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[[Blue Feather|Blue Feather]]
[[Blue Feather|Blue Feather]]
| '''Motto''' || Donut wagonstress FTW 🍩丯
| '''Motto''' || no mourners, no funerals丯
| '''Rivals''' || The letter K
| '''Rivals''' || The letter K
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Welcome! In the great archives of the GodWiki, you have somehow stumbled upon my page... I’m Cassia. :]
IDK, no one's gonna see this so it doesn't matter.
*Official Title: Cassia Rainsonne: Bluffie Cat and C Advocate, Certified Chat & Carrot Killer, Handmaiden of Sloth, Donut Wagonstress, Official Guild Kitty of Blue Feather, Most Useless GV veteran, Swiftie, and Ninja Cat. May also be the Wise Sage Cat, depending on mood & time of day.
*Bluffie Stories: After moving from guild to guild, I finally settled on Blue Feather, and now I’m living in their attic library.  I’m now in charge of Daily Donut Hour, where I pull my donut wagon into the GC- I’m still thinking of a good name for my wagon.
If you see me around their guild hall, you may have seen my emoji: 🐾. I place this before every GC message in order to ensure I don’t die. It’s imperative I do not forget O__O”
==Cassia the Dragon==
==The Letter K==
==Things From Friends==
I’m open to PMs, but please if you add me, tell me why. I will ask anyway, and it’s not that I don’t like you/new friends or whatever, I’m simply being cautious.
==Misc Facts==

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Cassia Rainsonne
Heroine Evian Mist
Gender Female
Species Cat
Pet Woody (Jr.)
Personality Secretly evil

Blue Feather

Motto no mourners, no funerals丯
Rivals The letter K
Favorite Place In Godville Platonic Woodland
Favorite Monster Fail Whale
Nicknames/Spoofs/I've given up Cass, Catsia, Kass, Kassia, Kissies, Sassia, SlothCat, Donut Wagonstress

IDK, no one's gonna see this so it doesn't matter.