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== Activities  ==
== Activities  ==
'''''To be worked on'''''

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Carmentis - Goddess of childbirth. Remove your shoes before frequenting her house or you will feel her wrath!

Pixels aside....30 something female from England, UK.

Pet cat called Beany and live out in the sticks, in a government rented bungalow, which I truly call home!

If you are looking for more deities to befriend or a bit of banter, more socialising or a different kind of help, maybe try Godville's Discord server .Very handy for PC and phone users (except Android).

This page has been created to share some information, which I and others, can not find amongst our Godville Wiki pages(for the voices section), so I wanted to share, after finding out that many do not know. Plus a gathering of useful titbits for newer players. So, without further ado;


(for those wanting to know what you can "command" your hero(ine) to do have a look at the commands page)

1) Just because you send a voice, using 5GP, does NOT mean it will go public.

2) If you DO manage to get it publicised, you have no control over who can see it and who can't.

3) If enough people UPvote for your voice, (usually) within an hour(I've known it almost 2 at the most), you will get a HUGE boost in your GP bar, MOST of the time, filling it and an entry that will go in your 3rd eye that says something like -

22:06 - A merchant tried to sell me some bootleg “Whatever your public voice said, is inserted here”.” T-shirts. You're getting famous, Mighty One!

4) If more people downvote than up....you get no notification, no GP back - nothing

5) If YOU see a grey Voice, 99% of people sending them, are pleading for GP help.

6) When YOU vote on a grey voice, whether you UP/Down/Report it, you will automatically gain 1 GP.

7) Generally, a Public voice will be seen in your diary, every 20-30mins

Lisa - Add here WHEN to send voices!

Levelling up

When your hero(ine) levels up;

  • An open inventory slot is gained to carry items. (Maximum 50 slots)
  • Your hero(ine) gains an extra 4HP onto their health bar.
  • Full HP is restored.
  • 1 accumulator charge is gained (From level 5).
  • Full Godpower (GP) is given.
  • Also, when meeting traders, the possibility of higher ranking gear increases.

Your hero(ine) can learn a new skill (every 3 levels after level 15 until they have 10)

Special level unlocks -

  • Level 3: You can see some basic Ideabox ideas.
  • Level 5: The Godpower Accumulator opens up, allowing you to accumulate 1 Charge for the price of 100% GP (Manually you can make a total of 3), should you wish to. Also each time you level, you will gain 1 full charge.
  • Level 7: You can now spar with people you have made friends with (Once a day, if you win a spar, your hero(ine) gains 1% XP. Other wins in the day account for nothing but a smug face) & change your hero(ine)'s motto.
  • Level 10: Ability to enter the arena plus another Ideabox area is opened to view.
  • Level 12: Your hero(ine) will now aim to join a guild (will show as a quest) and you gain the ability to vote on other players chronicles (found on their personal page).
  • Level 15: A new skill will be learnt to aid your hero(ine). You also have the ability to vote on suggestions in the ideabox (see my GP gain section above).
  • Level 18: Your hero(ine) will gain a pet (instead of killing a monster, they will randomly declare it as a pet) and gain another skill.
  • Level 20: You will now see the full Ideabox.
  • Level 30: Your hero(ine) can now buy upto 2 healing artifacts in towns.
  • Level 50: Your hero(ine) can buy upto 3 healing artifacts at towns.
  • Level 100: You'll no longer have the chance for the rare, "level up" activatable artifact (any activatable that can affect your hero(ine) in a good or bad way, has this very rare opportunity) appear in your hero(ine)'s bag Examples of such things, can be found in this forum search- Thanks Hairplug4men for that titbit.


One of the main things to realize here, is that GP (aka Godpower) does not accumulate over time, like some things do in other games. If you send a voice out to your little hero(ine), it'll cost you 5GP to do so. If you encourage them, or punish them, it will cost you 25GP. Occasionally in your hero(ine)'s inventory bag, they may get an activatable artifact. This will be indicated with a @ after it. EG. Enlightening bolt (@) or Honey pot (@) On the majority of days, activatables cost you 50%GP to activate them, with a handful, like the above honey pot, costing 0GP. On certain days (The newspaper "daily forecast" will tell you). this can go down to 25%GP. So, watch your GP, you never know when a useful activatable will show up for you.

The way to gain GP, can be frustrating, but remember, this is a ZPG, nothing here is exactly "rushed" but can be "helped a little".

1) Send out a public voice that is funny or interesting to a wide audience. For me PERSONALLY, I like to send one just as my heroine starts praying in a town. After she has finished praying, she is usually at 100% and the 5GP for the voice is already spent, so that 100% is available to me. I then can expect a return within the next 1- 1.5hrs, which is roughly the point where I will have spent 50% and in need of more. (See the benefits of public voices above).

2) Vote on a public / grey voice that you might see in your diary (+|−| ➠|☣). Wether you vote it as interesting +(helping that deity gain GP themselves) or downvote − it or even if you deem that voice as offensive ☣, you will gain yourself 1GP (See voices above for more details). ➠ will open up their personal page to show you who they are.

