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Derelict Red
Championed by the Hero: Epitome of Misery
Personality: Tormented
Gender: Male
Motto: The Misery Never Ends
Guild: The Forsakens Lament
Guild Position: Founder

Harvest Moon Rivalry Policy

My proposed policy towards this recent rivalry of Harvest Moon: this is discussion, but something I consider very important to implement.

We have been targeted by Harvest Moon as a rival, and a few have taken to incessant trolling of our thread, members, and in all, our guild. This includes also purposely trying to kill us in dungeons and sails, and as always, arena. A few active members of our now "rival" have made it their goal to actively harass, name call, and insult our writing, character, anything they can wrap their fingers around. The question is, how do we respond to this?

I advocate ignoring them - completely. Their methods of demeaning us will only increase; they know they are trolls, and thus, there is no good way to argue back. Every resistance and verbal spar, no matter how excellent, will not be met with reason. Unfortunately, these few members disposed to ridicule us, are those mostly the active face of Harvest Moon, it seems. Here is the standard I wish to set forth, simple and clear: no responding at all to Harvest Moon members posting on our thread or their thread, no engaging them publicly even if their efforts may become lewd or worse. An innocuous comment, or even a kind one, on their thread can lead to backlash. Replying, only fuels them. Be warned that private attempts to communicate or reason with the offenders may easily be used against you. I ask earnestly, that people consider my idea, that they try to understand the basis. This is not silent treatment or surrendering; this is ignoring unreasonable people who solely want to torment us. They may not go away in silence, doesn't matter - we will have come out of this not succumbing to petty attempts.

Also, I want to get this issue over with. No one, especially guild mates not involved in this dilemma, really want to hear over and over about some trolls slighting us. And of course, no generalizations against all of Harvest Moon at all - I am sure we have alts of Harvest Moon members in here, who are not involved either. I am not accusing the entire guild at all, only the ones responsible for and carrying out the guild's recent policies. This is a game, but we are real people affected by distasteful actions and bullying. Let us try to keep this a game, and not give into those who will troll for attention and reactions. Turn the other cheek - which is simply, not reacting to ugly words. Words hurt, true, but those who call others snowflakes for experiencing sensitivity, are self proclaimed hypocrites - for they have been offended themselves enough to strike. Do not let their words affect you, this is easier done if you forego even browsing the Harvest Moon thread, deleting any Harvest Moon friends who harass you, again... Ignoring them entirely. Cutting them off. If someone is harassing you, spreading false information about you, you can come to your guild mates for help, or screenshot the offender and report them to the Devs. If a Harvest Moon member tries to harass our guild council even, know that expelling troublemakers is not off the table, at all. To those who think this severe, let me tell you - continued attempts to reason and argue do not affect only you, but all of us. It is neither cruel or unusual, but merely a method to deal with people like we are faced with. I prefer peace, and I thought we had such - but I was wrong.

Again, to Harvest Moon members reading this - we are not against your guild, just those within who choose to mock and deride us.

For matters of sailing and dungeoning, please please coordinate. Harvest Moon is a massive guild. Chances are you will match them alone easily, and you will be killed and claimed as a jeered trophy. Other guilds too, participate in their manhunts willingly. And it I am not saying we do not sail or dungeon, no - just do not be such easy targets. This does require more effort on our part, and I ask that you extend such effort to fellow members. To any lurkers reading this, please know that not being involved in this silly drama does not spare you - sadly, you will be killed by biased rivals just for being a part of our guild.

It's just a game, one may say, why so serious? It is a game, yes, and the offenders are trying to ruin it for us, by lieu of public attacks, private attacks, and game play attacks.

This is not an edict or directive, rather a call for discussion. The premises of my idea is summarized as: Ignore all harassing Harvest posts on our thread, their thread, or anywhere. Get this over with, as to spare non-involved parties the constant drama. (But feel free to bring up or report any issues you find really important or harmful to you or the guild) And finally, coordinate sails and dungeons.

Banished. They banished me. Into this place; this pitch dark hell. I cannot see a single thing. Blind, a creator and an artist, and they made me blind. Heartless worms, hypocrites. I cannot even feel anything. How much, longer? Forever, they said, forever. Eternity. These seconds go by so slow. I cannot take this much longer. But eternity. That is what they said.

Red. Blue. Green. White. Yellow. Purple. Orange. Cyan. Maroon. Teal. Brown. Wonderful colors; I can see nothing. Even black. This pitch dark is not even black. Just nothing. Give me color. Now. I need it. I can barely see them in my mind. But I am losing. Fading to dark. Sinking to nothing. Floating into negatives. My colors are dying.

Never. I will never lose them. I will bring color to this hell. I need to concentrate. Thoughts. Colors. I see them. And force them out. An explosion. I open my eyes, and the first thing I see:


Beautiful. But I cannot control it. It constantly shifts, and I am awash in it's flow. Formless. I slowly lose my image, what I used to resemble. I forget what I once appeared as. Slowly, my countenance fades away:

Abstract 2.png

But my mind, is intact. Stronger than ever. These vivid colors, this paint of frenzy, bleeds into my exile. I can see once again, feel once again. Yet this is still torment. I can barely control it. It expands rapidly, transforming this dark realm and forcing it into being. This is the Abstract. I am carried along by my paint, the artist no longer in control of his creation:

Abstract 3.jpg

My hate grows every moment. I hate them for banishing me here; for punishing my sin, my sin of being weak. Of disillusion. Arrogant gods obsessed with with their own power and control, banishing me for faithlessness. This prison specifically designed to torment my artist's mind: first, trapped in darkness, not able to see, and now, unable to create because my mind is unstable. This frothing paint around me, born in this formless world, knows no bounds. I realize, it is trying to escape; to expand and distort.

Maybe, I can direct it's mad rage. It is still my creation, still my power. We both want out, and I have an agenda: revenge. I could unleash this boundless wrath into their world of solidity and form. Fully consumed. Devastation. They would lose their precious control. And I would finally escape this hell.

But I cannot completely break out from from inside. I need something from the other side, to weaken the barrier. A champion, like the one they had culled for my sin. A champion that would bring this dreadful, frothing paint to their world, and avenge my former hero. The hero, that I loved dearly.

The Abstract Universe rumbles, stirred into boiling anger by my own mind. It wants to burst past these confines, as do I. I will need a new image, a terrifying face to show them my Misery. A new hero and a new self. I will paint the worlds with my Misery.

Derelict Red.jpg

Derelict Ark.jpg