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Deities of Godville
Anjanoth the Curator 
Heroine Linnea First-Evolved
Personality Chaotically Organized
Gender Tentatively Male
Motto Pruning the tree of life.
Silver Raven Piracy Guild

Anjanoth is a member of a multi-universe agency known as *the Curators*, on assignment in Godville. He also temps as the local patron god of natural history museums and annoying museum tour groups.


The Curators are a group of magical beings who live in a small "pocket universe" that gives them relatively easy access to various larger Realms, including Godville. Their origins and history are complex, and if you want to know more, you'll probably have to go find a Curator from the History Section. For now, it's enough to say that they were once a coalition of species who eventually escaped the limits of natural bodies and engineered themselves into biotechnological hybrids, using nanomachines to supplement their inherent magical abilities. The Curators' mission, in theory, is "to understand the natural and cultural heritage of diverse worlds through an organized system of collection, preservation, and study." In practice, most of them are too curious and idiosyncratic to bother with any sort of organization, so they often end up going about in various universes taking whatever they find interesting.

Anjanoth is a mid-ranking Curator in the Biology Section, which focuses on the acquisition of interesting organisms and the engineering of new types of life. After the escape of a large number of engineered specimens from the Biology Section, he was assigned to Godville to recover the ones that had ended up there and catalog any new species that he runs across.