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Champions of Godville
Lord of Lore Arkhen Thean (Luciolle24)
This is me... I'm cool no ?
This template was made by a very talented guy called Djonni.


Hey !

--Long live along your Path--

What I'm known for :

adding random lore to random page... And playing with templates...

Alignment: chaotic neutral
My most notable feats :
  • Making a user friendly "User Template" ( if you want to use it copy the code from this page)
  • Adding random lore to incomplete articles
  • Creating a religious order in Bad Gateway
  • Creating the Book The Psyche of Monsters
Random Facts About Me...
  • My favorite color is &r&b...
  • Kudos for those who got the reference...

    • My favorite Greek letter is ∆
    • I'm fluent in 3 languages...
    Pages I edited:
  • Arachnophobic Spider
  • Achilles' heel
  • NKC48
  • 2D hologram
  • Binary haiku
  • Lore Compendium (adding more lore is my life goal)
  • Yggdrasil
  • 8-bit coin
  • 2D glasses
  • Average Foe
  • Captain Obvious
  • Rock launcher
  • At the Dragon
  • Bottom armor
  • Number of edits : ~101
    To do list
  • Be the most active Godwiki curator
  • Add more to every item in Godville
  • Make Fourth Shadow the best heroin... In her road, after all she's not very bright... Best leave her to saving cats in trees
  • My favorite users
  • Emptysora
  • Djonni
  • ~Luciolle24

    Lord of Lore
    Added lore to every page on the wiki.(0.37%)
    Finally achieve wiki Interlinking. (2.64%)

    Those are my stats... Might not be totally accurate at time of visit... Yeah it's probably not correct either way... But still! Oh and check my little Shadow's Chronicles... They're average but still...