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Deities of Godville
Hero Stevaloid
Personality Friendly
Gender Male
Motto ♡Hug me!♡ - I ♡ 일₳♞ & 丯
Favourite Town Dogville
Hug Central
Guild position Founder

Brinjal is a god who - like his name suggests - if seen would resemble a vegetable. He is known to look rather like an aubergine or eggplant, being purple with a green tuft on the top. He has a dark past of striking vegetarians with lightning for preying solely on his vegetable brethren, however since his early days, he became a nicer, kinder, and more gentle vegetable, even if he did become uneasy when somebody ate a salad near him. Later, after much wrestling with his dark side to stay the good person he was, Brinjal had the good and bad parts of his soul split so he could more easily control his evil side. However, the evil part of his soul escaped and later became Omnipotent Squash.

He is particularly fond of the furry friends that heroes adopt on their travels, especially firefoxes. He is willing to do all in his power to save both the pets of his hero and others alike in their times of need. If anyone wishes to send a message to him for any reason, one place to try is his talk page.


Stevaloid wearing armour he modified himself

Stevaloid is the hero whom Brinjal watches over. Unlike some heroes he was not created in the image of his god. Resembling a human, not a vegetable. (Although, like all heroes his IQ is similar to that of a potato.) He is known to be a good hero, rather than evil as he is continuously helped by his god. This is believed to be because he is not vegetarian, and therefore manages to stay on his god's good side. He is quite partial to chicken (or roasted monster - whichever is easier to get) and beer, especially beer.

He will undertake any quest as long as there is beer, and in fact has been tricked into doing the quests of several other heroes for them due to a belief they will treat him at the tavern at the end of it, only to find they have run away in the meantime, somehow he has never learned from this and is still being tricked in the same manner to date. If a hero abandons their quest, they may very well have given it to Stevaloid.

Stevaloid, despite his classicly hero-like inability to charm the trader's daughter (or anyone for that matter) has a girlfriend. Her name is Goutami7 and she is watched over by the goddess GodBlue Panda . The reason they are together is that Brinjal, tired of watching his and other heroes fail pathetically to find love, decided to help them find a more compatible and equally desperate date. As a result he created the Lonely Heroes Dating Service so that heroes would no longer find themselves lonely and looking in all the wrong places for love. Through his own service he met Blue Panda and arranged for their heroes to meet up. Since then, the goddess Blue Panda went AKF, leading to her heroine disappearing. After recovering from heartbreak, Stevaloid went on to meet Master of, the heroine of the goddess GodBellaouthena . Accounts of their adventures can be read on the forum.

A more in-depth story of Stevaloid's life can be found by reading his chronicles.


Due to forces unknown, Brinjal is believed to be responsible for the following events:

Every time the hero writes the following in their diary

The doctor said that despite his best efforts, I was permanently disfigured. I told him that this is how I normally look.

Tried to bathe %Petname%, now I need a bath to wash off all the blood!

%rg% why did you create hangovers? Anyone would think you didn't want me to drink!

I'm a {hero|heroine} and I'm OK; I sleep all night and I quest all day. I kill monsters, I stop and rest, I go to town when near! And when I've got lots of money, I waste it all on beer!

As I purchased a drink I heard profanity from the heavens. Spent %gold% showing off this trick to other heroes.

Someone saw me lying on the ground and began inscriping “RIP” on a stone. I think it means “Resurrection In Progress”

Weakened by severe injuries, I collapsed on the ground, accidentally landing on my %artifact%. On inspection I discovered there was a healing potion inside it! Immediately drank it and felt much better!

The %monster% tried to use the %hero_skill% skill, but failed, I quickly showed it how it was done.

An angel descended from the heavens and hugged %petname%. I know he's cute, but I'm the one who worships you, %rg%!

Defeated the %monster% like a boss! By which I mean I was nimble and skilled and finished with some pickpocketing. Found %gold%.

Just before I came back to life, a tall bony fellow gave me an aura of spookiness as a parting gift. Neat!

Put my left leg in and shook it all about, but still couldn't find any loot in the %monster%'s corpse.

A series of lightning bolts struck a nearby gremlin, forcing it to hide in a box to escape. Well that explains a lot.

The combination of moves I made to avoid the %monster%'s attacks turned out to be the sequence to activate my %skill%. If only I could remember what it was.

