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== Djonni template god==  
== Djonni template god==  
{{User:Djonni/Template sandbox
|highlighthex = grey
|highlighthex = grey
|title = God
|title = God

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Today, Day 3743 g.e


Djonni template god

Deities of Godville
God Elantien
Aeter emblem 1.png
Hero Yleos
Personality kind
Gender Male
Domain domain ?
Motto For aeter
Guild position Founder
Guild rank hierarch
Long Term
Gratitude 132nd
Might 22nd
Templehood 42nd
Gladiatorship 830th
Storytelling 178th
Short Term
Mastery -1547777777777777777777777777777777777777th
Construction 172nd
Taming +135th
Survival -54th
Savings -15th
Creation -16th
Destruction 17th
Arkeology 7th
Catch 19th
Duelers, Jr -49th
Duelers, Sr 21st
- GodGodville  Template:BOOM 
Aeter emblem 1.png
↑Great no ?
A beautiful emblem
Read → Read ↑
Age: Me 778 days
Hi !!!!!!
Age: Guild 758 days

Below is The top