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Deities of Godville
Mister Djonni/Sandbox   the Inedible
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Champion: Djonniboy
Personality: Adjective
Gender: Divine
Domain: God of booped noses
Motto: Would I lie to you?
James' Guild
Guild position: Door Greeter
Guild rank: Recruit
Long Term
Gratitude: 2nd
Might: 3rd
Templehood: 4th
Gladiatorship: 5th
Storytelling: Storytelling text.
Short Term
Mastery: 11th
Construction: 12th
Taming: 13th
Survival: Fourteen
Savings: 15th
Creation: 16th, but I deserve to be 1st
Destruction: 17th
Arkeology: 18th
Catch: 19th
Duelers: 20th
Duelers: 21st
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