I was about to raise a glass of beer in a toast to my god{|||dess} but my god{|||dess} toasted me first.

A mad scientist tried cross-breeding a gopher with a woodchuck. The resulting creature chucked a log of gopher wood into my temple before running off.

Finally managed to %current_quest% and received a stack of freshly minted coins. I wish they made money in other flavours.

After spotting the guild doctors in the tavern I decided to buy extra healing potions so I wouldn't have to rely on them until they were sober.

Saw %pet_name% thirstily eyeing my beer. Desperately fed him my %artifact_base% and hoped it contained enough moisture to satisfy him.

Thank you for swatting the wasp that landed on my nose, My {Lord|||Lady}, but did you have to use a meteor?

My beer was mysteriously replaced with a foul-tasting health potion. I feel better and worse at the same time.

Strutted up to the quest giver and demanded an epic task worthy of my many skills. I must have exaggerated a bit too much, because now he expects me to %quest%.

I heard there is joy in giving, so I gave up. I'll let someone else %current_quest%.

When the %monster% revealed it was one win away from an “Invincible” achievement, I demonstrated my good sportsmanship by letting it kill me.

Walked into a restaurant and asked for some desert. Now I'm %gold% down, covered in sand and still hungry.

For some reason I keep finding pairs of clocks, time and time again.

Dragged the corpse of the %monster% over to a local lawman and claimed the reward of %gold% for its capture.

Saw %random_friend% looking down and gave {him||her} a hug. {He||She} gave me %artifact% as thanks for lightening {his||her} mood.

The problem with being a hero is it's pray to win.

With a yell of “Traitor!” the defeated %monster% threw a rock at %pet_name%, before collapsing. Now my beloved %pet_class% is unconscious. Whatever will I do?

A rainbow appeared in the sky and distracted the monster, allowing me to land a devastating blow.

Passed the wreckage of two carts which had crashed into a sign reading “Welcome to %current_town%. Thank you for driving carefully.”

It's time to take out the trash, which means I'll have to reschedule fighting this %monster% for another time.

I once heard of someone who took 3 days to be resurrected. Thanks for not making me wait that long, %rg%.

The {mens|ladies} toilets are out of order. Time to boldly go where no {|wo}man has gone before.

Markings on my %artifact_base% indicate that there is treasure nearby. I'll search for it if I can find someone to help me.

I'm beginning to think the odds were never in my favour. Time to flee!

A brief fanfare played as fireworks burst from my stall. Woah, I'm trader level %v% now!

A nearby angler yelled “%god_phrase%” as he reeled something in. Must be his catch phrase.

I'm not sure what I just reeled in, so I'll just put a pink bow on its head and put it with the other fenimals.

A beautiful maiden arose from the cold depths, holding aloft a strange sword. I’d better stop fishing and get away before she gets angry.

A monster stole my bait to impress the ladies. Told him I'd introduce him to some ladies if he waited in my ark.

Every time the following appears in earthly news

Using Lorem ipsum as a substitute for actual prayer...

Earning some frequent diers miles...

The hero{|ine} hands over %artifact% for free out of habit...

The hero is trying to memorize the %monster%'s attack patterns...

Every time the following appears in a dungeon log

After walking into three walls, %random_attacker% admits the only exit is to the %dir%.

The poisonous gas in this room wouldn't have had time to take effect had the heroes not spent so long arguing over who was responsible for the smell.

The heroes can go wherever they choose, provided they limit their choices to %dir%.

The heroes are annoyed by a family of moles burrowing through the roof and landing on their heads.

Two heroes holding glowing blue shovels fall through a widening crevice in the roof.

A gilded weathercock on the room's center dais is unfortunately broken.

%boss% leaps from a pile of clothes, yelling loudly. The adventurers take a few pairs of clean pants before preparing for battle.

This room contains a respawn point for monsters. The heroes take damage as they fight their way through.

Love is in the air. %attacker% inhales a floating heart and almost chokes to death.

The team inches along a narrow ledge above a spike pit. %attacker% centimeters instead and falls in.

A monster charges at %random_attacker%, exclaiming: “My name is %boss%. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

A note explains that the real treasure was the friends they made along the way, but the heroes went for the gold and logs instead.

Every time the following appears in a duel log

%attacker% smashes a bottle to make an impromptu weapon. Both fighters are reduced to tears by the sight of spilled beer.

