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Cassia Rainsonne
Heroine Evian Mist
Gender Female
Species Cat
Pets Woody (Jr.) and Olwyn
Personality Secretly evil

Blue Feather

Rivals The letter K
Favorite Place In Godville Platonic Woodland
Favorite Monster Fail Whale

Warning: Still under heavy editing

Hello! If you're reading this, that means you've somehow stumbled onto my Godwiki page. Welcome. Have a donut.

Ways to reach me: I'm usually available through GV PM, the Blue Feather GC, or the GV Discord server.

All Those Serious Side-Notes

Note: If I missed something in any section, gave the wrong person credit, you don't want the credit, or you want your stuff removed just PM me

Another Side Note: If you're adding me as a friend and I don't know you, please tell me why you added me if the reason isn't clear. I'll ask anyway and I am not afraid to unfriend people, so just keep that in mind. I'm not trying to scare anyone off, new friends are always welcome! I'm just exercising caution. :]

Blue Feather

When I was a young deity, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (and I still don't) and as a result passed through many guilds. The two earliest guilds I can remember being in are Warriors Of The Dragon and IT Geeks. Later I joined Nautilus, before finally settling down in Blue Feather.

As the guild cat I sleep in the attic library, located near the Trouthouse Tetratroutarium Megawonderworld with the Gecko-Trout Garden Habitat. Every so often I'll wheel the donut wagon around, or blast french fries with the donut cannon. I'd say we're the cheesiest guild in Godville :b

Every so often I’ll wander the guild hall with my trusty donut wagon, earning my title as Donut Wagonstress! Ursina is my Co-Donut Wagonstress, and Arona Almighty is our Co-Co-Donut Wagon...ster.

I also have a donut cannon to ward off sentient fries!


/O\ o

In the Blue Feather guild hall you can usually find me in the GC or the HQ forum thread.


List of nicknames/spoofs that people have given me:

List of titles (most of them self appointed):

  • Guild Cat/Kitty (orig. Arona Almighty)
  • Donut Wagonstress (orig. Ursina)
  • Bluffie Cat
  • C Advocate
  • Swiftie Cat
  • Most Useless GV Veteran


In the interest of Godville as a whole, we diplomats have created a new guild, called GUILD: Godly Union of Interguild Leadership and Diplomacy

This guild will (hopefully) bring guilds together, and promote contests for all of Godville. May also be used for shameless self-promos for smaller guilds that are wishing to grow, or just any guild looking for recruits.


The Letter K (#SaveTheC)

It all started with Augy's historically important forum post

War Highlights

Team K

Things From Friends

From Elaphrus

From Augy

From Woody

From World Ender

From Batsy

From Twifight

From Mykus

Cassia's Crossword Guide

The crossword is a section of Godville Times, much like the bingo, it's a game available to all players. While I haven't done it competitively for a while due to time restraints, it's something I'm passionate about and I think I've gleamed some good strategies to use for crossworders competing for first place.

Basic Information:

The crossword updates everyday at :05, depending on your time zone. At the bottom of Godville Times, it should say when the newspaper is next updating, so just keep an eye out for it. When competing, it's crucial to be online at the right time and refresh when the clock turns to :05 to make sure you finish first.

The first person to finish the crosswords gets bragging rights and a five hour aura. If the hero already has an aura, then the aura is extended.

Go to crossword for more information.

Completing the Crossword

As stated before, refreshing when the newspaper updates is crucial. Completing crossword on the PC/computer is a lot easier than completing the crossword on mobile, but both ways are possible.

Some important links:

  • The best friend of every crossworder, our holy Omnibus List make sure to do ctrl + f to get the search bar and search clusters of letters. Double check the category clues.
  • The forum thread of crossword hints is also very helpful
  • Crosswording websites help a lot as well, such as: and []
  • Some people prefer the lists over the Omnibus Lists, a good strategy is to check the lists first and then check the Omnibus List (the Omnibus List tends to have a lot more content than the lists): Artifacts, Auras, Equipment, Monsters, Boss-Monsters, Skills, and Towns


  • If you're absolutely stuck, then some good strategies are asking in your GC, or asking friends. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out :]
  • If you just can't get that last answer, try going through the alphabet. If you're missing only two letters/spaces/hyphens they'll be highlighted in red
  • Don't forget underscores, hyphens, and spaces in the right spots. They're important!