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Deities of Godville
Goddess Bibliophile 
Heroine Mathilde
Personality Benevolent, Encouraging, Wise
Motto Scientia potestas est
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Guild rank Hierarch
Greetings! ¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenue!

Hi, there! Welcome to my humble Bibliophile userpage. I must confess upfront that I am, indeed, a former Honored Renegade. Quite well earned, I must say, as nearly eight years passed before signing in once more to Godville.

Contact Me 🙋🏻‍♀️

If you have any questions, comments, or constructive criticism (no insults, please!), feel free to leave me a new message on my User talk:Bibliophile page. You can also sent me a friend invite in the game, if you prefer to chat.

FYI: I will be undergoing treatment for a serious disease starting in January 2021. There will be times when I am not able to reply right away to messages. I will always read and respond when it's possible. Thanks for your understanding!


I first discovered Godville in 2012, playing via web browser on a temperamental laptop. Towards the end of that year my involvement tapered off until I basically forgot it existed. Life moved on. I stumbled across the game again in late July 2020. I found myself wrapped up in the Godville universe once more. When I discovered I could play through an app on my phone, that was even better (admittedly typing and formatting on mobile is more challenging 😆).

There have been so many changes since I'd last played—and some things that I didn't remember existed! As my Goddess's name suggests, I love books and reading, so I've trawled through many old updates, forum threads, and Godwiki articles to reorient myself. Thus, my heroine may be old in years, but relatively low in level!


I've become active in helping edit the GodWiki, though I'm hardly an expert. I'm still learning how the wikitext code and WikiMedia works, both the limitations and possibilities. Currently, my main wiki focus is working on a project to help update the List of Equipment, keeping it current while eliminating any entries no longer used in the game.

In addition, I am brushing the cobwebs off my HTML and CSS skills to experiment with possible ways to present information on this page. Depending on your browser and webview (mobile, desktop, or in-app browser), the formatting may look acceptable or totally bizarre. This is a long-term goal; I likely won't have any major changes for a while.

My Useful Links

List of Equipment
Omnibus List
Bibliophile's Sandbox