Misunderstanding the command from above, %attacker% wounds %defender%'s heel, instead of healing {his|her} wounds.

A carefully-timed airhorn blast drowns out a command from above.

While %defender% is still stun-locked, %attacker% attacks a second time.

%defender% be clumsy, %defender% be slow, %defender% receive an extra blow.

Inspired by the heavenly voice, %attacker% holds his weapon at an angle in front of {him|her}.

%loser% falls to the ground. %winner% performs a victory dance before collecting {his|her} reward.

A plethora of random objects fall from the sky, causing damage to both fighters. %attacker_godname% needs to stop button mashing.

With both heroes down, the judge flips a coin to decide the winner. By the time he finds where it landed, the fighters have had enough rest to continue.

Seeing {his|her} rival can't take any more, %attacker% drinks a health potion so {|s}he can claim {his|her} reward. Unfortunately for {him|her}, %defender% does the same.

%attacker_godname% activates %attacker%'s self-destruct sequence, damaging both fighters.

Played dead to avoid being killed by the %winner%. Lost the battle, %gold%, my mini-quest progress and my dignity as it marked me as its territory.

Forgetting that {his|||her} hero{|ine} can't hear {him|||her} over the deafening boss, %attacker_godname% commands “%god_phrase%”.

%attacker%'s fist glowed with divine wrath, allowing {him|her} to unleash a devastating attack on the annoying fly that had been buzzing in {his|her} ear.

%defender% claimed %attacker%'s %attacker_random_equipment% was useless. %attacker% spent {his|her} whole turn arguing that it wasn't.

Every time the following appears in a sail log

A hero shipwrecked on this island moons %attacker% as {|s}he passes by. This was not the kind of booty {|s}he was looking for.

Cryptic hieroglyphs reveal the exact location of the treasure, but %attacker% can only translate enough to get a vague hint.

%monster% surfaces, demanding to know who disturbed her beauty sleep.

A giant squid emerges and joins the fight against %defender%. %attacker_godname% is having a kraken time.

Every time the hero uses the following equipment

Weapon: Extra-large sword of compensation

Every time the hero finds the following artifact

sculpture of a rock

Every time the hero receives the following quest

find out why so many quests start with “find”

Every time the following appears in the newspaper

Not wanted at all: %monster%. Anyone who gets rid of it will be rewarded with a free outfit upgrade coupon.

The %random_town% blood bank is low on %monster% blood. A reward is promised to anyone who can collect some.

%hero_name% is desperately looking for %artifact%. Head to %v% to trade in yours for a high price.

%godname% has been working so hard enhancing ideas that {|s}he deserves an entry to be dedicated to {him|her}

And also

The fact that heroes do not write
I was happy when I found out that a mad scientist had reanimated one of my old corpses, hoping that I could get it to share my workload. Unfortunately, “Franken%hero_name%” went straight to the tavern, leaving me to %quest% on my own.
to signify starting a new quest, but instead when idle in town.

The fact that heroes will no longer meet an Afterlife Guard in the form of a regular monster.

The fact that heroes will never write:
Followed a stray dog for an hour thinking it was my %pet_class%. Got an evil glare from %pet_name% when I found him again.
but instead write:
Followed a stray %pet_class% for an hour thinking it was %pet_name%.Got an evil glare from the real %pet_name% when I found him again.

The fact that heroes write:
I was standing in the sunset, looking across the golden rooftops of Godville, with the breeze ruffling my hair. A passer-by called up from the street, “What's with the epic pose? Did you %quest%, or something?” Well, not yet...
when starting an epic quest, not when starting a normal one.

The fact that heroes write:
After watching several heroes being punished, this child will never doubt the existence of gods again.
Upon completing the quest “stop a child from becoming an atheist”

The fact that heroes write:
This is like no cheese I've ever tasted!
Upon completing the quest “find out if the moon is made of cheese”

The fact that some boss monsters use "Nice to eat you!" as a motto.

The fact that the Huggernaut drops a 'Free hug' coupon as special loot.

