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| '''Gender''' || Female
| '''Gender''' || Female
| '''Motto''' || The most recent Rep Tour B-stage secret song
| '''Pets''' || [[Grounded Hog|Woody (Jr.)]] and [[Battlesheep|Olwyn]]
| '''Pets''' || [[Grounded Hog|Woody (Jr.)]] and [[Battlesheep|Olwyn]]

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Cassia Rainsonne
Heroine Evian Mist
Gender Female
Motto The most recent Rep Tour B-stage secret song
Pets Woody (Jr.) and Olwyn
Guild Tundra Expedition Society

Hello! If you're reading this, that means you've somehow stumbled onto my Godwiki page. Welcome. Have a donut.

Ways to reach me: I'm usually available through GV PM or the GV Discord server.

Backpacking Across Godville

A List of Guilds I Have Stayed In (thank you for your hospitality!)

  1. IT Geeks
  2. Warriors Of The Dragon
  3. Nautilus
  4. Blue Feather
  5. Goon Squad
  6. Tundra Expedition Society


  • Somehow make a crosswording pantheon Completed. See: Pantheon of Crosswordery
  • Finish the crossword first!
  • Become an amazing dungeon driver. Like NASCAR level.
  • Backpack through my long list of guilds.
  • Someday make my own guild. Maybe.
  • Get a Fail Whale as a pet!!
  • Be able to hardcore compete in the crossword without the Omnibus List- aka crossword Kevin style.


Cassia's Crossword Guide

The crossword is a section of Godville Times, much like the bingo, it's a game available to all players. While I haven't done it competitively for a while due to time restraints, it's something I'm passionate about and I think I've gleaned some good strategies to use for crossworders competing for first place.

Basic Information:

The crossword updates everyday at :05, depending on your time zone. At the bottom of Godville Times, it should say when the newspaper is next updating, so just keep an eye out for it. When competing, it's crucial to be online at the right time and refresh when the clock turns to :05 to make sure you finish first.

The first person to finish the crosswords gets bragging rights and a five hour aura. If the hero already has an aura, then the aura is extended.

Go to crossword for more information.

Completing the Crossword

As stated before, refreshing when the newspaper updates is crucial. Completing crossword on the PC/computer is a lot easier than completing the crossword on mobile, but both ways are possible.

Some important links:

  • The best friend of every crossworder, our holy Omnibus List make sure to do ctrl + f to get the search bar and search clusters of letters. Double check the category clues. On mobile, it might take some searching to figure out how to search a page for certain letters.
  • The forum thread of crossword hints is also very helpful
  • Crosswording websites help a lot as well, such as: http://www.crosswordsolver.org and wordfun.ca
  • Some people prefer the lists over the Omnibus Lists, a good strategy is to check the lists first and then check the Omnibus List (the Omnibus List tends to have a lot more content than the lists): Artifacts, Auras, Equipment, Monsters, Boss-Monsters, Skills, and Towns


  • If you're absolutely stuck, then some good strategies are asking in your GC, or asking friends. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out :]
  • If you just can't get that last answer, try going through the alphabet. If you're missing only two letters/spaces/hyphens they'll be highlighted in red
  • Don't forget underscores, hyphens, and spaces in the right spots. They're important!
  • Godville actually has an unofficial Discord server, and there's a newspaper channel! Anyone looking for hints is welcome to post/ask questions in there as well. This forum post has a lot of good information about the game with links to other guides, as well as the Discord server invite link. :]