta: 10 days: 12.03.2019)

Hold.png On hold Create templates to be used in the File namespace.  

Hold.png On hold          “Quality”—displays a message advising people to replace the image being the quality is less than to be desired. (See Talk:Main Page section 8)  

Hold.png On hold          “FileUse”—displays a message that says, “This content is related to Guild/hero/etc.” Custom messages for guilds/user content (Ie: “This content is associated with the Harvest Moon guild, do not delete or modify this content without permission.” Or “This content is associated with [user], do not delete or modify this content without permission.” Or “This content is associated with [user]’s hero/ine [hero/ine], do not delete or modify this content without permission.” “If you have any suggestions please, put them on {Talk page}”. Special forum message: “This content has been linked for use on the {forums} (link to post), please do not remove it without the original poster’s permission.” Suggestions for talk pages should be the file talk+talk pages for the user/pages in question.) (Working demo User:Emptysora/sandbox. Check the source code of the article to see what each parameter does)

Tick.png Done Go through the unused templates category. (DONE)

Tick.png Done Go through Unused Categories and see which ones should be deleted (adding them to the page at the top so they’re removed from the unused report.) (DONE)

Cross.png Not done Bring up the move page issue on HM guild page in GC/forum.  

See Talk:Main Page discussion titled something like “File namespace pass”. Should be section 8 if I’m not mistaken.

When cleanup is done, submit a feedback > other report to the devs linking to Marked for deletion. And give them the MW Ext page links for Nuke and BatchDelete (in the discussion)

There might be a forum grace period however, so keep that in mind.



I'm also considering going through and relinking a lot of pages so lowercase names of page titles and "s" titles are not necessary (and perhaps can be later removed?)

Eg: All but one of these pages exist: Boss-monster, Boss-monsters, Boss-Monsters, Boss-Monster, Boss monster, and Boss monsters, Boss Monsters, Boss Monster. Is this necessary? Shouldn't we [[Boss-monsters|Boss monster]], [[Boss-monster]]s or whatever instead of having seven redirects to a single page? These redirects all appear on the search auto-complete too. When you type "boss" into the search box, six of the ten results all point to Boss-monsters. Three of them are Boss-Monster Hints, and one is just Boss. I'll gladly go in and relink the pages so the redirects aren't necessary, if it's agreed upon. I just feel that redirect clutter might be confusing for new users, and those not used to MediaWiki. Just tossing it out there. (I'll probably add this to the main page discussion if I get to it)

  • The redirects will stay, however, for consistency, I will go ahead and link everything to the final destination instead of redirects

NOTE: Please scream at me [politely] if I made a mistake (or fix it yourself if you can), I'm going through hundreds of pages, I'm bound to mess up one or two.

EDIT: lol, it already happened once.

Format Template Script

NOTE: As another note, I made a script to do the formatting of the templates for me (with auto-adding necessary parameters, as well as sorting the parameters in a consistent manner), I'll be looking closely, but, sorry if there are errors (I doubt there will be though...)

The script I made is on my github, if anyone is curious, or wants to use it. no documentation on it. template formatter (if it ever shows as NOT being non-existent, here's the not-live version)

File Mark for Delete Template

The script I made to semi-automate the mark for deletion process for files can be found here [1]. It's a user-script. It'll automatically click the "Edit" button on "File" pages that don't have the delete template, it'll prepend {{delete|unused}} followed by a newline in the page content. It sets summary to "nomination for deletion" and unchecks "minor edit". It also deletes the copy warning displayed at the bottom of edit pages such that the save button is in view on large monitors (so you don't have to scroll to save). Lastly, it adds the page title to localStorage.deleteStore so the full list can be retrieved with something like document.body.innerHTML = "<pre></pre>"; document.body.children[0].textContent = localStorage.deleteStore;. There is a race condition currently (caused when two pages load at nearly the same time, one overwrites the update from the second). No plan to fix it. It did what I wanted it to. Blah.