3) Discharging from the newspaper. Close to the Bingo game in the Newspaper, there is a little battery called "Godpower Cap", that refills with blue Godpower. It gradually rises and you hit the Discharge button, when you think you can either bare the wait no longer, OR it's reached where you need it to be. The USUAL is, that people mainly hit when it's at 25%. This is not a guarantee. some will take much sooner and sometimes, just sometimes, you will be lucky to find it higher than that. Be warned though, This can only be done once per day.

4) Aswell as random praying by a roadside shrine or the hero(in) sacrificing a monster to you, at some point, your hero(ine) will need to see the Dr, trade goods or seek out a new quest and they will head to town. If they trade in town, then before they ultimately leave and head back out, they will go to a temple to pray. Paying gives Godpower. Praying means they believe in you and that's empowering, right? so this prayer, doesn't need you to ask for it (See voices above), they just will.

5) Defeating an "Enlightening" monster. Once it is dead, it will regenerage some of the deity's GP accumulator and there is a chance it will leave behind a Praystation (@)- costing GP to activate, or a Holy Powercell (@)- costing 0GP to activate also. Though if it is NOT killed by the hero(ine), so GP will be TAKEN from your accumulator, should there be any in there.

6) Voting in the ideabox. When your hero(ine) is of age (see leveling up, above), you, as a deity will have access to the ideabox. Many deities, each day will suggest new things to be added to the game. This is your chance to vote for them with a "yes" or a "no" (and eventually suggest yourself) and get a prayer "boost" when your hero(ine) is praying in town. You will see a diary entry that says something like;

"I had a strange vision during a prayer of the Mighty One poking pluses and minuses with a divine finger. It improved my prayer a lot."

Which increases the prayers given, giving YOU the deity, more GP, possibly filling up your accumulator, depending on how much you vote. Be warned though, SPAM voting will get you banned from the ideabox. EG. Do not look at all the entries and just hit yes/no for all within 30 seconds. Take your time and read what's there.

7) An activateable may give you a GP charge, which usually cost 100GP to create (You can only create 3) but the activatable, a Praystation (@) costs 50% (or 25% on that special day) or a Holy Power Cell costs 0%

8) When you have your completed temple, whenever your hero(ine) returns to Godville, there is a chance they may present you with a GP charge.

9) Of course, you can always buy yourself some GP charges and support the game by doing so.

Each accumulator charge, will give 50GP when used, except on special days (Watch for the Daily Forecast in the Newspaper) when they can be 75%.


As stated above, your hero(ine) will gain their 1st companion/pet after hitting level 18. This is not a choice thing.

They will be randomly thwacking on a monster and then all of a sudden take pity on the poor creature and tie a noose, sorry, I mean lead around it's neck and train it to be a loyal companion.

It will have it's own skills, depending on the type of monster it is and, will level up...until the time it is knocked out. You have no say in it levelling up, nor when it should help your hero(ine) or use it's skill. Afterall, you are not the pet's deity, you are it's owner's.

A pet can help heal your hero(ine), allow your hero(ine) to travel upon their back to get places faster (IF they are rideable), point out interesting places in dungeons (If they are skilled dungeoneers & you have a temple built), aid when off on a sail (If they have their sea legs), find artifacts around the travelling area and even save your little pawn's life...at their own expense.

A pet will get "knocked out" after they have reached level 7 and roughly every month after that. When they are knocked out, they won't be able to save a life, nor level up (Say bye-bye to the achievements) but still have the ability, in a zombie-like fashion to do all the rest of the above.

You have no direct control, to tell your hero(ine) to resurrect that pet, thought they have 60hrs from the time you sign in, to do so. A pawn needs to be at the temple, after prayers and with sufficient gold in their holey pockets, to make the choice to turn a dead weight, into a bouncing, live companion again. Each town has it's own cost for pet revival, but as a rough guide, they need 450g per level of the pet PLUS 500g for change to rez' that thing.

E.G If the pet level is 12, they will need approximately 5400g(Cost of actual rez) + 500g(spare change) = LIFE!!!

If resurrection does not happen before that 60hrs is up. It will be impossible to regain that fuzzy companion back to it's normality. Then you, as a deity, have a choice. If you don't care for the achievements, nor that the festering blob around your hero(ine)'s neck will grow no stronger...don't do ANYTHING. If the thought repluses you and you hated that thing anyway and hope that your pawn can have a companion better suited to their level, then look out for your pawn getting a quest "extend pet registration", which lasts 12-14hrs. Once they get it, "CANCEL QUEST" as a voice command and something like this will happen -

08:48 Judging by Koda's face I think he's tired of me. I guess it's time to finally set him free. Farewell, Koda! I promise to find a new best friend in your memory!

Then your hero will be petless for a short time, while they hunt out a new little monster to feel sorry for.

"Anything I can do as a deity to help them gain enough gold for pet rez'?"

Yup... Pre-temple, winning arena battle, getting them to DIG for gold and bosses and gaining gold through BINGO! in the newspaper. Post-temple, same applies with the added extra of doing a dungeon. (HINT Wait until hero(ine) is praying in the temple before dropping to the dungeons. When they come back from spelunking, they will ,hopefully, have gold in their pockets that they can NOT spend, as well as gaining GP after the dungeon drain)


To be worked on








Ideas - https://imgur.com/a/6z4Zp


To be worked on