The fact that heroes write:
Entered the contest and came second-last. That still counts, right?
Upon completing the quest “win second place in a beauty contest”

The fact that heroes write:
The quest giver will be pleased with my work, but the contestants in this limbo competition aren't.
Upon completing the quest “lower the bar”

The fact that heroes write:
This is even more complex than I thought. I should leave this sort of stuff to the Almighty One in the future.
Upon completing the quest “develop a god complex”

The fact that heroes write:
After all my hard work, I discovered I'd been doing the wrong quest this whole time.
Upon completing the quest “achieve an epic fail”

The fact that heroes write:
The sundial clocked in at 60 milestones per hour as I threw it over the edge of a cliff.
Upon completing the quest “overclock a sundial”

The fact that heroes write:
Got mad, demanded to see life's manager, and threatened to burn his house down. Was quickly given an exchange.
Upon completing the quest “make lemonade with life's lemons”

The fact that heroes write:
Ɨ dɨd ɨṫ! Ṫhaṫ's anoṫher quesṫ compleṫe!
Upon completing the quest “dot all the i's and cross all the t's”

The fact that heroes write:
After gorging myself on many pies and visiting every bar I could find, I reached my conclusion: I have to do this quest again.
Upon completing the quest “create a pie chart of the best bars and a bar chart of the best pies”


Recovered from various hidden locations and restored to their former glory, the following artwork has been traced back to Brinjal, revealing that they were created by his divine hand:


These pieces of artwork do not seem to follow any pattern of any kind.
This piece seems to be related to the song soft kitty, from the big bang theory.
This piece shows Stevaloid eating Blue Panda's godvoice, sent to warn Goutami7 of the Dreaded Gazebo which was creeping up on her while she was petting Stevaloid's heffalump, Sooba.
This one is a picture of various godville gods as babies. From left to right they are Naturalblondechick, Sniper404, Dragolord, Knewred, Epona Dernhelm and Iduna.
This shows the story of what happened when Stevaloid attempted to get a theme song for him and his girlfriend.
This oddly detailed piece appears to show Brinjal imitating this picture
This piece shows Brinjal, Twilight, and Dragolord riding Hawk-eyes.
A variation of the previous piece of artwork, apparently requested by GodRa-wizard Of Orz 
A guide to various cats found in godville, showing Nekomancer and Mister Meow
This piece shows a combination of the artefact "Box with a question mark" and "Pandora's Box" from Greek mythology (not to be confused with "Pandora's box" the artefact)
This piece shows how "A Tale of Two Characters" might have looked if Brinjal had drawn it with the assistance of someone other than Somnias Vagus.
This is a second picture of gods as babies, this time showing Somnias Vagus, Nekomancer, Ra-wizard Of Orz and Brinjal himself.
This is a story of Omnipotent Squash entering an ice sculpture contest judged by GodAzzageddi .
This is an interpretation of how the events in A Hero's Chronicle might have occurred if the characters' weight had been more accurate.
This piece shows Brinjal hiding behind a shield he built to protect himself during snowball fights with other gods.
This is an informative guide to the anatomy of a hero.
This piece shows the mental image brought to mind by misreading GodEpona Dernhelm 's name

Gods in the spotlight

These pieces of artwork all highlight a single god or goddess.
This piece highlights the most notable feature of the goddess GodIduna : Her recurring deaths in sowing Sun's sock puppet plays.
This piece shows GodKatie Scarlett  quoting Harry Callahan in a reference to the bi-weekly event she runs on the sowing Sun forum.
This piece shows the formation of the tattoos that appear of GodAzzageddi 's face when he is angered.
This one shows GodDragolord  presumably about to cause trouble of some form.
This piece highlights the artistic talents of the goddess GodSomnias Vagus 
This shows a battle between GodStickyorder  and GodStickychaos 
This piece highlights the artistic "talents" of the god GodRa-wizard Of Orz 
This is a picture of GodThe Evil Queen  being annoyed by GodArchie Hopper 
This picture of GodPicklesaurus  was drawn as a way of thanking Picklesaurus for his drawing of Brinjal. (who was a member of Ankh-Morpork City Watch at the time)
This image shows GodDomerthos  and his shadow.
This piece of artwork shows the various forms he has taken as well as others who are related to himself.
This is a picture of GodSusan Sto Helit  being very unimpressed with how lightly the citizens of Waffleville treat death.

A Tale of Two Characters

These drawings are in fact created not solely by Brinjal, but in fact were created with help from the goddess GodSomnias Vagus . After a mere two installments, the story was abandoned.