Perhaps jokingly, we should start calling my edits "bot edits" since that's what they look like half the time, lol. All done manually though, (with semi-automated scripts to prepare everything). I'm joking of course.

File Categorization Helper Script

Script of the day: "GodWiki file categorizing helper". Usage: Install and enable the script, go to Main Page and wait until you get an alert that says "DONE". Once this alert has been shown, the script has scraped a list of every uploaded file on the server (storing it in localStorage.esFileList, JSON, keys: "index" - the current file being worked on, auto incremented such that the script can be paused (my browser has been breaking a lot today, so that's why this is here), "data" - an array of the files on the server) Next: disable the script temporarily (to be safe), go to Special:ListFiles, and open the first listed (newest) file (optionally in a new tab). So long as you reach the file page (like File:Book.jpeg where this leads), you've done it right. Next, reenable the script and reload the page. The script should automatically redirect you to the edit page. Once the edit page loads, the script adds a bar on the left, containing a series of buttons that can auto-add/auto-remove categories from the page, and on the right is a pane that shows the "Read" page (for convenience, mainly since opening a page with "File:" in the title will break things) Click the buttons corresponding to whatever categories you want to add/remove and click "Save changes". this should bring you back to the "Read" page. The script will then redirect you to the next page on the wiki. In the event you don't want to modify an image, simply click the "Read" button up top. The sequence is "Read" => "Edit" => "Read" not "Read" => "Edit" => "Save". So long as you follow that page order, the script should work. Simply repeat this process until the script stops redirecting you. The script also automatically removes the "delete|unused" template call. Edit summary auto populates the categories added (for easier review by other editors.

Should the script break, type localStorage.esPhase = 0 into the console and press enter. Refresh the page afterwards. esPhase controls which phase you are currently in. 0 = Read page, before editing; 1 = Edit page, during editing; 2 = Read page, after editing (even if it wasn't saved). If it's REAAALLY broken, do this instead: localStorage.esPhase = 0; var x = JSON.parse(localStorage.esFileList); location.replace([x.index]);, this will reset the phase variable, and take you to the next page you're supposed to be editing.

Part of the reason it's prone to breaking is because GW sets X-FRAMES: DENY on the requests. The script was supposed to replace the page contents (Main Page) with a frame that handles all the page loading. This way, the global JS context doesn't get reset across page loads. The X-FRAMES policy kind of made that impossible.

Because my browser keeps breaking I actually implemented a shortcut for the above. Run: esReset() in the console to reset the phase, and redirect to the correct file page. similarly esDecrementIndex() will decrement the index, allowing you to go back to previous entries. That aside, there's been a number of small changes to the script (such as displaying the file number/count on the edit screen). I've also discovered my browser cache literally ruins everything. Wheeeeeee. Just added esRefreshPage call it to reload the current edit page without screwing anything up (it'll cycle back through the read page, however).

Images are hard... Screenshot: gyazo. The image just shows the edit interface I extended/supplanted for this expenditure. If you're curious.



... to the devs for being so awesome.

... to the devs for giving me the idea to unlist special pages like “login” and “create user”

Hey Vsauce, Michael here. This section is intentionally left blank, do not look at the source code of the page in an attempt to prove me wrong... there’s definitely not an HTML comment here detailing a random dumb template idea I had but ultimately didn’t work. And I’m certainly not keeping it here for the sake of potentially reusing it later. How long are headers allowed to be, anyway? Does this even anchor properly at this point, or is Safari/Chrome/Firefox just like “Nope”. I mean, it’s cool if that’s the case, as, as I’ve said, this section is definitely blank, and definitely contains no html comments. But, uh, it’d really be something to see the anchor link for this header. It’d be ridiculously long... Honestly, why do I do these kinds of things? There’s really no point. I’m certainly killing the joke by now—Err! I mean, there’s no joke here! Just like there’s no HTML comments! And I’m definitely not feeding a full horse... I mean... well, you know. You get the idea. Or do you...? (🎵Moon Men🎵)